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May 3, 2020
Another RP Log fic featuring myself and CharYui. This is a semi-sequel to Cammy White - Silenced investigator.

Chapter 1 - Talent Exchange

Anesthesia small pic.png Juri-SF5.png

It wasn't often Juri Han got to conduct business with a kindred spirit but ever since starting her underground fighting ring she was making way more friends than she ever had roaming the world, breaking anyone she wanted to with her kicks. Actually, those two might be connected. It was hard to trade with someone who's spine she had just snapped underfoot "Oh she'll be ready for the pickup, don't you worry," She assured her business partner as they rode back to the Korean's training HQ in the back of a luxurious limo "Although you are going to have to unpack her first."

"It shouldn't be too much of an issue dear, I'm used to unpacking dead weight." Juri's companion said in an off handed manner, the exotic woman was clad in what could only be described as a fetish nurse costume as she sat next to the sadistic Korean examining fingernails through her gloves. "I'm just pleased you were open to this little exchange, its so hard to find decent test subjects who wont be broken like cheap toys." She said with a slightly sadistic upturn of her lips, "I do after all craft excellent work."

The two women at the prospect of potential pain they were about to put people through "It's really a shame we're only meeting now, you would have loved working with SIN." The Korean sadist said wistfully "But speaking of your work..." she began, licking her lips while turning her attention to the third woman in the limousine, who had remained perfectly silent throughout the entire trip "She will scream if we want her to, right? Feeling pain doesn't cost extra does it?"

evil rose.jpg

The woman in question had a blank look on her face and was clad in an even more fetishized outfit of read leather that looked like a devil, the nurse chuckled. "Oh trust me dear the feeling is mutual, I would have loved to have seen you use those lovely legs of yours to beat and break some uppity skanks." She said putting a hand on one of Juri's thighs and rubbing it up and down, "And no worries, she will scream like a whore. My thorny rose feels everything and anything, its just so few get the chance. Like I said she has a tendency to break whatever I send to have her play with, maybe something to keep in mind hmm?"

"Mmm..." Juri purred like a contented cat as she leaned into the nurse's loving strokes of her thinly covered thighs "She'll be perfect, might even enjoy her myself... but business before pleasure and all that." she sighed as the flashing lights of the dimly lit streets faded away, replaced with the more consistent light of an underground parking lot "Be a little kind with my precious bee will you? We've got more people who want to see her after her first time."

The nurse rubbed her hand along Juri's inner thigh marveling at the power and raw sensuousness there, "Hmm~ Well I can promise you she'll be in one piece at least. I do want to see the limits at which her mind and body can handle. I've so longed to get my hands on a doll like her, and I do enjoy the shows you put on with her." She cooed, all the while the red clad woman sat there her only movement being her breathing as she stared off into space.

"If you're not busy later this month perhaps the private box could be rented out... pit the two of them against each other, or what's left of them," Juri chuckled, muscles in her thigh tensing under the light pressure "Unfortunately this is our stop, hey flower child!" The Korean woman suddenly snapped as the limo rumbled to a halt "Evil Rose, time to get going!"

Evil Rose's eyes seemed to focus and she blinked a couple times before looking at the woman who spoke and then to the nurse, "Be a good dear and follow Juri's orders hmm? Now get out and do what your best at." The nurse cooed and Rose nodded before slinking out of the limo, the nurse for her part copped a feel on Juri's crotch giving a light squeeze. "Looking forward to the benefits to our new partnership."

"Be seeing you!" Juri called as she waved back to the nurse while stepping out "So... you have to do pretty much everything I say, right?" She asked the red latex clad woman as she wrapped her arm around her, forcibly walking the woman away and deeper into the facility "Well, maybe you can tell me, Anesthesia: Does she only dish it out or does she like taking it as well?"

