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Slaughter (a Spider-Girl ryona)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Carolingian, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Carolingian

    Carolingian Guest

    The story is set in a universe where Spider-Man and MJ reconcile, remarry and break Mephisto's curse. They have a daughter who is 22 and is called May Parker who becomes Spider-Girl. Sorry if the story is too long, it's just that I carried off, being a Spider-Man fan and all :P.

    Mephisto saw how Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson finally reconciled, marrying again and raising a daughter which they named May in honour of Peter's aunt who passed away before May was born. Mephisto, enraged that Spider-Man was happy again, started to plan his revenge. Seeing from the depths of Hell, his own dimension and universe, he noticed Toxin, the Son of Carnage, now in a new host, fighting crime and doing good. After he saw this, it finally occurred to him. The souls of the symbiotes of Venom and Carnage were now lingering somewhere in his realm, having met their final demise at the hands of Earth's heroes. Venom, in the body of Flash Thompson, and Carnage, in the host of another mass killer with a similar sociopathic behaviour to that of Cletus Kasady, finally resolved their differences and got together in a plan to exterminate their arch-enemy Spider-Man. They first killed Anti-Venom, and then captured Mary Jane and May Parker to attract Spider-Man and kill him once and for all. However, when Peter knew who were the captors, he inmediatley called his fellow Avengers for help, knowing that he can't defeat them by himself. But only Captain America and War Machine were available at that moment, the rest of the Avengers being spread throughout the Earth or in other planets. Tensions had rised between the Skrulls and a new found technological alien race, and were in the brink of war which could have potentially destroyed the entire galaxy and Earth alongside it, so many heroes had to attend diplomatic meetings in order to avoid this. Spider-Man felt confident to win with War Machine by his side. Little did he knew that the symbiotes would pose a much bigger threat than he thought. They met in an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of the city, close to the port. When they arrived though, only Venom was there, alongside MJ and Peter's aunt, Carnage being suspiciously missing. At that moment, Carnage, who had the ability to hide from the spider sense and camouflage himself, attacked from behind and stabbed Captain America with one of his tendrils. Peter couldn't do anything as his teacher and friend died before his very own eyes. Not only did he lost Eddy Brock before, a very closed friend of his, but now Steve, his teacher and heroic figure, was also gone. Spider-Man, mad from what happened, went berserk against Carnage and launched himself at him. At that same time Venom hindered War Machine's visibility with his webs and with his claws he teared off his armour. War Machine managed to escape Venom's assault though, but inmediatley Venom threw another web at him and brought him to the ground, punching his helmet and tearing it off. However, Spider-Man's assault on Carnage due to his anger had laid results as his strength and speed was increased which allowed him to take the symbiote by surprise. He had used his web to bind Carnage and threw him towards Venom right before he was about to rip Rhodes' face to shreds. Spider-Man, who was still drunken with madness, lunged himself at both symbiotes and continued his assault on them, completley forgetting his original mission which was to save MJ and Aunt May. He punched Venom several times, then tripped him off, got on top of him, and continued to punch him, his enhanced strength allowing to harm the symbiote this time, something he normally can't do. Rhodes became afraid of Spider-Man's savage behaviour and inmediatley restrained him. However, Spider-Man headbutted his face, killing him instantly, and continued attacking Venom. However, Carnage had now released himself from his bonds and with a tendril smacked Peter off from Venom, throwing against some crates. Spider-Man recovered inmediatley but so had Venom and with his webs he attracted Peter and punched him in the abdomen. He then kicked him in the head and launched him towards the wall, breaking it. Peter couldn't break Venom's webs and before he realized it, Carnage had thrown a tendril at him and got him inside the warehouse. He started to smack him against the floor several times and then threw him at Venom who bearhugged him. But before Venom almost killed him, something exploded behind his back, releasing Spider-Man from his grip and the flames severely harming him, being his weakness. In all the commotion, Mary Jane and May, while they were tied, were still able to move, and used War Machine's rocket launcher (which, to their luck, could be fired from the outside similar to a bazooka). Carnage got angry and formed an axe with his right hand and tried to kill MJ, but Spider-Man, who was still tied to Venom's webs, headbutted him before he could do anything else. He then skillfully jumped and using Carnage's formed axe he cut the webs binding him. Now released, he started to launch swift attacks at Carnage, ignoring the fact that he had half his mask on fire from the explosion of War Machine's missile which was now slowly burning his skin, only marginally protected from his fire resistant suit, and didn't leave Carnage any time to respond to his lightning fast assault. His attacks were so strong that Carnage had to regenerate as Spider-Man's punches were tearing off skin from the suit. However, Carnage finally managed to react and slashed Peter's abdomen, drawing a signifant amount of blood, drawing Peter to his knees. He then hit Peter in the back of the neck, knocking him momentarily. He then stabbed Peter in the chest and his right shoulder, albeit he did it in a manner as to not kill him. Finally, he threw Peter outside the warehouse into the river, putting out the fire off his mask, half of it now burned revealing half of Peter's face.

