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Silencedsentry's Zakos

Discussion in 'Zako' started by silencedsentry, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Greetings everyone,

    Things have been hectic in life, but I will try to be a little more active from now on. I will post future zako stories here. I hope that you enjoy them. ^^

    VILE Agent #4434 - A Recruit's First Day

    Chloe Trenton was a new recruit within the VILE Organization. Their purpose was to commit outrageous thefts around the world. Her first assignment was guard duty in their remote underground facility on Easter Island. She was transported via hover craft from her home of San Fransisco, California. Chloe only had three weeks of basic training at their local compound. Around five other women were on board the transport vehicle, and they were a little younger than herself. Chloe thought this would be easy money for a 28-year old. When they finally arrived their destination, the hover craft descended down a concealed hanger bay. Once docked, the hover craft opened its ramp. Chloe and the other recruits exited, and were met by a buxom woman in a VILE uniform. Her name was Lt. Deb O'Nare, and Chloe marveled at the uniform she was wearing. It was a skin-tight brown leotard, and a yellow bodysuit underneath.

    Lt. Deb had long auburn hair, and piercing emerald eyes. With her authoritative voice, she barked, "All right, ladies! From now on, your pretty asses belong to me. And......based on your psych evaluations, all six of you will be sentries. The most expendable position, and the most plentiful. However, you will be well compensated for your work at VILE. Now any questions? No!?! All right!! Each of you will be handed your uniforms, and ID cards at the barracks at Sector G6, then change into your uniforms at the lockers located in G8. Then you will get your patrol assignments. Now march!"

    Chloe followed the other recruits towards the direction that their CO pointed to. It took about 15 minutes to get to the barracks in Sector G6. She took her uniform, and headed towards the lockers. Her ID card had four numbers, 4434. "I guess that will be my name...from now on..," she thought.

    Once 4434 arrived at the lockers in sector G8, several women were changing out from their street clothes and into their uniforms. She headed towards her own locker, and swiped her ID card on the reader. The lock disengaged, and 4434 opened her locker. Inside on the top shelf, was a standard issued VILE helmet with built-in night and thermal vision in the visor. There were also a pair of knee-high boots on the bottom shelf. 4434 quickly stripped out of her clothes/undergarments and into her uniform, first was the yellow bodysuit and then the brown leotard on top. Both were made out of a synthetic liquid latex that can conform to any body type. Then she slid on her boots, and zipped them up. She blushed at the sight of herself in front of the mirror, 4434 felt confident in her new attire. Now for the final piece, 4434 took her helmet and put it on.

    As soon as 4434 finished changing, in comes a ranking officer. A buxom blonde named Sgt. Diane Toshop. "It looks like y'all are done, now head towards the armory. I will give you your patrol shifts as you walk out." 4434 closes her locker door, and heads towards the back of the line of the other VILE recruits. Once it was her turn, Sgt. Diane handed 4434 her orders.

    "Oooo...looks like you're on patrol duty in the chemical vat area. Very dangerous for a newbie, but make sure to connect your helmet to an oxygen pack when you get there, sugar." 4434 told herself, "If I managed to complete my patrol shift, I'm sure things will look up." With that, she headed towards the armory. The recruits were only allowed a laser pistol, and a holster belt with a few extra pouches.

    "All right, this is it," 4434 headed towards the elevator that would take her down to B2, the chemical vats. Once reaching the correct level, 4434 stepped out. The shapely sentry rushed towards the oxygen pack dispenser, and connected a hose to the front of her helmet. She then turned on the pack, clean air filled her nostrils. 4434 will be the only VILE sentry down here, tonight.

    There were several vats of chemicals, and these things were 40 feet tall. In between them were these metal catwalks. 4434 had to climb five flight to stairs to reach the top, she was a little out of breath. "Now to make my rounds." VILE had security cameras installed in this area, and 4434 felt safe.

    However, little did she know that an ACME infiltrator was in the air vents above her....

    Julia "Jules" Argent was ACME's best operative, and her mission tonight was to gain entrance to VILE's super computer. The air vents above the chemical vat area was one with the lowest security. She was clothed in a black skin-tight spandex catsuit, and a gas mask. For weapons, she was armed with a silencer pistol, garrote, and stiletto knife. Around her wrist was a hacker bracelet, and with great ease she tapped into the security cameras. Julia rerouted them to show the same footage of #4434 going around on her patrol.