Evil Rose stared ahead focused on nothing her eyes darting down to Juri to examine her for a few seconds before her eyes shifted ahead, being pulled against the woman she stayed stiff for a moment before almost molding to Juri's side as they walked. While Anesthesia kept a lot of secrets the question that Juri asked was not one of the things Rose had been expressly forbidden to say anything about and answered almost immediately without restraint. "The Doctor prefers to inflict punishment upon her test subjects, though depending on the subject or her mood she will be in a submissive whore mood. She has asked me on several occasions to abuse and rape her which I have done and has knowingly entered matches against a few subjects she could easily subdue only for them to defeat her handedly." Rose said in a clinical monotone voice.

The woman's voice might have been a little to robotic for Juri's taste, she sounded like one of Bison's dolls, only with a much better outfit the way straps barely covered the masked woman's nipples. Still, that was some juicy information "If you can tell me her birthday..." the TKD fighter purred, stroking underneath Evil Rose's chin "I could organize a surprise party for her. She's seen what some of my fighters could do on screen but its nothing like getting up close and personal, which is your fun time tonight."

"I have no information on the Doctor's date of birth." Rose said in the same monotone, though as Juri stroked her chin it seemed to have some kind of effect as her nipples became slightly more pronounced through the tight latex straps covering her breasts as if she were conditioned to become aroused at the slightest provocation. Considering the way that Rose was dressed it was hardly a surprise, "The Doctor has expressed an interest in breaking some of the 'slut whores' that you have contracted. And has often shown arousal at seeing many of your displays."

"Oh I think The Good Doctor is the one who might need breaking in. A little. Don't tell her though, its supposed to be a surprise." Juri laughed as she pushed through the double doors into the fighter's locker room. The men's locker room "Hello boys!" She cooed out to the two in the room, Evil Rose still on her arm "I've got you a new practice dummy. Be as nice as you want because she's only a rental."

Weka and Nathan.png

The dark skinned muscle-bound man was lying on the bench relaxing while the pale skinned twink was stretching his legs out on the floor when their boss entered, both in nothing but their wrestling gear. "Weka," Juri introduced, pointing at the man on the bench "Nathan," She continued, indicating the smaller man "Meet Evil Rose."

Evil Rose's eyes darted between the two young men in the locker room examining them like she had Juri only a few moments before as her body tensed up like a spring. "Am I to enter combat with one or both of them?" Rose asked her eyes locking on one and the other and then back again, her tongue darting out to lick her lips slowly either naturally or as something Anesthesia had conditioned her to do there was no real telling. But she was ready to break either or both of these men right now if Juri gave the word.

Weka and Nathan pulled themselves up, the 6 inch disparity between the two men becoming more apparent when they moved in close. "And separate the love birds?" Juri cooed to her masked weapon, resting her head on her shoulder "No, you'll take them both on."

"So what's the deal with the robot woman?" Nathan asked, pushing up against the two women, his bare chest pressing into the latex "Sex doll technology hit a new level?"

Rose's eyes lowered to the shorter of the two wrestlers as he pressed his slim chest up against the woman's breasts squishing them down slightly, though as she looked down her emotionless face shifted into a slight expression of playful lust. "Sex isn't the only thing I'm good at." She said before grabbing Nathan under the chins shoving him and kicking at his bare foot to get it out from under him to slam the twink boi down onto the floor before planting her heel against his crotch. "I can play rough too~" She cooed as she leaned down slightly her ass swaying from side to side the make the tail attached to her suit sway as well.

Nathan may have looked like he was ready to fight, but with how easily Rose swiped him down to the hard floor, pinning him down by his growing bulge "Ngggh!" The yellow and purple clad young man winced as the solid heel painfully pressed against him "Okay fellas," Juri interjected, stepping between Rose and the angry Weka, her foot raised up in a threatening manner "Save it for the ring. You've got a long day training ahead of you."

And with those words from Juri it was like a switch was flipped and Rose's demeanor shifted back tot he robot mode as she moved to stand upright with her foot removed from Nathan's bulge and staring a head. That slutty personality having been turned off for the moment, "As you command." She said bluntly and simply.

