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Feb 4, 2012
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Roleplay between me and Soba. I am really really thankful, it was a great roleplay and his villain Kruel Kraken is awesome.

Star Virgin vs Kruel Kraken

Kruel Kraken : "What? What is it?" My underling gave me a newspaper and i read it. Star Virgin, huh? A superheroine?

Kruel Kraken : "She just look like a slut! Hahaha! Look at her, only wearing bra and panties. Does she have no shame at all? How could that bikini protect her?" I keep laughing at your photos in newspaper and commenting about your white bikini.

Underling : "But, ma'am. She's the protector of the city. She must be strong."

Kruel Kraken : "Bah! You underestimate my power, huh? I, Kruel Kraken, i will come to the city and challenge her!"

I swim from under the sea. With a big splash, i showed up above the sea and start flying to the city. I can feel the sun hitting my blue-colored body. It feel so good. I forgot the last time i showed myself to the surface.

Kruel Kraken : "A park, huh? Nice starting target." I fly to the nearest park and start rampaging there.

Kruel Kraken : "Where's Star Virgin? Bring her here! I want to challenge that bitch!"

I can see many people start running from me. I try not to kill those people since my real target is you Star Virgin. They scared because of my appearance and my gigantic size. I'm a half human and half octopus. My upper body is just like a normal human, however, my lower body is full of tentacles.

While i'm destroying the city, i see a helicopter comes to me. I see that they bring a cameraman and a reporter. They broadcast my rampage live to the entire city. I fly to the helicopter and get my face closer to the camera.

Reporter : "Oh my God! That thing is getting close. P-p-please spare us..."

Kruel Kraken : "Shut up! Star Virgin! I know that can you hear me now! Come fight me, slut! I challenge you! I'll torture you and humiliate in front of these people!"

It´s a calm day, Gizelle Willians is having her training session, a superheroine must keep a good shape, right???

Gizelle make a little pause and turn on the TV.


Reporter : "Oh my God! That thing is getting close. P-p-please spare us..."

This was our last contact with our team in the park. This is an emergency situation, a creature appeared and began an attack against the person in the park, the police tried to stop the beast, but, the efforts were worthless. Wait??? We are receiving more images..."

The live images showed the monster destroying the park and calling Star Virgin.

Gizelle accepted the challenge, transfformed into Star Virgin and fly towards the park.

Reporter : "Somehow we manage to survive... Thank God. Oh! Look at the sky, it's Star Virgin! She's really coming here! Save us Star Virgin!"

There you are. Star Virgin, the heroine of this city.

Kruel Kraken : "So you're Star Virgin, huh? Come down here, let me give you some good beatdown, right here right now!"

I see that you flying over the city and try to throw some car at you.

"Oh God!!!"

Star Virgin use her hands and stop, then, the heroine slowly land and let car car in a safe place.

She's strong. But with only wearing bikini while fighting, she's no more than an exhibitionist slut.
Kruel Kraken : "You're not bad. But let's see if you can handle this!"
I try to hit on Star Virgin's back as hard as i can and make her flying to the building nearby.

"huuuaaahhh!!!" Star Virgin is sent flying, but, she can recover from the attack and return trying a punch on her enemy´s face.

Star Virgin's punch hit my cheeks.
Kruel Kraken : "Gah!"
She hit me with a lot of punch. I only can defense with my tentacle, but it's useless. Her punch is fast.
Kruel Kraken : "Uagh! Grrr... Enough of this, Star Slut! Don't you dare to scratch my pretty face!"
I give a blow to Star Virgin's belly with a huge tentacle to make a distance.


Star Virgin curves over her own body, the force of the tentacle is amazing!!!

Star Virgin recover from the attack and try a kick on her enemy´s belly.

