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Sunset on the Kyoshi Warriors (Avatar: Last Airbender)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Author's Note: I've been busy lately and I haven't had a whole lot of time for writing. But I've been sitting on half of this story for a long time and managed to finish it recently. If you haven't already figured it out, I have a soft spot for the Avatar series and Avatar Kyoshi in general. The Kyoshi Warriors are no exception. They have an awesome design and I wish there were more moments in the show where they met their match. So I wrote this story where it doesn't get cut short when they're on the ropes. It's also one of those rare stories that could possibly fit with the show's canon, assuming the Kyoshi Warriors had a rough start before they became bad asses. Enjoy.

    Oh, and if you've never heard of a meteor hammer before, Google it. It's pretty cool.


    Sunset on the Kyoshi Warriors

    Suki led the Kyoshi Warriors through training as they practiced with their war fans and swords. As their leader it was her job to make sure they were ready for anything that might threaten their home on Kyoshi Island. The five girls wore graceful green uniforms with hakamas and leather armor. Their faces were covered in matching white war paint with red lipstick and highlights over their eyes. This style had been inspired by Avatar Kyoshi that created their home hundreds of years ago to protect them from invaders. They wore in her honor to help them guard their friends and families.

    Training was interrupted by the village chief Oyaji as he ran into their dojo panting for breath. The old man in the blue outfit took a gulp of air while Suki halted their drills. They gathered around him ready to lend assistance.

    “What’s wrong Oyaji?” Suki asked.

    “There’s some kind of trouble at the market, girls. Fighting has broken out.”

    “Hm. Rowdy sailors not minding their manners?”

    “I don’t know. But you better get over there fast.”

    Suki wasted no time as she led the Kyoshi Warriors to keep order on the island. The market was a small collection of stalls just outside the main village. As Oyaji had told them, the place was a mess with fruit and other wares scattered about the area. A large group of rough looking men were harassing merchants and destroying property. Pirates, Suki knew. It was a motley crew of burly shirtless brutes, guys in patched uniforms, and small wiry men. First glance it didn’t look like anything Suki and the rest couldn’t handle. They just had to stick together.

    “Stop this immediately!” Suki ordered. “We don’t allow this kind of behavior on Kyoshi Island!”

    A man toward the back of the pirates, the leader apparently, turned to face them. He wore a wide brimmed hat and had long gray hair. The captain of the group was unimpressed by the five warriors in front of him.

    “And what are you going to do if we don’t?” The captain asked.

    “We will defend our island.”

    Suki grasped the handle of her sword prepared to draw. Her warriors did the same. With all the attention on the Kyoshi Warriors, the villagers and merchants were able to slip away. The market became abandoned as it edged its way to becoming the site of a battle. The captain and his fellow pirates moved in on Suki and her group. Their expressions were a mix of confusion and amusement.

    “Well... if you expect us to take a group of girls with face paint seriously...” The pirate captain said. “You better be prepared to earn it.”

    Suki readied her weapon. “You’ve obviously never been to Kyoshi Island before!”

    The battle began as the Kyoshi Warriors confronted the group of pirates. A tune of singing metal echoed over the market as they drew their swords while the pirates pulled out their own mix of weapons. Swords clashed with everything from wooden clubs to meteor hammers. Suki kept her fellow warriors close as they grouped together and took on the charging pirates. She kept her eye out to protect them while they fended off the many attackers. The fight went well as they deflected blades and countered with throws and disarms.

    A few pirates went scrambling for their weapons while other were sent head over heels into food stalls. But the pirate captain took note of Suki’s leadership and quickly grabbed a few of his men. They circled around behind her in the chaos intent on tipping the scales in their favor. By the time Suki noticed them, they were close enough to lunge at her. She deflected a sword swipe and tossed one of the small pirates to the ground. The pirate captain was within her reach. But when she took a step forward, a muscled brute grabbed her from behind.

    “Ah!” Suki gasped in surprise.

    Her captor easily lifted her off the ground and wrenched her hands back. The pirate captain moved in to knock away her sword, leaving her helpless.

    “Good!” The captain smiled. “Hold her while we deal with her friends!”