Nathan pulled himself back up, seething with indignation at what he felt was a cheap shot from the masked woman even as his tights stretched at the growing bulge "Come on," Weka said to the twink, rubbing between his partner's shoulders as he lead the group out to the practice ring "We'll get her back and then some," the muscled man assured him as he rolled into the ring first, ready to see just what their boss had brought with her.

Rose waited a few moments as the pair got into the ring before going back to her more sensual mode, loosening up, and having the look in her eyes as she stalked towards the ring and bent under the ropes making sure her latex clad sex bounced against them a moment before entering the ring to face to pair and crouching into her usual ready stance. Rose's eyes flicked from one to the other her tongue once more licking her lips as she waited her body practically a coiled spring ready to launch.

Once again the devil-dressed woman snapped from stiff and obedient to a predator looking to strike out, and with how fast she took down Nathan, Weka wasn't about to let Evil Rose get away from her. "Yeah lick those lips, you know what they'll be around when we're done with you." He taunted as he moved in, trying to use his size to tie up the masked woman in a basic lockup and start muscling her around.

Rose grunted as she was locked up with the taller and more muscular man and pushed against him, despite being shorter than him and appearing less muscular Rose was holding her ground against Weka for the moment. As they struggled she groaned pushing forward so that her breasts would press into the taller man's chest a moment before trying to slam her knee up into his gut only to try and follow that up with another knee aimed between his legs this time!

Once again the masked Rose's lethal legs found their mark. Weka was caught a little off guard about how strong the red-clad, pink-haired woman was so when he was struck in his solid abs he gave a half-surprised/half-pained grunt but held his grip on tight, determined to not give up an inch before the second knee hit its target "Motherfucker..." The big man whined out as his body was shook by the sudden pain, slumping down to his knees .

Rose gave a giggle as she took the larger man down and moved to take advantage of her situation grabbing and pushing down on Weka as she stood over him and making sure that her breasts were shoved up against his face to not only humiliate him but smother him slightly as well. And if Weka started to get uppity with her then she would have no problem using her legs and the pointed tips of her boots to kick him in the gut to keep him pacified.

In any other situation, this would be an enviable position for the young man to be in. Okay, it still was great to have a sexy babe like Rose shove her breasts in his face, but after the low blow Weka wasn't thinking this was going to be a fun time. Either he'd really pissed his boss off with how she'd set him up to have his balls busted by this mysterious woman or this was some sort of test. Evil Rose was no pre-broken body that usually ended up in the backstage training ring that was for sure.

Rose continued to smother Weka for a few moments cooing and giving mocking sounding giggles as she pushed her tits into his face and kept him down on his knees for a few moments before pulling back enough and using her breasts to batter and swat his face several times. She would then pull back enough to give them enough room so that she could give the kneeling man a kick to the side of the head and send him sprawling onto the mat!

Juri hadn't left the three to their own devices just yet, she wanted to stay a little bit just to see what the good doctor's favorite toy was like once unleashed and she had to admit, the sadistic Korean was impressed with what she was seeing. With deceptive strength from her slender physique and blink-and-you-miss-it speed, Evil Rose looked a devilishly dominant fighter, even in those heels! Not even Chun and her lethal legs was confident to kick with that force and speed in high heels. Weka on the other hand was less appreciative of the Rose's skill as his face was smacked into the devil-woman's breasts, the latex straps, adding extra oomph to the humiliating hits, but when he snapped out of the smother induced stupor long enough to start to stand up, he was met with the point of Rose's shoe colliding into his temple, sending him right back down again with a groan.

Rose circled Weka as he went down eyes him like a predator eyeing meat for a few moments before moving to stomp down on his back digging the point of her heel into his spine to torment to downed wrestler. She would then step over him to straddle his body before dropping her supple ass onto his recently tormented back, finally the devil woman would reach for Weka's legs trying to grasp them and pull them back into a Boston Crab hold.

