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[SOLVED] MoreClothingV5; moreclothingV5_1settings.txt and CharacterFolders.txt

Discussion in 'Help' started by Wolfenstein2, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Wolfenstein2

    Wolfenstein2 Potential Patron

    Mar 14, 2015
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    Problems pertaining to (among other things) the MoreClothingV5 mod by Sby (http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?action=profile;u=13935)

    How do I add the following items to MoreClothingV5?

    - Nipple Piercings
    (The :CostumeNipplePiercing -code does not work. The loader tells me that it needs to be put through >CostumeNipplePiercing again. I have tested numerous other codes, but none of them works)
    - Waist Chains
    (uncertain as to which category I should add them, citing as belts do not have their own category)
    - Him, penises
    (A request if anything, I would really like to be able to add custom penises and other items to 'him', through MoreClothingV5)

    All mods that I add to the CharacterFolders.txt will appear in-game, and they will "allegedly" load when I press them. However, they do not launch, and will not work in any meaningful manner, if at all.

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Re: MoreClothingV5; moreclothingV5_1settings.txt and CharacterFolders.txt ISSUE

    You may need to elaborate on this point, because it's kinda vague. It wouldn't hurt to provide a step-by-step breakdown of what you're doing and which things are (or aren't) happening in response. A screenshot of your character folder (and the contents of your Mods.txt and moreClothingV5_1settings.txt files) may also be useful.

    Yes, it does. I just tested it with Faceless' nipple chain mod and it works fine. I can add the nipple chain to the Nipple Piercing selector menu, or reassign it to another selector (such as Body). Please link the mod that you're trying to use, and the relevant line(s) from your moreClothing configuration file, so that we can troubleshoot your problem.

    I assume that you're talking about Dante's mods (note: it's much easier to offer Help if you clearly describe your situation, using hyperlinks wherever possible). Dante's chains are bottoms, so they'd normally occupy the category used by "pants" and "skirt" items. They'll appear outside/above the girl's undergarments, but inside/below her shirt.


    You can reassign them. For example, assigning them to Body makes them modal (click a button to switch them on or off) rather than exclusively controlling any specific clothing category.

    Waist Chain 03.swf=Waist Chain (Hearts):CostumeBottoms>Body
    A body-assigned chain won't look nice when combined with pants and skirts, though; layering flaws will occur. So it might be best to just leave them as Bottoms.

    Post in sby's thread and ask him for a new category. This would probably involve changes to templateExtension_sby in addition to moreClothing. But this might take a while, because it would make sense to consider the issue and maybe add a few more categories (such as HisPenis, HerPenis, HisBalls, etc) while the code is in flux. There may even be new layers added to the hierarchy in order to facilitate modding -- as was done for the CostumeOverTop category.
  3. Wolfenstein2

    Wolfenstein2 Potential Patron

    Mar 14, 2015
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    Re: MoreClothingV5; moreclothingV5_1settings.txt and CharacterFolders.txt ISSUE

    Thanks for the response, Stunt.

    So, on the Nipple Piercings and Pasties:

    This is the code I type into moreclothingV5_1settings.txt
    ; ------ Nipple Piercings ------
    HeartPastie.swf=Heart Pastie:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleBandaid.swf=Nipple Bandaid:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleChain.swf=Nipple Chain:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleClothespin.swf=Nipple Clothespin:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleDeepPiercing.swf=Nipple Deep Piercing:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleRingPiercing.swf=Nipple Ring Piercing:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleTape.swf=Nipple Tape:CostumeNipplePiercing
    NippleTaped.swf=Nipple Taped:CostumeNipplePiercing
    ViperGTSPasties.swf=Viper GTS Pasties:CostumeNipplePiercing

    (Pasties could, then again, be Bramods.)

    In concerns to the Waist Chains, yes, I meant Dante's Waist Chains.

