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SVG Body Template

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SyntaxTerror, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. SyntaxTerror

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    Jul 24, 2014
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    As I wanted to create costumes and didn't knew how to use a Flash editor (nor having one in fact), I decided to make some using Nameless' SDT Mod .PSD, but as I do not have Photoshop and that the only other way avalaible to me to open PSD files was to use GIMP, and that I do not know how to use this software well (putting it mildly), I decided to make the costume on Inkscape using vectors, then transfering the result in Nameless' PSD template.
    Actually, I was said by stuntcock — that proposed to do the work — that vector SVG files would give a better result than raster PSD, and that I'd better give him my SVG drawing.

    This template can be used if you want to make costumes, know how to use Inkscape but cannot use a Flash editor to make directly the mod.

    Do not ask to make a SDT costume mod out of your work here, but ask on SDT Mod .PSD thread.

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