"D-dammit!" Weka grunted at the sudden pain in the small of his back as Juri whistled for attention "Oh, one thing before I go Rosie: Once your done making the wonder twins here humble," she began, indicating the very differently looking young men "There's a package under the ring for you to use. They know what it's for." The TKD fighter cackled as she left the men and woman alone with Rose's arms around the muscular legs, pulling back on the suddenly scrambling Weka. The implication giving him all the motivation he needed to try and fight back against the devil woman.

Rose noted what Juri had said and simply nodded as she pulled on Weka's legs leaning back to torment him and not even caring if he was pulling himself closer to the ropes or not, all she planned on doing was tormenting and hurting both of them as much as possible and if they got away then she would just fine some different way to punish them. She leaned back more so she could put more pressure on Weka's legs and spine as he slowly made his way to the ropes.

The ropes offered no salvation immediately for the big man as he wrapped his fingers around it. It wasn't as if there were any rules in this organization let alone anyone enforcing them in the practice/victory lap ring, but what they did do was give him a bit of leverage as he pressed himself up off the canvas, lifting both himself and the woman sitting on him before turning himself over and kicking the Rose away, his legs and back stinging from being stretched out so much by the lithe fighter.

Rose held on for as long as she could punishing the larger wrestler till he managed to get his leverage and toss Rose away. The latex clad woman rolled on the mat and landed in her iconic crouching position eyeing Weka and licking her lips once again as her eyes roamed around his body. There were so many targets for her to exploit and for her to enjoy punishing him, she would wait however for Weka to use the ropes to start getting himself up onto his feet and once he was up a little she would charge him from behind seeking to try and drive her knee into his back so that he would drop neck first onto the ropes. If she managed that she would settle her body weight down on his back and try to choke Weka against the ropes for a few moments.

While Weka looked as though he was still recovering from the initial barrage the big man was suddenly on the move when he heard the charge coming up behind him, pulling himself to the side and out of harms way before tagging in Nathan, letting the twink hop over the ropes while he rolled onto the apron, trying to rest his aching muscles.

Rose grunted as Weka managed to avoid her blow and she hit the ropes as well, the dominating woman grabbed the ropes to keep herself from bouncing as she followed where Weka was going only for Nathan to enter the ring. Once more Rose licked her lips as she locked eyes with the cute twink, her hips swaying once again as she turned to face him. "Mmm the delicious one~" She said, pretty much the only thing she had said since the match with the two had started. Rose slowly stalked closer to Nathan and circled as she drew closer before extending her hands to see if the twink would go for a test of strength.

Nathan was many things but he wasn't stupid enough to think that facing off against a woman who had overpowered his much larger companion in a test of strength was anything approaching a good idea for the twink. But since she was approaching him anyway, he could at least feint going in, tentatively raising his hand as though he was about to nervously accept before he moved in to his idea for how to pluck the Rose: When she got in close enough, he ducked in low, lifting up the high heeled boot to try and unbalance the pink-haired woman before he launched part two of his opening gambit: Swinging his leg up high to smash his shin straight up into the latex-covered crotch of the masked woman. Paying her back for kneeing Weka earlier.

cb punt.gif

Rose was confident or maybe even over confident if that sort of mentality existed for the conditioned woman, she continued moving in only for Nathan to move in quickly and grasp her leg yanking it from under her. Rose grunted balancing on her one leg and was prepared to bash the twink's head with a kick, however the other wrestler had something else in mind as her tight latex clad cunt was smashed by him! "GYAAAOOOHH!!!" Rose half screamed in agony and half moaned as her sensitive bits were smashed, the sexy woman collapsing onto the mat as she held herself and whimpered in pain and arousal.