    Suki’s mind raced as she struggled to break free. She wouldn’t be able to help her fellow warriors like this. But the man holding her was incredibly strong. All her thrashing and kicking didn’t do her any good. The pirate holding her back simply laughed at her effort. Meanwhile the battle was starting to turn on the Kyoshi Warriors, and Suki was forced to watch. By the time her friends noticed her predicament, the pirates had closed in on them.

    “No! Look out! Aoi, behind you!” Suki tried to yell over the fighting.

    Aoi fought the pirates with her war fans but became caught in a pincer attack. The pirates separated her from the group and pounced at her from all sides. A pirate swinging a meteor hammer managed to wrap the chain around her neck and stopped her cold. Aoi struggled with the weapon around her throat and was left open to all sorts of punishment. Her armor did her little good as punches and kicks came flying in at her face.

    “Ungh! Oof! Aaah!” Aoi gasped under the barrage of pirates.

    Grunts of pain gave way to screaming until she was forced to her knees. The pirate with the meteor hammer used the rest of the weapon to tie Aoi up. She fell to the ground, wrapped up in chain. Her attackers trampled her until the exhaustion and pain overtook her warrior’s spirit. Aoi fainted and lay motionless on the ground.

    “No!” Suki grit her teeth in anger.

    The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors put everything into breaking free. She didn’t know why she didn’t call for help earlier. It wouldn’t do her any good now. The pirates had completely separated her from the other warriors. And now they were teaming up on Sakura who barely kept them at bay with her sword. Her quick movements and narrow dodging made her a hard target for the pirates, but her luck eventually ran out. A muscled man with a ripped shirt came in from behind and put her in a headlock.

    Suki could see the surprise and agony on her face as she tried to fight back. One pirate was quick to take advantage of the helpless Sakura. He gave her a low blow with a punishing kick that made her groan through her headlock. She dropped her sword from the blow and her hands were torn between fighting the arms wrapped around her neck, and cradling the space between her legs. The man holding her squeezed until she was unable to put up a fight and went limp in his hands.

    Sakura’s defeat sent Suki into a panic. Only two of her warriors were left. They didn’t stand a chance if she didn’t get free. She started to gather all her strength to escape. The battle would be over if she didn’t. But the man holding her put a stop to it with a headbutt from behind. Suki felt it in the back of her head as the world went dizzy. Her strength deflated as her blurry vision moved over to Reina in the thick of battle. Suki wanted to shout something but was too shaken to do so.

    Reina fought back the pirates wearing a fierce expression that slowly turned to frustration when she noticed Aoi and Sakura on the ground, and Suki in the hands of the enemy. The pirates did not let up even as she leapfrogged several of them to keep safe distance from their attacks. With a sword in one hand and a fan in the other, she tried to regroup with Chie who was in danger. She used a destroyed market stall to jump through the air but felt a sudden stop as a pirate managed to grab hold of her leg. The shock spread across her face in an instant as she was brought crashing to the ground.

    “Reina! Get up!” Suki called out desperately.

    The dazed Reina climbed to her knees before one of the burly pirates grabbed her up. The towering man lifted the Kyoshi Warrior clear over his head. Her arms and legs hung loosely in the air as her senses slowly returned. The second she put up a struggle, her opponent threw her face first into the ground with a thud.

    “AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” She cried.

    Reina bounced once and landed on her stomach. The slam left her gasping in pain. Even though agony rocketed up and down her body, she refused to give in. The pirates watched in surprise as she climbed to her legs and tried to go into a fighting stance. It was easy for the burly man to grab her and throw her again, this time over his shoulder. Reina flopped onto her back. She grit her teeth in pain and struggled to roll onto her side. But the pirates were done playing with her as one of them landed on her with a body slam.

    “Urgghh....” Reina gasped as she gave in.

    Suki couldn’t look away. Chie was the only Kyoshi Warrior left to fight off the pirates. She was clearly outnumbered and had nowhere to run. But she kept a brave face in the unfair odds and fought to the last. The punches and strikes knocked her to and fro, but she carried on. The pirates took their time with her, as they clearly knew the fight was in the bag. Chie doubled over in exhaustion barely holding onto her sword. Her chest heaved for breath as she waited for the next pirate to attack.