Kruel Kraken : "Argh!"
The kick hit my belly. It knocked back my big body.
Kruel Kraken : "You have a good strength, i admit that. But..."
I start grinning and showed your Star and Stripe bra in my tentacle.
Kruel Kraken : "I snatched your bra while you kicking me."
I look at your big breast and your pink nipple.
Kruel Kraken : "You have a nice breast. Let's see what's stronger, your slutty tits or my strong tentacles."
I send six tentacle to hit your breast. 3 for your left breast and 3 for your right breast. It hit you alternately and one of them hit both of your nipple multiple time.


I slowly fall on my knees, I try to stand, but, now I fall on 4.

Reporter : "Oh no! Star Virgin got a terrible punch on her breast! It's one of her weaknesses! Hope she can endure all the pain. Please get up Star Virgin!"
Kruel Kraken : "Your breast is your weakness? Hahahahaha! I love it! My power comes from female milk. Maybe i can play with you for awhile before i milking you."
I clenched my tentacles together and hit your back. As i hit you, your body meet the ground and start cracking it. I hit your back multiple time with full power.
Reporter : "I... I can't see it anymore... Star Virgin is getting destroyed by that monster. Please get up Star Virgin."

"aaaahhh!!! ooohhh!!! uuuuoooaaahhh!!!"

I squirm in pain while I try to get up, but, is almost impossible, I am too weak and sore. Eerytime that the tentacles hit me, it´s like I am hit 10000 times, in my weakened state, I can´t recover my wounds so fast.

Kruel Kraken : "Yeah! Scream! Just scream like you want to die!"
I keep hitting your back until you can't get up anymore. After i satisfied by hitting you, i send my tentacle, wrapped it around and lifting your body. Your body is full of bruises and scratches.
Reporter : "The monster lifting Star Virgin. What's she gonna do to poor Star Virgin?"
Kruel Kraken : "Look at you, trying to be a superheroine but you look so pathetic, you're nothing more than a slut! Take this!"
I slam your body to the ground.
1 slam.
2 slams.
3 slams.
I can hear you're begging to me to stop. But i ignore that. I start to strip your panties and making you naked. Then i tied both of your hand and feet with my tentacles and start whipping at your breast and pussy.
Reporter : "Oh God... The monster really tortured Star Virgin, she even can't fight back. This is the end. I'm sure Star Virgin is losing right now."
Your breasts and pussy start meeting with cruel tentacles multiple times.

"AAAAAHHH!!! OOOOUUUHHH!!! UUUUAAAAHHHAAA!!! I caaa...n´t take...thiii...s anymo...any...anymore, how could I lose???"

I grab your bra and panties and bundle it together.
Kruel Kraken : "Shut up! You lose because you wore this slutty costume!"
I shoved your bra and panties to your mouth. With that, i keep whipping and punching your breast and pussy until it get swollen. 15 minutes has passed since i torture your weaknesses. The people around start worrying about your condition.
Kruel Kraken : "Look at those people, they cheering for you but you dissapointed them. You weak slut, take this!"
I pulled out one of the iron post light in the park and hit it to your unprotected belly.
After that, i throw your body up to the sky andhold the post like a baseball bat. I wait your body to come down and...
Kruel Kraken : "HOME RUN!"
I swing the hard iron and it hit your belly brutally. Your body is flying to ten buildings nearby and destroying the walls one by one.
Reporter : "I... I... I can't... Star... Virgin's body is... Oh God..."

I fly weak and soft like a ragdoll.

What is this monster??? How can I be beaten so easily??? How can I recover from this punishment.

My body fall once again on the ground, I am squirming and moaning in pain.

Kruel Kraken : "I'm not done yet!"
I fly to you and send my tentacles to wrap it tightly around your breast. I lift your body by your breast and showed it to the cameraman.
Kruel Kraken : "You see this? This is your heroine, she's squirming and begging to me like a real slut! Now you look at her defeated face!"
I make your face getting closer to the camera so the people can see your agonized face.
Reporter : "As... As you can see here... Star Virgin is hanged by her breasts... She's in great pain."
Kruel Kraken : "Yeah, slut. Keep screaming!"
I raise your body higher and slam you to the ground over and over.
Kruel Kraken : "Now for the main show, i'll start milking you!"