Nathan breathed a deep sigh of relief that was covered by Rose's scream. With how fast the masked woman had been thus far he was half-expecting this attempt to backfire horribly but Evil Rose wasn't invincible after all. "Yeah, hurts being kicked in the crotch, doesn't it?" The twink taunted as he laid on top of the whimpering woman "We're gonna show you why Mistress Juri trusts us with breaking in the new bitches." He whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arm around her throat, pressing the advantage by trying to deny the pink-haired woman any air.

rear naked choke.gif

"GACK!!!" Rose gasped out her hands grabbing at Nathan's arms pulling at them, despite the blow between her legs she was still pretty strong though it was a struggle pulling at Nathan's arm. He had a good hold on her which forced Rose to start rolling around on the mat trying to dislodge the smaller boy and even started trying to grind and hump his bulge with her rear end to both stimulate and punish his crotch in her wild attempts at escape.

With scratch marks on his arm before Evil Rose got a proper grip around him , Nathan held on as long as he could, trying to make the most of his choke even when rolled onto his back but he couldn't keep on the masked fighter, not when she drove her ass into his bulge with a surprising amount of force "Ooomph!" The brunette twink gasped as Evil Rose showed that every inch of her was dangerous, effectively low blowing him with her hips and breaking whatever semblance of a hold he had left.

"Ahh Gahhh..." The beast of a woman gasped out as the grip around her neck was finally lost, she then looked behind her at Nathan giving him a half growl half purr as she reached around to grab a hand full of his hair and yank him around nearly face planting him into the mat! She would then try to grasp his arm and yank it down to snare it between her strong thighs while grabbing around Nathan's face attempting to lock the twink into a brutal crossface hold!

"Aww crud..." Nathan let out as he got a face full of Evil Rose acting like a big cat who'd caught it's prey and caught he was "Not the hair!" He yelped out as he was yanked over and smashed into the mat. Soon enough the twink had much bigger problems as his neck was painfully stretched back, the Rose's gloved hands pressing and crushing Nathan's nose while her powerful legs trapped his arm with such intensity it quickly started to go numb in her punishing hold.

Rose grunted yanking on Nathan's head and pulling it back while using her legs to pull on his trapped arm adding more pain and pressure to him as she leaned in close to breath in his ear, "I love pretty boys like you the best." She purred while snaking her tongue into his ear to toy with him, whether that was some deep part of Rose's personality coming out or one more thing that Anesthesia conditioned into her no one could say. All anyone could say was that she was enjoying tormenting the poor pretty boy whom she had trapped and was in the process of slowly breaking!

Whether it was out of pain, pleasure or just pure fear Nathan couldn't help but moan out as he suffered in Evil Rose's grasp, unable to even shudder as he felt her silky tongue press in up against his ear while his neck was still trapped by her unforgiving crossface. With only one good arm to move in, the twink reached up, trying to grab at one of the horns that adorned the devil-woman's mask and yank it down, just desperately trying to distract and disrupt the wrestling dom.

Rose grunted as one of the horns of her mask were tugged on making her let go and shove Nathan away, the sexy latex clad woman lay on the mat for a few moments continuing to eye Nathan before springing up again and reaching to once again grab him by his hair! With that grip she would try to yank the twink back up onto his feet so she could slam a knee into his belly, and if she managed that much then the would move around and twist the poor boy into a abdominal stretch.

"Ughh..." Nathan groaned in relief as he was shoved away, cradling the back of his neck before his foe once again went for the hair, painfully tugging at the roots to get the yellow and purple clad brat up faster. This time however, the Rose's lethal legs were caught when she tried to knee the tempting target that was the twink's belly and letting Nathan swing out his free hand to slap the unbalanced masked woman across the face as hard as he could with his numb-feeling arm.


"AGH!!!" Rose cried out as she was slapped, having her leg grabbed again unbalanced her even more than she had been a few moments earlier mostly because she had been attempting to strike Nathan. The slap snapped her head to the side and threw Rose off balance to where she hit the mat hard and lay there a few moments before trying to get onto her hands and knees shaking her head as she was in a slight daze. It was an opening, not much of one but if not capitalized on then Rose would renew her assault.