    “Come on boys, finish this already!” The pirate captain ordered.

    Chie held her sword at the ready but was easily overcome as a pirate charged forward and knocked her weapon away. She was so tired it was easy for one of the pirates to pick her up and give her a crushing bear hug. Her arms were pinned at her sides as the pressure mounted. Any struggle was a short one as she arched her back in the hands of her attacker and failed to fight back.

    “Uunghh!” Chie groaned.

    The bear hugging pirate gave Chie some slack as he worked his strength up. Then he squeezed again, this time harder.


    Again, he gave the helpless Kyoshi Warrior a break and then went at it. This time it was crushing.


    Chie had enough and fell forward in the hands of the pirate as she blacked out. Her attacker dropped her and hit the ground with a thud. Suki was the only one left. The pirate captain signaled for his men to let her go, and she was released to take on a mob of pirates all by herself. The sight of her defeated friends and fellow warriors meant she had no intention of giving in. She raised her sword as the pirates surrounded her.

    They gave Suki no quarter as they swarmed. Kicks, punches, and weapons overwhelmed her abilities. She wasn’t sure how long she managed to put up a fight. At one point her legs were heavy. Her back hurt from one pirate throwing her clear across the market. Her arms hung loosely at her side from trying to block so many men at once. An uppercut to her chin sent her reeling.

    “Ugh.... Ugh... Avatar Kyoshi... give me strength...” Suki muttered.

    A crushing blow to the back of her neck sent the world into blackness. Suki could barely hear the cackle of the pirates as she crashed to the ground. The fight was over.

    "No..." She whispered.

    The pirates made a pile of the defeated Kyoshi Warriors. Suki was the cherry on top. She grunted in pain as she landed on top of her friends and fellow warriors. Sprawled out on her back, she made one last effort but only managed to raise her hand slightly before giving in to the pain and fainting from the exertion. There was no strength left to give from any of the Kyoshi Warriors. Suki, Chie, Aoi, Sakura, and Reina- the pirates had beaten them into submission. The captain and his crew admired the pile of their defeated enemies and their weapons as well.

    “Take their swords, boys. Those should sell well. We’ll keep the war fans as trophies,” he said with a grin.

    “We ready to ship off, captain?”

    The pirate captain stroked his chin as an idea sprung to his mind.

    “Not yet. We have one thing left to do. Send a message to this island.”


    The village of Kyoshi watched helplessly as the pirates carried their defeated warriors and tied them up to the large pole at the front of the village. The pole held up a statue of Avatar Kyoshi, but now it served as a stage to showcase their humiliated Kyoshi Warriors. Suki and the others had regained consciousness but they were in no condition to fight. They all grunted and groaned as the pirates strung them up to the pole with a hefty chain. The chain was pulled tight, causing them all to hiss and moan from their bruised bodies. The pirates spent a moment laughing at their handy work before heading back to their ship at the harbor.

    Suki kept her head low as the other villagers came to free them from their chains. The other girls did the same, as they couldn’t bear looking at Oyaji after their pitiful battle. They had failed to defend Kyoshi Island and lost their weapons and their signature war fans. The humiliation burned in Suki’s face as the statue of Avatar Kyoshi stood above them, another reminder that they had failed to uphold her honorable legacy. The whole thing was made worse as the villagers had trouble getting the chains loose. The pirates had gone through the trouble of using locks. It would take a long time to cut through the chain.

    The defeated Kyoshi Warriors realized they would be tied to Avatar Kyoshi’s pole until sunset on the horizon. Suki bit her lip and fought back frustrated tears.
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    AWESOME! LOVE this story!
    Loved the bit where they were all piled up, Suki being forced to watch while her fellow warriors are taken down one by one, giving in...

    I think this is my new favorite story of yours, or at least vying with the avatar Kyoshi story for my favorite.

    Keep it up!
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    I think this is an evolution to your style. Love the fact that there is more than one heroine. But you still see the main heroines point of view. We also see the emotional drain of the heroine as she accepts defeat. The fact that they should be better and they are simply not.

    Awsome Story :D
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    I don't know these characters but you did a great job telling the story. Great stuff.