"AAAAAAHHH!!!, ssstooop, please??? you can´t... you can´t... I can´t take this anymore"

Kruel Kraken : "So you still can talking huh? Let's see if you can talk after this."
Reporter : "The monster start bringing Star Virgin to the sea! What she gonna do to the poor heroine?"
I throw your body to the sea.
Kruel Kraken : "Now stay still and let me do the rest."
I fly to the sky, then i gather my tentacles and start making a drill from it. Now, there's a big drill on my lower body, formed by my tentacles.
Kruel Kraken : "Titanic Drill!"
I start spinning my body and aiming at your body. With the help of gravity, i spin and dropped my body to you with a great force, aiming at the gap between your breasts. The drill is spininng fast, it makes your breast's skin like being burned by a hot iron. Plus, i pushed your body to the sea and make you drowning.
Reporter : "Oh noooooo!!!! Star Virgin is being drilled by that big monster!!"
Kruel Kraken : "How do you like my drill, slut? You like it, huh? SAY IT THAT YOU LIKE IT!!!"
I spin more faster and stronger till your back hit the corals.


I can´t breath or even try to scape, I am so weak, the only thing that I can do is to accept the attacks, my body is being destroyed, how long will I resist this torture???

Reporter : "I can't see anything, they fighting under the sea. To you who joined us for now, i'll try to summarize the fight between Star Virgin and the tentacle monster. The monster destroyed Star Virgin. It beat the crap of Star Virgin until the heroin couldn't fight back anymore and the monster said it going to 'milking' her. For now, the monster drilled Star Virgin to the sea. Let's just pray to Star Virgin."
I dragged you on the sea floor while keep drilled your body. Your back start aching because of the corals. After that, without stopping my drill, i wrap my tentacles on your hand and feet.
Kruel Kraken : "Let show your body to those people."
I pull all of my tentacle that wrapped your hand and feet so the drill pushed even more to your breasts. I can see that you're screaming right now but i can't hear it because we're under the water right now. Your bruied and battered body is helpless under my drill. I turn my drill to upward position.
Kruel Kraken : "We're going out, slut. Let the people hear your slutty scream! SCREAAAAAAMMMM!!!"


Water splashing from the sea. It's me drilling your body up to the sky with a great force.
Reporter : "Wha... What is going on here... Star Virgin... Is still drilled by that monster..."
Many people closed their eyes and start crying while watching their proud heroine is tortured mercilessly by me. But, there's so much pervert too, they start taking videos and pictures and start cheering for me to beat you up even more.
Kruel Kraken : "You hear that, Star Slut? They cheering for me! Yes! ME! CALL ME KRUEL KRAKEN! WATCH ME DESTROYING THIS LITTLE SLUT! HAAAAAAAARRGGGH!!!!"
My drill goes faster and stronger in your breasts and i pushed you to the sky. We're going higher and higher until we can't see the ground below.
Reporter : "They're missing again. They're on the sky, please God save Star Virg-- Oh no..."
Kruel Kraken : "DIE, STAR SLUT!!"
Still drilled, i pushed your body to the ground with super speed and...
There's a big sound, really big sound. The sound comes from your body cracking the ground and making a big hole in it.
(The reporter dropped his microphone and start kneeling) Reporter : "No way..."
I released your hand and feet and stop my drill slowly. The people start screaming in fear as they see their so-called heroine is under my mercy. There's smoke comes out from your breast after the drill completely stop.
Kruel Kraken : "Now you're very weak. You're really in great pain right? How do you like my drill, huh?"

"uuuuuooohhh...oooohhh...aaaaaooouuuhhh!!!´t loooose...must fight."

My body is totally weakened and hurted, I don´t have forces to stand, but, my ight spirit still there. I am in shame, so shame that I close my eyes to not see my fans crying or even taking pictures and videos of me.

