StarVirgin's Adventures


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Making near animation via still images is nice idea.

I think it regrettable is that it does not move the screen.

If camera move(or image slide/pan) is possible,
adding slide/pan images will add much more emotions.

In heroine lifted scene, heroins body pan up will be better and
in heroine folded by enemy , pan right to left will be better.

I made some similar movies when I was a student.
And I found that sliding image(up/down right/left) add
so much emotional effect to movies.

# some free movie editing programs have effects of
# slide/pan still images.


Ryonani Teamster
I saw the animation
this is really almost the t=same thing that I want to do.
thank you

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I posted a new video!!!


starvirgin? I think I recall fapping to to your stuff way back in 2001 or 2002. Same thing as back then?


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I sugested this name for him, some years ago I saw a Superheroine called Star Virgin, I loved her photostories but never see again.
His heroine is like an innoncent and sweet girl, so, I thought she could be called Star Virgin, for me this coulb be a good name for her


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And she will shine, she is sexy, pretty, have a good voice when is taking a beating, she is the "Ryona Star".
Good work princeofpain, I am waiting for the next fight


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I am working now on a new photostory, this is a big one.
After I post this new photostory, I can take more time for the next one, I want to collect more things (heroines, villians, souds and scenaries), and I want to create Stories using other characters.
Until this moment Star Virgin in my point of view is making a little sucess, but I want to give an upgrade on her next stories.
Thank you guys for your support and I am accepting sugestions too.

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Star Virgin vs 4 Villians!!! - YouTube


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^ So sexy... :) Great work. I really like multiple enemies vs heroine setting, so this is was really nice. Thank you!
Animation is however kinda weird in the half part of the video, so I think I'll wait for the images... you could try photobucket, it should be quite easy to upload there :)


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So nice! you are going better and better.

nice animation with still images.

I suppose some BGM, not so noisy ones, will make better.
mixing of music may be some hard to create video.

And one order.
I had been surprised by "Hahahaha" suddenly.
and start with subtitles and silent so I thought
that it will be go all silent..

# my Colleagues were also surprised...;)

I suppose some caption about "with sound" is
needed for who watch video in office.


Ryonani Teamster
thanks for the sugestions uraent

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I will post the images soon


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another great work, I loved the way that she was defeated, you surprised me with that "hahaha".
you work a lot hu??? whiping and double bearhug, this was an epic work.
Please, make more clips, this 3 ones were awsome, I want to see more star virgin adventures, she is sexy when looses a fight!!!


Ryonani Teamster
Thanks evilhero
I am searching for new models, sounds and thinking on new stories.
For the next days, I will just see comments, I want to improve my stories and skills, I received good comments, but need to get make a better work.
Please leave your comments here or in the hannel.


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awsome videos, I loved see star virgin loosing, make more, she is beatiful, she is sexy in defeat positions

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I have a request for you.
Can you make an animaltion where Star Virgin is dominated by that dominatrix who whiped her?