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Story of Seasons request. Hair and/or mods + more?

Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by RangerLunis, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. RangerLunis

    RangerLunis Guest

    Recently the newest game in the harvest moon series, Story of Seasons was released if i'm not mistaken on March 31st. The game is absolutely AMAZING in terms of quality and content. Of course there is a few minor issues but that is to be suspected with any game. I highly recommend everyone pick up a copy as you will not be disappointed. The game has shifted translators from natsume games to Xseed who have done a excellent job. It appears no content was necessarily changed between the Japanese and English release. ANYONE who has played this game must know of the WICKEDLY cute hot waifu material this game has to offer. There is just one problem.

    There is not one pornographic image of ANY kind depicting any of the bachelorettes or bachelors in the game. YEAH.

    Go ahead try searching for Story of Seasons hentai. You won't even find a single image. I even tried searching by the Japanese name for the game and still nada. If anyone has anything pornographic concerning Story Of Seasons PLEASE share.

    Anyways I got to thinking. "Wouldn't SDT do well in making my dream come true?" And so yes. I come to you all looking for anyone interested. I'd be most interested in seeing Agate and Iris hairs or mods. Here are references to all the female characters I'd like to see. I was thinking of Veronica though not a bacherolette, would be a great sight to see.

    The characters themselves I don't believe would be hard to implement. Most of the hairs are simple and easy to draw along with hats and other accessories. Please anyone interested reply.

    The References to each character are below. Again if anyone has any images of ANY of the story of seasons characters please share them.

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