Reporter : "No way... Star Virgin's body is full of bruises... She can't fight anymore. Hey you, punk! Stop recording this!"
Guy : "Shut up, i'm a big fans of Kruel Kraken now, i'll upload it to Undertow after this."
The people start fighting about us. They divided into two sides right now, my side and your side.
Kruel Kraken : "Look like i have some fans right now. You guys want to see this slut's milk?"
Some people cheering me and some of them start begging and crying.
Kruel Kraken : "It can't be helped then. Firrst, you shouldn't move anywhere."
I picked up your bikini and tied it on your arm. Then, i start making an ink from my mouth.
Kruel Kraken : "Ink Rain!"
I spitted ink multiple times to your face and body. I spit around two gallons of ink.
Kruel Kraken : "You know what, there's a strong aprhodisiac on my ink. It can make your body become more sensitive, let's say, that was two gallons of ink, your body's sensitivity is more than thousand fold than normal human. You're a walking clitoris right now! Ahahahahahaha!"
Because of that ink, your body can feel pleasure thousand fold than human. Even a blow of wind can make you cum and the pain becomes a pleasure to you.
Kruel Kraken : "Seems like the ink start working. How about this? CUM AS HARD AS YOU CAN, STAR VIRGIN!"
I slapped both of your breast with my tentacle.

"ooouuuhhh!!! oooouuuhhh yeeeeaaahhh!!! moooore, pleeease??? Nooo... what am I saying??? This can´t be happening"

How could I say this??? Am I a slut??? This monster is destroying me and humiliating and I feel like her attack is a good thing??? This is not right.

Reporting : "This is embarassing. Star Virgin is having an orgasm live on TV..."
Kruel Kraken : "See? People liked when you cumming. Yeah, slut. More! Cum more for me!"
Once again, i struck my tentacle to your breast over and over and over until you're pissing yourself as you squirting your pussy juice all over the place.
Reporter : "Nooo... Please stop! She'll faint if you keep doing that!"

"noooo...ssssstoooop??? caaaa...n´t take this anymor..."

Kruel Kraken : "Shut up!"
I slapped your pussy very hard, splashing your pee and pussy juice around.
Reporter : "A-as you can see, Star Virgin is p-peeing and having orgasm simultaneously... The monster slapping her breast and pussy, she... she's in defe-- I can't... I can't watch this."
I keep slapping your sensitive area and making you cumming almost non stop.
Kruel Kraken : "The ink start having an effect! Look at your nipples! It's getting erect now, guess i start milking you now."
I send two thins tentacles and start poking your nipples. The tentcales is about the size of a finger. Seeing you in fear start making me can't wait to milking you.
Kruel Kraken : "Injection of Lust!"
I penetrate my tentacle to your nipples. It going deep easily. That's a pleasure to me but to you, it's a great pain and pleasure. I injected some ink to your breast and making it getting bigger twice as usual.
Kruel Kraken : "Hahahahaahaha! How does it feel, slut? Is it great having your breast getting bigger twice than usual? You'll start lactating after i fucked your nipples!"
With that, i move my tentacle in and out on your nipples, fucking it mercilessly.
Reporter : "NOOOOO!! Impossible... Star Virgin is fucked.... In her nipple! STOP IT! SHE'S ALREADY DEFEATED! PLEASEEEE!!"

"OOOOUUUHHH!!! UUUHHH!!! UUUOOOHHH!!! NOOOO... she caaaa...n´t have my milk..."

