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Taki from Soul Calibur (2-4)

Discussion in 'Filled Requests' started by SilenceSolitude, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. SilenceSolitude

    SilenceSolitude Potential Patron

    Nov 17, 2015
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    The version of Taki from Soul Calibur either 2,3 or 4. I'm shocked it's not already on here!

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  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Club Regular Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Please take a look at the rules page for the Request board.

    There's a lot of content for SDT floating around, so we ask people to double-check carefully before making requests. Rationale:
    1. If an artist has already created something, then they're going to feel somewhat insulted if people ignore their work and ask for it to be created again.
    2. If something already exists, then we'd prefer to see our artists working on new stuff instead of remaking old stuff.
    3. If effort needs to be put into searching (to avoid duplicate work) then we'd prefer to dump this workload onto regular forum users -- instead of artists and moderators.
    Specifically, there are two copies of the Taki hairstyle in Anonymous' Archive v17. If you don't like these hairstyle PNGs, or if they reflect the wrong version of the character (e.g. Soul Calibur II Taki hairstyle differs from the Soul Calibur IV hairstyle) then you're welcome to create a Revision thread which explains the changes that you'd like to see.

    In general: we encourage people to add their support to existing Request threads instead of creating new ones. This helps to gather fans and artists together in one place, and it prevents the forum from being flooded with dozens of similar threads. It also serves to gather reference material together. There's already a Request thread for Soul Calibur girls, which can be found via the forum search tool.

    Regardless of whether you're posting a new Request thread, bumping an old Request thread, or creating a Revision thread, it's a good idea to include reference images. You've done so here, but please note that SDT has very specific guidelines for reference images. Side-view anime images are ideal; 3d screenshots from a video game are much less useful. SDT modders are mostly amateurs; if you give them an image which can be easily traced then they're more likely to fulfill your request. If I need to creatively re-imagine your videogame screenshot into a cel-shaded profile view, then I probably won't bother (because "it's too hard" and "I'm not talented enough to do it properly").

    This doesn't mean that video games characters are ineligible for SDT requests! Rather, it means that you should try to find anime-style fanart (including - if necessary - hentai images) of your character. Imageboards are often useful. For example: this image could serve as a fairly good reference for a SDT hairstyle project.