Nathan could have jumped back on the dazed woman, but right now his neck was still sore and he didn't fancy risking getting into Evil Rose's clutches once again in a grappling contest. Plus it looked like Weka was back on his feet, shaking off the last of the pain in his solid legs and as such the twink took the better part of valour and tagged out again so he could have a better shot now that they knew that Rose could be hurt, sprinting back into the fray. "Payback time!" Weka yelled as he bounced off against the ropes to build up speed against the rising masked fighter, jumping up into the air to thrust his foot up and square into Evil Rose's face, showing that the woman wasn't the only one with powerful kicks in this gym.

big boot.gif

As Nathan was debating whether or not to continue attacking Evil Rose, the woman in question was moving to get back onto her feet wobbling slightly and holding her head. By the time she moved to turn her attention back on the fight Weka was back in the ring and barreling his way towards the latex clad wrestler. His leg extended and foot caught Rose square in the face taking her right off of her feet and slamming back onto the mat with a grunt. Her back arched in pain making her breasts jut upwards as her hands went to her masked face holding herself as she groaned in pain from the massive kick.

It felt satisfying as all hell to plant the masked woman down like that after what she'd put him through. Now things felt like they were getting back to normal as he straddled the latex clad grappler "Dish it out but can't take it huh?" He asked without a hint of irony about how he himself had felt when Evil Rose was putting him through the wringer. Either way, it didn't stop him pressing his forearm under the Rose's jaw and pressing down into her throat, trying to choke her out while staring directly into her eyes.

mounted choke.gif

"ACK!!!" Evil Rose gagged out as Weka pressed his muscular forearm into her throat her legs kicking out against the mat as she grabbed at the man's arms trying to push him off as Rose's eyes fluttered and started to roll back with her tongue hanging out of her mouth slightly. Weka had all the leverage right now and was pushing it down on the masked woman who was now just struggling to keep breathing.

With Rose's strength seemingly at its limit as Weka pressed his arm across her windpipe with immense pressure, the big man took his time to look down the latex covered body of his pinned foe "How am I even supposed to take this off?" He wondered as the large bulged in his leaf-print trunks grew and pressed up against the red bodysuit of Evil Rose before pulling her back up to her feet and doing what he'd tried to do at the fight's start. Use his strength to muscle the masked woman into the corner.

Evil Rose let out a groan feeling Weka's bulge pressing into her, it was low to the point of a moan before she was hefted up and tossed into the corner her body hitting hard and sagging down as she gasped for breath and rubbed her throat. Being choked under Weka especially after that kick to the head had really done a number on Rose and she was out of sorts and dazed which made it all the easier for her to be brutalized and toyed with by the pair. Despite that she slowly started to try and use the ropes in the corner to get herself up onto her feet.

"Maul her Werebear!" Nathan called out with the confidence of a man who knew he'd put his partner on the path to victory by getting the hell out of his way, smiling as he rubbed the back of his neck. Weka was smiling too as he trapped the now hurting Rose in the corner, no way out that wasn't through the wall off muscle as he repaid the favour from earlier and drove his knee into the latex covered belly of Evil Rose, but not just once: he really wanted to hammer away at the masked woman, repeatedly drilling her until she could no longer stand up even with the ropes helping her.

Knee lift.gif

Rose was just getting back onto her feet and about to push out of the corner when Weka moved in and began to smash his knee into her gut repeatedly, crushing Evil Rose's insides and forcing the air out of her body! "GUHH AUHG AHHH!!!" She cried out eyes rolling back as spittle flew from her lips and she was left gasping, once Weka stopped hammering her gut she fell forward onto the mat with her ass sticking up in the air slightly, her hands wrapped around her belly as she struggled for breath though this time because of the pain of her gut having been wrecked.

Running a hand across his forehead as Evil Rose collapsed in front of him, Weka flicked off the sweat running down his face as he stomped his big foot down on the Rose's raised ass "Oh yeah," he breathed, panting from how hard and fast he'd kneed the latex wearing woman while he pushed her ass back down, kicking her flicking tail to one side "Now we get to have some fun here."

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