At this moment, a white liquid slide from my nipples and soon, my breast is covered from my milk

Reporter : "That's milk... No way... Star Virgin's is lactating now..."
I see your milk start overflowing and covered aroudn your breast, it's even start dripping on the ground.
Kruel Kraken : "White delicious milk. Can't wait to taste it. Let me fuck your nipple faster."
I increase the speed of my tentacles. It start fucking your nipple like piston and making your breast milk squirting everywhere and forcing it to splurting among my tentacles.
Kruel Kraken : "Look! She so horny right now! Is she really a heroine? She's no more than slut! Having an orgasm after orgasme while I. FUCKED. HER. NIPPLES!"
I can feel that your milk is bursting out from your nipples and then...
Your breast milk spurted out like a fountain. The people start looking at your miserable state. They start whispering each other and stating that you're really a slut. They've lost their faith to you. I wrapped your breast with my tentacles and squeez it, making the milk bursting even faster and i start drinking it, increasing my power.
Kruel Kraken : "Drinking time!!!"

My body don´t make any reaction, I am just a ragdoll in the Kraken´s tentacles, I don´t have forces to fight, my body is shaking in the air and spreading my precious milk around, the only thing that remain from the superheroine is my fight spirit that can´t allow me to surrender.

Almost 15 minute has passed since i drink your milk. Your breast become swollen and it's shape changed drastically because i wrap it so tight with my tentacle.
Reporter : "You're a pervert monster! "
Kruel Kraken : "Shut the fuck up, human! Just watch your slut getting broken slowly."
I keep drinking your milk.
Kruel Kraken : "I'll drink her milk till the last drop! I'll make you breast can't even produce milk anymore!"
I fastened my tentacle that wrapped your breast wuth anger. The milk start bursting out even more. I drink it, drink, drink, drink, and drink. I can feel a strong power flowing inside my body. After 10 minutes, your milk stop flowing.
Kruel Kraken : "Huh? It is the last drop? Oh, i see, your breast is get back to it's normal size. Guess i have to beat you again."

I stop to move and fanited, now, I am a lifeless doll, I am uncounscious and praying for that torment over soon, I can´t surrender, but, can´t fight too.

Reporter : "No way... Star Virgin had fainted. She's being milked by the monster non-stop..."
Kruel Kraken : "Oh no, this is not napping time, slut."
I put two starfishes on both of your nipples and one in your pussy. The starfishes sucking your erogeneous area.
Reporter : "The monster still want to torture Star Virgin again. Please stop! She's defeated! You win! You already win!"
Kruel Kraken : "Shut the fuck up, human! Just enjoy the show! Now for you little slut, WAKE UP!"
The starfishes start flowing electricity from it's body. Around thousand volt of electricity is made by the tentacles. They've got their power from your breast milk that i drank it before.


I woke up scared and in pain, once again, I try to react, but, it´s impossible.

Kruel Kraken : "How does it feel? I give you a new bikini, an electric starfish bikini! This bikini can make your cumming non stop! Hahahahaha!"
I see that you squirted so much milk and pussy juice from you erogeneous area. It's all because that starfish keep flowing an electric force to your breasts and pussy.
Kruel Kraken : "It's not a torture if you're enjoying it. Take this!"
I give a lot of punch on your stomach with my massive tentacle.


I knee before you, fall on 4 and after fall completely on the ground.

I raise your body with my tentacle.
Kruel Kraken : "I'll break your body!"
I smash your body to the ground over and over. It cracking the ground. After that, i smash you to the building.
Kruel Kraken : "And this is thr last!"
I put my tentacle on the ground and make it like a knee. I hit your back to my knee-like tentacle, put you into a backbreaker.


This is so terrible, it´s like if I am being made in 2 parts.

I can hear your bone is cracking because the impact.
Kruel Kraken : "I still have a gift for you!"
While you're still in backbreaker position, i make a hammer from my tentacle and slam it your unproctected and swollen belly.
Kruel Kraken : "You have a strong belly, huh? How about another one?"
The ground start shaking with that impact. I slam you with my hammer tentacle over and over, around ten times.

I dropped your body to the ground.
Kruel Kraken : "You see this, people? This is your heroine, she can't move anymore now. I broke her back!"
Reporter : "Noo... Stop this... Turn off the camera! Stop recording this!"
Kruel Kraken : "Don't stop, moron! I'm not done yet!"
I tied your hand with my tentacle and lift you closer to the camera.
Kruel Kraken : "Say something, slut. Say about our fight, did you enjoy it? Did you like being my punching bag?"

