SLAY Productions


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Mar 15, 2012
Has anyone here have any experience in ordering vids from SLAY Productions? They have a YouTube and Facebook page, but no website or shop to order their vids from. Any Help would be appreciated.


Ryonani Teamster
Dec 11, 2009
i asked about their video list and he just told me to check youtube, which hadn't been updated in like a year. that and them not having a shoot in like 6 months was enough to turn me off


Ryonani Teamster
Dec 13, 2009
I ordered from them once. I inquired about a specific wrestler and specific video-type, they returned e-mailed with a two paragraph description of the videos (plural) with no screenshots. I ended up not getting anything good. I was told some of their material is really good but just isn't worth it.


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Sep 25, 2015
Yeah they're super weird but I got some Priscilla Kelly videos from them. Really great and they're pretty cheap (will sell bundled videos if you ask). Very, VERY odd how they operate though. (I posted some of the PK video on here I think if you want to find it)
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