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Star Wars: A New Era

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Airtew, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Airtew

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....
    Star Wars
    A New Era
    It is a period of uneasy peace as the Galactic Empire holds
    an iron grasp on most of the known galaxy. Bounty guilds have
    flourished under the Empire's reign. Trading skills and life for
    credits these groups go anywhere and do anything to complete
    a task.

    Now is a new time as other groups have sought refuge in the
    diplomatic immunity provided by these guilds. Using their
    services to strike back against the Empire or anyone else.

    The MANTIS SYNDICATE now is joined by a new set of
    recruits seeking to distinguish themselves and climb
    through the ranks of the their house....

    Rules/House Rules
    1. This campaign will be ran under the Star Wars: Saga Edition rules.
    2. Starting stats will use the "Standard Score Package" with an additional 3 ability points which can be spent for a 1:1 ratio.
    3. Starting credits are the maximum starting credits for your class x 2.
    4. You may purchase anything up to the restricted rarity, but you also have to buy a license as outlined on page 119. Anything of a higher rarity may be bought at black market prices. If the rarity of an item is listed as rare run it past me.
    5. Banned Class Builds/Items/Other: None at this time. This means all books are allowed, but do not build an unstoppable character. While being badass is fun, being threatened sweetens your inevitable victory.
    6. This always goes without saying, but have fun and do not detract from others enjoyment.
    7. This does not take place in the Star Wars universes. This is for all purposes to be considered an alternate universe. Only organizations, planets, classes, and races exist in this alternate universe. Named characters have never existed, but may have analogues in this universe.
    Characters (PC)
    Data is Incomplete at this time....

    Name: Galactic Empire
    Type: Military
    Scale: Intergalactic
    Organization: A massive bureaucratic military by nature, the Galactic Empire spans all of charted space. It consists primarily of human women who are recruited from across the galaxy with promises of wealth, power, or adventure. They a trained extensively in all forms of combat necessary to lend aid to the Empire losing all sense of self value in the process. They are equipped in mass produced gear and well organized to a fault being unable to cope with guerrilla tactics and other forms of unconventional warfare. They are a ruthless enemy and a most powerful ally.
    Enemies/Allies: An organization this size does not climb to the top without making a few enemies. Most notably is the Rebel Alliance. Any allies the Empire has are made out ruthless efficiency where a local force will willingly do the work for credits and only lasts as long as the Empire deems it useful.

    Mantis Syndicate
    Type: Bounty Guild
    Scale: Multiple Sectors
    Organization: A freelance guild of bounty hunter who choose not to specialize in any one method or type of bounty. They are seen as generalists by those on the outside and unfocused or undisciplined by other bounty hunters. The PCs are considered to initially be a part of the Mantis Syndicate. It boasts a large diversity of both males and females among all races. Truly a gem in the universe as a whole.
    Enemies/Allies: The bounty guilds are not known for choosing allegiance to any particular ideal instead offering their blaster to the highest bidder. Individual members of the guild house may make their own allies or enemies but this is not reflected on the organization as a whole.

    Name: Rift Shredders
    Type: Pirate Gang
    Scale: Multiple Systems
    Organization: A small up and coming group of Twi'lek pirates, they named themselves after a species native to their occupying system known for eating ships whole in hyperspace. Lead by Captain Poy'daesha from her Iron Flotilla hidden somewhere within the sector. She guides her numerous pirates from her moving fortress. The pirates themselves consist of Twi'leks equipped with questionably modified and dangerous equipment as likely to hurt the user as their target. This has lead to pirate crews inadvertently destroying the ships they were trying to board.
    Enemies/Allies: This low rank group is far below the notice of most forms authority only drawing the ire of local sector control and planetary and system defense forces. They also haven't formed any allies being unnoteworthy to any group powerful enough to use them to any level of efficiency.

    Additional Data is being compiled....