"pleeease... don´t watch this??? I tried my best, but, it was not enough... I promisse that I will keep fight... and... and... and never surrender."

I punched your face once.
Kruel Kraken : "So, let start the 2nd round."
I see some iron wire hanging above the park. Iift you and put your pussy in the wire that stretching around 200m. Right now, your pussy is touching the harsh wire.
Kruel Kraken : "Let's add some electricity here."
I put a starfish on wire and it begin flowing electricity. Your pussy is burning because of that. Not satisfied by that, i hold your legs and start dragging you mercilessly on the top of the wire, making your pussy brutally damaged and ruined because of that. Additionally, the electric flow making you to feel more pain and because my ink before, your pain is turned into a pleasure and you start cumming hard. Your pussy juice squirted everywhere.


The pain is so intense, but, I few some pleasure. I can´t explain this, how could this be possible???
I feel a massive wave of weakeness taking my body and I squirt more and more... how long will I endure this???

I keep dragging you by the pussy on the wire. The wire is now wet with your pussy juice. The wire attached to the iron pole at the end of it.
Kruel Kraken : "Say hello to the pole, slut!"
I slammed your pussy to the pole as hard as i can.
People start closing their and screaming in fear.
Reporter : "I... I can't... Star Virgin's pussy is being destroyed..."


I fall on the ground and roll in pain.

While you're in pain, i quickly pull your legs and put the pole between your womanhood. Your pussy is now meeting with the cruel iron pole.
Kruel Kraken : "Now kiss the pole with your lower mouth!"
As you begging for mercy, i pulled your legs as hard as i can. I can hear your scream and pulled it more and more. Just like before, your pussy juice is squirting all over the place like rain.
Kruel Kraken : "You horny slut! Cumming while you're in pain! How does it feel? Is it good? Say it!"

"NOOOO... You can´t do this... I am Star Virgin... the superheroine... I will never surrender to your will..."

I can´t allow me to make what she want, but, it´s hard to resist, it´s painful, but, so good.

Reporter : "Star Virgin is still squirting her pussy juice all over the place. Is she really a... a slut?"
Kruel Kraken : "Yes she is! Just look how much she can squirt!"
I pulled your until the pole start digging inside your pussy. Making you squirting start bursting out than before.
Kruel Kraken : "See? She's even more slut than you think!"
While you're still squirting in pain, i start wrap your breast with my tentacle and poking your nipple with.
Kruel Kraken : "Time to start milking round 2, slut!"


Kruel Kraken : "Hahahaha! Cum Star Slut! Cum as much as you like in front of the people!"
Your pussy juice keep splashing everywhere, even on my face. But i enjoyed it. Just like before, i start penetrate your nipple with my tentacle and fucking it without mercy.
Kruel Kraken : "Now, i'll make your slutty cow tits four times bigger than before!"
I injected the ink and start fucking your nipple. Not satisfied with that, i inserted one more tentacle to each of your nipples. Making two tentacles fucking your pink nipple at the same time. You start crying in fear and begging for mercy. I ignore that and keep fucking your breast, not so long after that, your pussy start spurting a golden colored water. You're peeing and squirting at the same time.
Reporter : "She's over... Star Virgin is KO'ed by the beast..."
Kruel Kraken : "Don't say that, sge's not losing yet. I'm not done yet with her. Right, Star Slut? You still can take beating again, right?"

"huuuuoooaaahhh!!! HAAA!!! MMMMMM!!!"

I feel like a piece of meat, a toy, a worthless bitch. The monster humiliate me in every single possible way and in ways that I could never imagine that someone would me able, I am too weak and just waiting for the beatdown that she mentioned.