    Julia licked her lips behind her mask, as she peered down at the unsuspecting sentry. 4434 softly yawned, and stretched her back. "Hehe, I get paid this Saturday," she whispered to herself.

    "Too bad you won't live to use it, sweetie," Julia replied back in her mind. She was waiting for an opportunity to get behind this shapely sentry and take her out. Julia waited for 4434 to pass, she pulled out a long-thin wire from one of her pouches.

    Julia silently opened the vent cover, and jumped down without making any noise. She crawled behind 4434. It was now or never. She crawled closer then planting her boots against the ground she sprung, snaking her long-thin wire around the sentry's delicate throat. Julia tightened it to increase the pressure.

    4434 dropped her laser pistol and her hands went to her throat desperately clawing at the tight wire around her neck pushing back against her attacker. Her visor on her helmet fogging up.

    Julia put her lips close to the 4434's ear. "Don't make a sound, and I will loosen the wire a bit..." 4434 felt the wire cutting into her neck....she gasped and nodded.....the voice breathing in her ear sounded determined and at the same time seductive. Agent Julia loosened the wire a bit, letting some oxygen flow into the sexy sentry's lungs. "Now...tell me....what's your name?"

    The shapely sentry gasped desperately for air......the thin wire still against her neck a threat...."It..It's Chloe..I..I mean 4434....I'm new on the job...please...don't kill me"

    "Hmm, you chose the wrong career then," Julia softly laughed. "Oh, by the way, names Julia Argent. But I have a great idea your uniform will fit me nicely. I can enter the base that way...and you'll be a nice corpse."

    "No..oh my god please no....." 4434 stiffened as she heard the name, she thought this was just a myth to scare VILE agents. Now she knew and she was terrified.

    "Sorry, my dear but I need that uniform," with that Julia tightened the garrote again. Cutting off all oxygen. She pulled the shapely woman closer, her ample breasts hitting the sentry's back.

    "Ghhukkk!.." 4434 felt the sharp wire cut into her throat again and fought with her hands to loosen the girl's grip, dimly aware of the softness of the body behind her, the soft breasts pressing into her back. She choked and vainly struggled for breath.

    Julia used her knee to pin 4434's legs forcing her own knees on the ground while tightening the garrote even further.

    4434 felt herself forced to the ground......her eyes bulging, her breath cut off.....she felt her sight dimming, heard a roaring in her ears.....her struggles became faint spasms as her heart stopped through lack of oxygen....she went limp.

    Julia made sure that 4434 was dead, and waited for a few seconds for the death spasms to stop.
    She pushed the dead shapely woman onto her stomach with one hand, standing over her. She bent down and began to peel the uniform off her fallen foe, starting with the belt and boots, and then her rebreather helmet. Such a pretty brunette...eyes wide open in pain as she was silenced.

    4434 was limp, her eyes staring and her mouth open as she struggled for the breath that never came.....She moved easily in the assassin's hands.

    Julia stripped off her catsuit, then she picked up 4434's discarded rebreather and put it on. Next Julia peels the brown leotard off then the yellow bodysuit underneath. Julia stands up, adjusts and wiggles into the uniform. It seems to fit her perfectly. "Good" She puts one boot on, then the other, and finally the holster belt.

    4434's corpse laid on her stomach, her breasts flattened against the catwalk. She was completely nude under all that gear. She forgot to use the ladies' room before her patrol shift, and her bladder emptied forming a small puddle of urine between her legs.

    Julia giggled at the sight of the sentry's humiliation. "Time to hide your body, sweet sentry." She knelt down, and threw 4434's corpse over her shoulder. It's a good thing Julia had a toned body, and easily brought the body down the flight of stairs the sentry had to use earlier. She found a storage room with extra oxygen packs, and Julia positions 4434's corpse sitting against a wall with her legs spread wide apart. Just for kicks, Julia takes two of 4434's fingers, and slowly slides them deep into her moist honeypot.

    The ACME agent stands back, and marvels at the sight. "Enjoy yourself, hun." She walks out and closes the door. It will be awhile before anyone else discovers the body....
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