    Recruitment is still open at this time. Please refer to the original recruitment thread for rules and information or click this link here: Open Call: Tabletop RP Session | Undertow

    The link for where the game will be hosted is here: Roll20: Online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games
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  2. Servi

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    Sep 22, 2013
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    Gonna post my PC I guess. Sorry for the picture quality, just a quick sketch at the moment.
    Nara Dragoon
    Medium Human Soldier 1
    Int: +7 Perception: -1
    Languages: Basic

    Defenses Ref: 17 (Flatfooted 14) Fort: 13 Will: 9
    Hp: 31 Threshold: 13

    Speed: 30 feet
    Melee: Unarmed +3 (1d4+2)
    Melee: Power Hammer +3 (2d12) (Force Unleashed)
    Melee: Shock Gloves +3 (1d4+3) (Galaxy at War)
    Ranged: Scatter Gun +3 (3d8 Point Blank/2d8 Short Ranged) (Galaxy at War)
    Ranged: Blaster Pistol +3 (3d6)
    Base Atk: +1 Grapple: +5

    Str 14. Dex 15. Con 13. Int 10. Wis 9. Cha 14
    Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light and Medium) Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Advanced, Pistols, and Rifles) Pin
    Skill: Initiative +7 Climb +7 Pilot +5
    Talents: Expert Grappler
    Possessions: Power Hammer, Scatter Gun, Combat Jumpsuit, Scatter Shells (30), Power Packs (6), Blaster Pistol, Energy Cells (10), Shock Gloves, Commlink (Long Range), Credit Chip, Fusion Lantern, Aqua Breather, Breath Mask, Air Filters (3), Datapad (Basic)
    36 Credits

    Nara's violent reputation and infamy betrays her otherwise unassuming beginnings. The daughter of poor asteroid miners, Nara grew up on an industrial mining spaceport far from civilization beyond her home. Nara despised her upbringing, and desperately wanted to strike it out on her own.
    Her chance finally arrived when the mining facility was attacked by a particularly bloodthirsty group of female pirates, who slaughtered the spaceport's woman, and enslaved its men for slaves. Nara escaped death by greatly impressing the pirate captain when she witnessed Nara ambush a squad of raiders, and killing three of the woman with a piece of mining equipment, and was asked to join the pirate crew.

    Nara gladly accepted the offer, thinking she would finally acheive the glory she so desperately wanted. However, she instead found herself scrubbing the ships floors and cleaning its toilets. Frustrated, Nara decided to once again show her captain the full capacity of her skills and brutality, by strangling the captain's first mate, and presenting her nude body to the captain.
    Nara easily ambushed the young 18 year old, and after toying with her, slowly snuffed the life from the poor girl. An hour later, she banged on her captain's cabin door, and threw the lifeless body of her first mate at her feet, demanding that she take her place.
    Impressed, the captain obliged.

    Nara, at only age 14, was already gaining somewhat of a infamous reputation in the underworld, and was almost always seen side by side with her pirate master. Nara became particularly well known for her stories in battle with other pirate groups and raids. Survivors of her battles would claim to see a brazenly fearless girl charge into the fray of combat, smashing through combat hardened woman with a power hammer. Nara greatly enjoyed both the riches and glory she was attaining, but when she reached adulthood, she began to resent the pirate captain who had raised her.

    While the crew was asleep, Nara sabotaged the ship's engines and set them into overload, and escaped on a small fighter craft along with plenty of stolen plunder and credits. By the time the ship's engineer was able to figure out the problem, it was too late. The ship exploded, instantly vaporizing all the woman aboard. Though some beleive that the captain survived somehow, and is now on a mission of revenge against her former protege.

    Now on her own for once, Nara enjoyed a greater sense of independance, and took up bounty hunting as a means of supporting herself. She quickly gained a reputation for being both a brutal, and reckless hunter, with no sense of mortality. It wasn't long before this up and comer in the bounty hunting world was approached by MANTIS...

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  3. Airtew

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    Feel free to post characters, organizations, etc. here and I will integrate them into the post and review for conformity.
  4. Idoro

    Idoro Fully Functional Staff Member Moderator Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 10, 2010
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    Name: Jil
    Race: Chiss
    Age: 22

    To most people, the Chiss are an unknown entity, with only a few members of their race having integrated into the Empire. Perhaps it is that reason for which Kinnj'illam'shemloro (or simply 'Jil' for short) decided to break away from the norm of her society and strike out on her own for fame and glory. If asked, Jil would describe herself as an able and adaptable sharpshooter who 'never misses her mark'. Though not too much is known of her due to her relatively unknown past, Jil is known in some circles to be skilled with her trusty blaster pistol, quite the looker, and always aware of her surroundings- able to spot threats from far away.