I keep fucking your nipples until it get swollen and become bigger. Your breast size is increases by four times and start jiggling so wildly.
Kruel Kraken : "Look at these lewd tits, they're nothing more than milk jug! You just look alike a cow!"
The tentacles cruelly fucked your nipples. Milk start dripping from there and ready to bursting out anytime soon. Seeing you still cumming and peeing shamelessly, i added your humiliation by hitting your belly.
Kruel Kraken : "Don't you dare to fainting while i'm milking you slut!"




The last hit make your pee and pussy juice comes out just like a fountain.


The liquid takes over my weakened body, I am almost out, but, can´t faint... the pain is so intense. I feel so horny, sore and humiliated.

I can feel your milk is gathered up inside your breast because the tentacles that fucked your nipples are blocking the exit way.
Kruel Kraken : "Now! Give me your delicious milk, you horny slut!!!"
With that, i pull out my tentacles from your nipples and squeeze your breast so the milk can bursting out like a fountain. Additionally, i send an electric shock from tentacle that wrapping your breast, so your milk is won't stop flowing.
Reporter : "The monster is drinking Star Virgin's milk for the second time. I wonder how Star Virgin can produce that amount of milk... Our losing heroine is really destroyed..."
I drink your milk and increasing my power.

I finish drinking milk from your breast. Now you're breasts are back to the normal size.
Kruel Kraken : "Hahahahaha!! I have enough power to beat you more!"
I raised your body and showing it off to the crowd.
Kruel Kraken : "Look at this! She just being beaten and nipple fucked by me! Now i have more power to beat her more! Anyone want to see the last round of this fight?"
Some of the crowd cheered for more and some of them are start crying with sadness and dissapointment.
Kruel Kraken : "Alright! The last round, Star Slut! Hope your body is ready for this."
I pour the ink from my tentacles. It covers you from head to toe.
Kruel Kraken : "With this amount of ink, you're just a big walking clitoris hahahahaha! With a litlle touch, you will cumming over and over, even a wind can make you cum ahahahahaha! Now, let's see if it work. Take this, slut!"
I punched your belly with all might, making your body bend forward and gasping for the air. I can feel that your body is trembling.
Kruel Kraken : "I think you're going to cum. Now, scream and CUUUMMMM!!!"
Another blow hit your belly.

"UUUUUHHH!!! OOOUUUFFF!!! GGGGUUU!!! More mistress??? Pleaaase... beat more and more??? I love be your punching bag..."

What am I saying??? This can´t be happening, I am suffering as never before and am I asking for more???

Her blow bend me, I feel great pain and pleasure at the same time!!! I feel like I want be beaten more and more, I stand after a blow, I place my hands befind my head and take a blow on my breasts that let some milk down, I stand one more time and spread my legs just to take a blow on my little hairy pussy. Oh no!!! The rest of forces that I could use to fight, I am using to prepare my body for more suffering.

Reporter : "What is happening here??? Star Virgin just given up her body to the monster. She'd love being punched like that, moreover, she's begging like a slut. Is she really a masochist because of this fight??"
Kruel Kraken : "Yes!! Be my slave, slut! I'll give you more punch for your pleasure!"
I keep punching your breast and pussy, just like machine gun, my punch raining your swollen breast and pussy.
Kruel Kraken : "The time is coming, time for milking this masobitch."
For the last time, i fucked your breast. But for now, i use bigger tentacle with a pointed tip. It penetrate your nipple and stretch it like a pussy. I injected the ink and make your breast 8 times bigger than before. It's full of milk right now.
Kruel Kraken : "Now, are you ready for milk, cum, and pee party, Star Slut? SCREEEEAAAAMMM!!!"
With a big roar, i punch your balloon breast and pussy over and over and start spinning my tentacle, drilling inside your breast. The pain and pleasure makes you squirting milk, pee, and pussy juice at the same time.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOUUUHHH!!! Yes mistress, punish me more, please??? I am yours... torture me, please???"

