Skin problem [SOLVED]


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Jul 24, 2014

I am having a problem with skin that disapears on the legs when I try to draw something on the Body template (the original konashion/vanilla one).
Strangely, I made an outfit long ago (Philia's Outfit) and drawn on the arms of the Body template (cos the Top template doesn't allow to draw on the forearms and hands), and the skin appears with no problem.

I really do no see the difference between the two FLAs, and I may remember having mentionned this problem already long time ago on this forum (but cannot find back the thread).

My question is, it is possible to draw on the thighs and calves of the Body template and see some skin, or is it possible only on the arms and hands?
(while writing this, I kinda remember a similar issue with the chest maybe?)

I notify ModGuy ModGuy , Huitznahua Huitznahua , sby sby and Faceless Faceless (because I bet they certainly know the answer), but anyone that understands this issue is welcomed to answer.

Thank you for your help.


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Jul 24, 2014
probably an overwrite=true flag in the actionscript causing her body to disappear
Oh snap! Thank you so much...
I should really think more about this ActionScript thingy! In fact, I am only copying and adapting code made by others at the moment...

This works great, I could finally make a version of my Diamond Stockings RGB adjustable AND not collinding with Bottoms and Footwear.
sby sby : Now they are nearly as versatile as your versions and can be use with Vanilla, unless one wants to change the skin tint or use RGB adjustable Nipple or Belly mods (these sliders are taken for the colours of the fill and diamonds).

Thank you again.

New version: RGB Diamond Stockings 4.0
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