    It is easy to see why Jil did not fit easily into her own culture- as she is a fun-loving girl with little morals and no concept of honor. The life of a mercenary suits her perfectly as she is not bound by laws or traditions any longer, and is able to live how she wants, WHEN she wants. Tipped off by a merc associate of hers who had spoken positively of the Mantis Syndicate, she decides to stop by the 'local' guild to see just what they were all about. With her thirst for adventure reaching critical mass, this seems to be just the perfect opportunity for a girl like her.

    Stat block:
    Medium Chiss Scout 1
    Init +6
    Senses: low-light vision; Perception +7
    Languages: Basic, Cheunh
    Ref 19 (flat-footed 16)
    Fort 14
    Will 13
    HP 26; Threshold 14
    Speed:  6 squares
    Melee: stun baton +0 (2d6)
    Ranged: blaster pistol +3 (3d6)
    Fighting Space: 1 square
    Reach: 1 square
    Base Atk +0; Grp +3
    Atk Options: Point Blank Shot
    Special Actions: Shake it Off
    Str 11
    Dex 16
    Con 14
    Int 14
    Wis 14
    Cha 8
    Talents: Acute Senses
    Feats: Point Blank Shot, Shake it Off, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple)
    Acrobatics +1
    Climb +3
    Endurance +5
    Initiative +6
    Jump +3
    Knowledge (technology) +7
    Perception +7 (may reroll but must keep the result of the reroll even if worse)
    Pilot +8
    Stealth +6
    Swim -2
    Possessions: blaster pistol, combat jumpsuit (+4 armor), electrobinoculars, field kit (2 condensing canteens, sunshield roll, 7 day food supply, 24 filters, 12 atmospher canisters,, 2 glow rods, 2 breath masks, all-temperature cloak), long-range comlink, stun baton, 5 power packs
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  5. nonniemouse

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    Kain Gothic always wanted to see the galaxy. He grew up on vintage clone trooper vids and had posters of all the latest stormtrooper propos. But when he came of age, he flunked his basic qualifications. Something about his aim not being good enough. Bunch of nerf herders. He took to a life of thuggery and crime, eventually finding work as a bounty hunter in the Mid Rim regions of the galaxy. He worked alternately for imperial authorities and various criminal elements. Pay was good. And he had a passion for killing.

    That was until a particularly complicated job went south in spectacular fashion. It started off simple enough. Grab a governess’ daughter, on behalf of said governess. Practically a blue milk run. Then things got complicated. One of Lady-Governor Abadeena’s political rivals saw an opportunity for leverage, hired a gang of bounty hunters, the Vixen Five, to abduct the girl. A firefight broke out. The good news: the Vixen Five became the Vixen Four. The bad news: the governess found out she was out a daughter. Gothic might have been guilty of the act. It was hard to tell in the confusion. That’s how the Vixens spun it anyways. Before he knew it, he was on the run from an angry mother, and the Vixen Quartet. From then on, Gothic swore to himself that he’d only take “dead or alive” contracts; he did always have a knack for death. It didn’t take long before he had to break that oath though. What could he expect? -- Jobs were scarce. Eventually, the search for work drove him to join up with the Mantis Syndicate.

    Kain Gothic
    Medium Human Soldier 1Init: +6Languages: BasicDefenses:
    Reflex: 10+5+1+1=17 (Flatfooted: 16)
    Fort: 10+2+2+2=16
    Will: 10+0-1+0=9Hit Points: 32 (Threshold: 14)Speed:  6 squares
    Base Attack: +1
    Melee: +5
    Ranged: +2
    Unarmed +5, 1d4+4 bludgeoning, +3 slashing
    Grappling +7 (Pin)
    Vibrolance +5, 2d8+4 slashing/piercing
    Czerka Adventurer +2, 2d10 piercing, accurate at short
    Str 18 / +4
    Dex 13 / +1
    Con 14 / +2
    Int 12 / +1
    Wis 10 / 0
    Cha 8 / -1
    Expert Grappler: +2 competence bonus to grappling
    Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
    Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple, weapons)
    Pin: Grappled target is pinned until start of your next turn: cannot move or take actions, loses Dex bonus to Reflex Defense.
    Endurance (CON): +7
    Initiative (DEX): +6
    Jump (STR): +9
    Knowledge: Tactics (INT): +6
    Possessions: [6000 credits initial]
    Weapons: 5396cr
    Vibroknucklers (200cr+20), +3 slashing unarmed damage, tiny advanced, cannot be dropped or disarmed, uses energy cells (10cr)
    Armored Flight Suit (4000cr+200), +5 ref, +2 fort, +3 max dex, 10 hr life support
    Vibrolance (500cr+25), 2d10 damage, slashing or piercing, advanced large, licensed
    + energy cell (10cr)
    Czerka Adventurer (360cr+36), 2d10 piercing, S, med rifle, accurate, restricted
    breaks down and reassembles using a move action
    + Hip Holster (25cr)
    Other Gear: 560cr
    Binder Cuffs (50cr)
    Energy Cell (spare) (10cr)
    Utility Belt (500cr)
    Credits: 44cr
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  6. nonniemouse