Kruel Kraken : "What a slut! I screwed your breast but you're enjoying it! You're just a masobitch after all! Here, take this!"
I penetrate your nipple even more deeper while keep drilling it, destroying inside of it. But still, with that so much pain, your cum, milk and pee are not stopping. You just keep feel pleasure from that pain.
Reporter : "Enough! This is too much! She can't fight anymore!"
The crowd start taking photo and video of your defeated and humiliated state as i'm drinking your milk that splashing around.
Kruel Kraken : "Now... CUM AND OPEN YOUR MILK GATE!!"
I stopped drilling your breast and pulled out my tentacle from your nipples. Making your milk gush out like a fountain. I raise your body by hangin my tentacle on your breast and squeeze it so your milk is spraying all over the people.
Kruel Kraken : "Drink it with me! Drink a milk from this slutty masobitch Star Virgin!"
The people cheered and start drinking your milk rain.
Kruel Kraken : "Don't faint yet, the party just begun!"
I punched your belly.


You're in miserable state, hanging by the breast and keep milked like a cow while receiving punch after punch from me. The people even drinking your milk and enjoyed seeing you in that state.

"aaaaooouuhhh!!! aaaaahhh!!! uuuuhhh!!!"

It´s sad for me to watch the people that I dedicated my life to defend, drinking my milk. I feel great pleasure by be beaten, but, I know that this is not natural, it´s the effect of that liquid.

I wish that I could fight back, but, I don´t have forces and the pleasure makes me want to stay under Kruel Kraken´s mercy. Will this be my end???

One hour has passed. Your breast are come back to its normal size. You're hanging helplessly with my tentacle still squeezing your milk until the last drop.
Kruel Kraken : "Huh? She fainted? Don't tell me that you're still cumming while fainting bahahahaha! Now for the main show."
I sent my tentacles underground and its reappeared as a big dildo with 15 inch long and 3 inch in diameter.
Kruel Kraken : "People! Watch this, it's deflowering time for the slutty masobitch Star Virgin."
Reporter : "De-deflowring?? You're kidding right... That thing won't fit on Star Virgin's pussy!"
Kruel Kraken : "Heh, just watch me. You ready, slut? Here's your end, i will destroy that filthy pussy of your in the front of these people. HAAAA!!"
I lift your body up high and slamming it to the dildo.
The huge dildo penetrated into your pussy with force. It ripped off your hymen instantly and going through your womb. Your virgin's blood covered that big dildo, not only that, you're cumming and peeing as well because the pleasure. Your stomach is bulging and i can clearly see the shape of the dildo.
You're making a face that filled with pleasure, your tongue dangling out and your eyes are rolled back because the intense pain that becomes a pleasure. Peoples are shocked by that, seeing their heroine, Star Virgin, being defeated, humiliated and raped in a worst possible way.


My body is shaking in pain and pleasure shaking!!! I feel the worst pain that I ever felt. I am... I am... I am losing the rest of my powers??? How could this be possible???

Kruel Kraken : "Now for the last show. I give you more pleasure! Take this!"
The dildo start glowing and flowing electricity. It makes your milk, pee, and pussy juice spurting wildly at the same time. Your scream of pain and pleasure just like a choir in my ears.
Reporter : "Someone please stop that! It'll kill her! Oh my God, i can't stand it anymore, that thing is ruined Star Virgin womanhood, it even destroyed her womb! Stop it please! I beg you!"
Kruel Kraken : "Shut up, dickhead! Just watch and enjoy this!"
I start flying to the sea, leaving the dildo inside your pussy.
Kruel Kraken : "That was a easy fight, slut. I wish you're not retired from being a superheroine because i like your milk and beating you like that. That dildo will dissapear around four hours, so, cum as much as you like. Goodbye now, enjoy your humiliating defeat bahahahahahaha!"
I swim to the sea, leaving your shameful defeated body in the front of the people that start taking a photo and video of you.


Thank you very much for read