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Sky (Shantae)

Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by venom6, Aug 25, 2015.

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  1. venom6

    venom6 Potential Patron

    Aug 25, 2015
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  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    You're allowed to reply to a series-type Request thread in order to ask for more characters in the same series. The catch is that you must provide good reference images.

    The Sky images that you're posted are good, but they could be better:
    • they're oblique rather than side-view
      • the character design is pretty simple, so it isn't a huge barrier. We can probably improvise with the material at-hand.
    • the images are inconsistent
      • some of them show sidelocks; others do not
      • some show the hood covering the right ear; others show the right ear proruding from the hood
    • the images are fairly small (low resolution)
      • in this particular case, it's not a problem. The character design is very "cartoony." It uses simple bold lines (rather than complex curves and shading gradients) and so we don't need high-res sources.
      • please remember that high resolution images are still important (e.g. for future requests). Especially if you're asking for an anime character or a girl from a AAA video game.
    • the images are not hosted properly
      • direct fileserver URLs are unstable; the remote fileserver may be reorganized at any time and your links will stop working
      • it's preferable to upload your reference images to a dedicated image hosting website, such as postimage
      • please don't attach your reference images to your posts. Attachment should be used only for the actual PNG hair files (or SWF imports). You know: the "finished product" stuff.
    • there are two different versions of the costume depicted
      • pants + laced top VS sarong + loose top
      • the falconry glove switches hands, and the thong underwear is absent in some images
      • if you want the costume then you'll need to specify which version
      • if you don't care about the costume, then just say so - modders can focus on the hood and hair (and probably the earrings also, because they're very easy to create)

    Here's my proposal:
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]everyone: treat this thread as a duplicate. Don't reply to it; just let it die.
    [*]venom6: spend some time looking for reference images of Shantae characters
    • you'll find a few by searching the SDTMods forum (example example)
    • you can also use fanart, promotional art, in-game screenshots, etc...
    • you can even use rule34 images, so long as the hair is clearly visible and the image fulfills the other requirements (side view, highres, even lighting, etc)
    • please don't limit yourself to Sky; spend some time on each of the characters mentioned in the "Shantae and Friends" thread (as well as any others that you'd like to see included)
    • in addition to the actual reference images, please try to find animation samples as well
      • you can convert them to GIF format if you're comfortable doing so; otherwise a Youtube link will be fine
      • the intent here is to give the modder an idea of how the hairstyle responds to movement, so that this behaviour can be replicated in SDT
    • please put in some effort. I'm not asking you to do anything that's especially difficult; you just need to show some cooperation and commitment. If you half-ass this stuff then I may rescind my offer to create the hairstyle mods.

    [*]venom6: necro the Shantae and Friends thread, adding 3-5 of the best reference images that you can find for each character
    • review the Reference Shot Guide if you haven't already done so
    • remember the criteria mentioned above - try to post highres images showing side views (or nearly-side oblique views)
    • remember to host your images properly
    • if the reference images are ambiguous or contradictory (e.g. "do Sky's ears fit inside her hood or do they protrude?" "does Sky have sidelocks?" "is Shantae's hair knee-length or floor-length?") then you should add some text to explain the inconsistency - or just state your preference

    [*]stuntcock: create a SWF import for the Sky hairstyle
    • bouncy bangs
    • inertial animation on the hood
    • sidelocks if applicable
    • earrings (egg)

    [*]stuntcock: create a SWF import for the Shantae hairstyle
    • permanent S-curve on the ponytail (with inertial deformation)
    • bouncy bangs
    • golden tiara (probaly baked-in rather than optional, because it conceals the hairline)
    • golden hairclasp for the ponytail
    • earrings (hoop)
    • ears could be static or bouncy ... defer this feature until we can get in-game animation samples (and/or feedback from people who have played the game)

    [*]followup work
    • apart from Sky and Shantae, the character designs don't appeal to me
    • I'll probably skip the other hairstyles (as well as all of the costumes), and just leave the request unfinished. Other modders can pick it up later on, if they're interested.
    • if you're willing to do some extra work (more references, plus vector tracing) then I may be willing to do a few more hairstyles or costumes. We can discuss the details in the Shantae and Friends thread (after it's been necro-ed and refreshed with new images)
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