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    encounter_by_yangzheyy-d9f14tz.jpg There were people who called the Vixen Five the Mean Girls of Mid-Rim. No one calls them that anymore, because those who did are now dead. The Vixen Five were founded by three of its members, bratty daughters of rich Imperial aristocrats enjoying supernova hot ascendance as pop musicians of the Mid-Rim. But their careers faltered just as quickly -- none in their presence would say why -- and they were drawn to the thrill and adventure of the criminal world. They quickly became some of the most well financed bounty hunters, fielding the best military grade equipment that credits could buy. With that sort of gear on their side, they quickly honed their skills, developing a sadistic streak in the process, with a reputation for leaving their quarry maimed... or worse. Usually favoring contracts for Imperial authorities, it is unknown why they have made their way to the Galactic Fringe. What is known is that their numbers seemed to have dwindled to four, though that has hardly seemed to diminish their ferocity.

    witch-hunter.jpg Lady-Governor Abadeena is an Imperial planetary governor from the Mid-Rim, currently in command of a detachment of stormtroopers, the Abadeenian Brigade, operating extended training exercises in the Galactic Fringe. A fierce and bodacious fencer herself, there are unconfirmed rumors that the Governess is also a Force-Sensitive, rumors perhaps perpetuated by victims of her uncanny guile and singular determination. Her Abadeenian Brigadiers are disciplined and professional stormtroopers, seasoned to a woman. Though they do not see much action in the Mid-Rim, the Governess keeps them well trained in standard Imperial tactics and doctrine. Each brigadier is equipped with a standard firearm and a cut-down skirt-fitted version of the stormtrooper armor, affixed with a pink strip as battalion marking.
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    Lannah was always a prodigy in the machine world, blending a diverse set of highly demanded talents. Daughter of a minor executive on Kuat, she got to spend quite a lot of time familiarizing herself with TIE Fighters and the parts that make them up. Unfortunately, she made a little too much of a name for herself with one of her antics and suddenly needed to be on the move to retain her freedom, lest she end up in a prison or drafted into the imperial military...

    Name:        Lannah Sularen
    Species:    Human
    Class:        Scoundrel
    STR    8
    DEX    16
    CON    10
    INT    14
    WIS    12
    CHA    14
    HP:        18
    Reflex:        16
    Fort:        11
    Will:        13
    Base Attack:    +0
    Melee Attack:    -1
    Ranged Attack:    +3
    Damage Bonus:    0
    Blaster Pistol    +3    3d6
    Speed:        30
    Force Points:    5
    Acrobatics        +8
    Initiative        +8
    Mechanics        +12
    Perception        +6
    Pilot            +8
    Stealth            +8
    Use Computer        +12
    Point Blank Shot
    Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
    Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)
    Skill Focus (Mechanics)
    Skill Focus (Use Computer)
    Equipment        1580
    Blaster Pistol (+Res. License)
    Tool Kit
    Security Kit
    Power pack x4
    Power recharger
    Syntherope (45m)
    Short-range comlink
    2x Detonite (+Res. License)
    2x Timer (+License)
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  8. Airtew

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    Just a reminder to anyone still curios, recruiting is still occurring at this time!
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  9. Idoro

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    We're down a member now, so anyone who is interested in joining should definitely speak up. Come have fun with us as we blast away female mooks and loot the galaxy's greatest shinies- all while pissing off the Empire and possibly the Rebel Alliance. 8D
  10. Airtew

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    Space may be the final frontier, but here in A New Era we are still taking applications. Travel to exotic locations, meet beautiful women, and beat them up in said exotic locations. All from the comfort of wherever you may be located. Earn credits, unlock levels, and dance the night away in this massively awesome online RPG!
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