    On the Characterfolder:

    Let's say I use the X-Ray 2.0 mod (can't recall the author).
    I add it in the text file, then I start up the loader, I press the mod in the Character menu, it tells me that it loaded successfully*, however, it does not actually initialize.
    If I were to, instead, load it directly with the SWF mods button, it initializes just fine.

    aim penisV1:aim penisV1
    android behaviorV2:android behaviorV2
    auto close eyeV2:auto close eyeV2
    auto close mouthV3:auto close mouthV3
    auto hue regV2:auto hue regV2
    breast expansion plusV2_4a:breast expansion plusV2_4a
    breast firmnessV1:breast firmnessV1
    cheek bulge editV2:cheek bulge editV2
    deepthroat actionsV3:deepthroat actionsV3
    dialog display editV1:dialog display editV1
    eyebrow controlV1:eyebrow controlV1
    ff behaviorV3:ff behaviorV3
    monitor dialogV2:monitor dialogV2
    more cum spurtsV3:more cum spurtsV3
    more strandsV2:more strandsV2
    no clench teethV1:no clench teethV1
    regulate randomV1:regulate randomV1
    strand limitV3:strand limitV3
    super bellyV2:super bellyV2
    super breastV3:super breastV3
    throat cum bulgeV2:throat cum bulgeV2
    throat resist stretchV1:throat resist stretchV1

    Also, if anybody knows into which category I should add these (cause it is not Body or Body2), msg me. http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=5355.0

    Once again, thanks for the help mate, appreciate it. ;D
  4. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Re: MoreClothingV5; moreclothingV5_1settings.txt and CharacterFolders.txt ISSUE

    What's the problem? Are the nipple mods not being initialized correctly? Are they appearing under the wrong category? Please post the actual error message if one is appearing.

    If you simply want to use the mod as-is, then you can omit the colon and everything after it. The following will suffice:

    HeartPastie.swf=Heart Pastie
    Colon and angle-bracket operators are needed only if you intend to reassign pieces of the mod, or exclude some of the mod's components.

    RajasGrime's mods aren't actual "nipple piercings" (as determined by SDT templates). Rather, they're a set of Loader mods, each of which uses AS3 code to replace the nipple sprite with a modified version. Hence, moreClothing can't do anything with these SWFs, and they should not be included in your moreClothing configuration file.

    I just tried this, and it works fine. I don't get a "Loaded Successfully" message, but I do get a "Loading Finished" message. And then the xray visual effect appears on-screen as soon as penetration occurs.

    The xray mod is absent from your list. Assuming that that's not the problem, check the Mods.txt file within the xray folder and ensure that it lists the SWF file. Or post screenshots of your folders so that we can troubleshoot. Or just create a zip file containing your Mods directory and upload it somewhere.

    Regardless, the character-folder problem is probably not related to moreClothing.

    ... Unless you're actually trying to load moreClothing itself via a character folder. That's theoretically possible, but it would be more practical to just load it during the game's startup (via the $INIT folder) -- as is demonstrated in sby's Loader pack.

    Those aren't template-based mods; they're "raw" assets and AS3. moreClothing can't do anything with them.

    As a general rule, moreClothing is applicable to "vanilla mods" rather than "Loader mods." There are exceptions (such as Huitznahua's bikinis, which use Loader features yet remain moreClothing-compatible). Nonetheless: if you find something on the Loader Imports board (especially if it has a .MOD file extension) then you shouldn't expect it to work with moreClothing. If in doubt, ask the author (or decompile the SWF).
  5. Wolfenstein2

    Wolfenstein2 Potential Patron

    Mar 14, 2015
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    Re: MoreClothingV5; moreclothingV5_1settings.txt and CharacterFolders.txt ISSUE

    Well then, I shall stop using the : . . . code.

    Thanks for enlightening me mate, didn't know that
  6. sby

    sby Content Creator

    Sep 11, 2012
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    so i see this thread is labeled as solved.

    that was pretty quick

    in the settings file, i tend to use the colon specification for consistency, and just in case the creator of the clothing mod threw some extra stuff on another modtype that i might not want to include.
    but if the mod is already a specific mod type, or you want the entirety of the mod, not using the colon specification is an easy way to add them.