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Dec 15, 2009
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SOUL CALIBUR V Xbox360/PS3 [Namco/Namco Bandai]

Published: 2012
Genre: Fighting
Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Ryona Rating: 4/5

  • SC5 introduces a whole new cast of girls and other characters, but their fighting styles and animations are the same as in SC4. For example Natsu has Taki's style, Pyrrha has Sophitia's style, and Leixia has Xianghua's style.
  • SC5 has pretty much the same moves/animations as SC4, there are only few new characters and styles introduced. However some old characters and styles have been left out (Talim, Setsuka, Zasalamel, and Yeun-soung), and the new characters and their fighting styles/animations are not as impressive (Viola, Zwei).
  • From new characters Ezio and Dampierre are best ryona inflictors, since they have very good moves for that. Dampierre is DLC character (400 points for XB-360 players).
  • Dampierre has lot good ryona moves like punching the girl's face while she is downed in ground (and Dampierre is on top of her so she is stuck there taking it). His other moves include the following:
    1) Dampierre grabs the girl and bents her over, followed up with spanking (sometimes the number of spankings he does varies; normally he goes for 3 hits, but other times he does from 4 up to 12 hits).
    2) A boot to the rear of a heel then he catches a girl by the shoes as she falls over, then goes for a repeated crotch stomp, then ends with a painful boot to the snatch. The girls actually moan while taking it, hinting to something perverted.
  • SC5 has worse replay camera (practise mode camera). You can't record some throws/grabs properly, because camera always gets forced to the default angle, and recording frames is also shorter than 10 seconds of SC4
  • SC5 girls are almost all much younger than SC4 girls, and also less sexualized (depending on a person this can be a good or bad thing). Nevertheless, there is much less fanservice in SC5. Costumes are not as sexy and revealing, girls don't have as big boobs, and so on.
  • Critical Finish moves have been removed, and replaced with Crical Edges that work like SF4 Ultras. However in comparision to Finishers, Critical Edges are not as good for ryona material as they are mostly flashy moves that are not very interesting.
  • Clothing destruction is still available.
  • Character creator is still available. It is also possible to customize the girls with it.
  • Reason why SC5 gets 4/5 ryona rating is because the replay camera is worse than in SC4, figting styles and animations are same as in SC4, and also many classic SC characters are missing from the game.
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Feb 21, 2010
"SC5 girls are almost all much younger than SC5 girls, (...)"
I'm guess it was meant to say "much younger than SC4 girls", so I changed that.
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