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Sep 12, 2018
Just figured out a solution to a problem I've had and it's the first time I've solved a tricky problem without help so I'm quite pleased with myself.

Probably not impressive by the standards of the heavyweights Pim_gd Pim_gd WeeWillie WeeWillie SkyHeart SkyHeart but I thought I'd post it nonetheless in case it might be useful to somebody.

In my dialogue there are some scripted sequences where they talk and to stop the player from messing with progression by sticking his cock in her mouth when she was trying to talk (#manners) I moved them to an animtools position where she couldn't reach his cock, and then moved them back at the end of the last line of the conversation.

Problems would arise when she would decide to gulp down cum when it was her turn to speak. Her line wouldn't fire again and they'd just be stuck like that since the last line in the exchange was never reached and the animtools position never switched back.


general:"This is the debug line[generaldebug*debug*]"{"style":"Him"}
and then set the debug variable to 1 at the first line of every scripted conversation and set it to 0 and the end of every conversation. And then:

generaldebug1:"Sorry,БББ that felt so good I kinda drifted off.ББББББWhere were we?[conversation*part*b]"{"style":"Him"}
This way the debug variable is always 1 when they're in the middle of talking and general won't fire anyway, so whenever general fires and debug=1 it means the player is stuck and we move back to where we were.

In case it's not clear the linetype format for these conversations is

conversation1f:"blabla" and then *part* is set to the next part at the end of each conversation.

Worst case you would have to have the conversation lines in non-alphabetical order for some of the *part*:s so that her first line always has the suffix b and [conversation*part*b] always points to where we got stuck.
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