    Venom was still writhing from the pain. War Machine's missile had generated an enormous amount of fire as it was a concentrated blast so as to minimize any possible harm towards civilians while at the sime time bringing the most damage out of the enemy. Carnage ignored him, however, knowing that Venom had experienced worse and instead turned his attention on Mary Jane. He cut the web binding her and May, throwing May aside several feet away, and ripping MJ's clothes, leaving her naked. He started to rape her. He then with his tentacles started raping her asshole, punching her at the same time. He stopped his assault on her, now Mary Jane being in tears. He with his tentacles suspended her upside down and started lashing at her with his tendrils. Lashing at her breasts, her stomach, her face, her clitoris, everywhere. She moaned in pain every time he did that, Carnage laughing sadistically at her suffering...

    Spider-Man laid unconscious inside the river, until he finally woke up and remembering that the women he loved the most were in great peril, inmediatley brought himself outside the river. He was in great pain though, and couldn't remember what happened before being thrown in the river. However, he thought that didn't matter at the moment and got inside the warehouse again, only to see the horror that laid in front of his eyes. Mary Jane was on all fours with Carnage raping her anus with his hideous organ while his tendrils fucked the rest of her holes. Fury embraced Peter and he inmediatley launched himself at Carnage. He inmediatley grabbed him with his tentacles, but Spider-Man just teared them off with his incredibly strength, something that surprised Carnage as he is normally much more stronger than his foe. Throwing Mary Jane aside like a doll both engaged in combat, but it was obvious Spider-Man had the upper hand. As he continually punched and kicked the symbiote, Spider-Man didn't think of anything other than killing it. Finally, he grabbed his face and teared it off from Carnage's host, and then in the few seconds that he could see the actual body, he killed him in a fit of rage, knowing that the symbiote can't live without him. With one punch he took his life, leaving a bloody mess, and the symbiote started to behave radically. It inmediatley separated from the dead body and Spider-Man took the opportunity to encage it in his webbing. Inmediatley the symbiote started cutting through it but Spider-Man quickly plunged it into the fire generated by War Machine's missile, finally killing it once and for all. However, Venom by this moment had recovered, even if just a little, and Spider-Man was now severely weakened. Both were equally tired and equally hurt, Venom from the explosion and fire, and Spider-Man from the continous punishing he endured and his physical over-exertion from his anger and madness. As they stood in front of each other, their final fight started, throwing everything they got into their attacks. However, Venom finally got the best of Spider-Man, but before he could kill him, Spider-Man, using the last ounce of his strength moved away from Venom, who could no longer move due to fatigue, tirednes and over-exertion, as May activated another of War Machine's missiles. Being unable to dodge, the missile dealt the last strike to Spider-Man's long time foe and arch-enemy, finally killing him once and for all, Flash Thompson unfortunatley also dying alongside the symbiote.

    Spider-Man was breathing heavily, and he thought his time had also finally come. He couldn't move anymore, and his vision was drifiting away. He had killed a man. A man that, while not innocent, still didn't deserve to die. He saw the Carnage symbiote's host's dead body lying there. Peter never thought he would do such a horrible thing. And then he saw James Rhodes dead body too. He hadn't realize until that moment that he also killed him when he was in a fit of rage. Guilt overcame him, as he also saw what remained of Flash Thompson's scorched body and Captain America's impaled body. Four people had died that night, three by his hands, and all because he couldn't control his anger. He thought to himself that he didn't deserve to live any more after what happened that night and hoped to die right there. However, that didn't happen.

    Peter woke up in a room that appeared to be that of a hospital. He realized he was in one of the Avengers' special medical facilities, built specifically to care about superheroes who couldn't be treated by normal medicine. His body still hurt alot, particularly his hands and feet, probably due to all the punches and kicks he gave that night. A nurse entered into the room and was surprised that he was awake. Peter asked her where was May and Mary Jane, and she explained to him everything that happened. It had been three days since the incident at the warehouse. Mary Jane was in intensive care, and the nurse explained how it was possible that she was going to be psychologically traumatized the rest of her life. She told him that it was her mental, and not her physical state, that worried medics the most. She then mentioned that Peter was also in intensive care and that it was sheer luck that he managed to survive. She then told him that she had to go, but Peter asked her about his aunt. The nurse said that she had to go and couldn't explain to him right now, but he noticed that she was nervous and questioned her about her supposed emergency that she had to attend as she had just entered his room. The nurse finally said that May was dead, and that that's what kept Spider-Man alive. Peter would have died as the doctors and medics had no way to save him. His wounds were just too fatal, and even Dr. Strange, who had just arrived Earth that same day from a mission he had on another dimension, couldn't do anything, saying that it was Peter's fate and time to die. Peter was getting upset and told the nurse what did that have to do with May's dead. She finally said that it was because she told Dr. Strange that she would give her life in exchange for his, and that that is the reason why Peter was still alive. His guilt became even greater now, as he had now caused five people to die for him. Steve, Rhodes, Carnage's host, Flash and now his aunt. He considered himself a total failure and contemplated suicide, until he remembered Mary Jane and how she still was alived and how it would be selfish if he left her alone in this world, specially after what she endured at the hands of Carnage...