Shelf (open cup) bra


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Dec 2, 2017
One of the things that I've noticed seems to be missing from the SDT wardrobe, that I think is very sexy and would be enjoyable for all, is the shelf bra:
Where there are straps and possible underwire (some fabric under the boobs anyway) and, depending on design, straps or lace/material on the upper boob, but the nipples are exposed. Here are some more examples:
Lady-Heart-Hot-Open-Cup-SDL577047301-2-1f36a.jpg pleasurements-loveday-london-arista-20180208_0273_1.jpg best-open-nipple-shelf-bra-awesome-open-cup-lingerie-shopstyle-uk-and-modern-open-nipple-shelf...jpg Bondage-Open-Cup-Lingerie-Set,-Sexy-Strappy-Submissive-Lingerie.jpg A-sexy-lace-shelf-open-cup-lingerie-babydoll.jpg

I realize it's tricky to make a band of fabric go UNDER the boob (especially with big/expanded boobs), but perhaps a small bit of fabric ON the base of the boob would work? Another option would be to make a version with a strap under the boob for smaller boobs, and one without said strap for bigger boobs (as tumbal did with the Braless Harness Top Braless Harness Top - Updates).

Thanks for reading! I'll be happy to answer any questions or provide more images if anyone is interested.
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