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Aug 16, 2015
I present to you SexyDimension Nepunia Re:Birth 3 mods. Were supposed to be released on Christmas but better late than never. (don't hurt me.)


For this project moving forward the 3D models will be done by me only so don't expect rapid releases (mainly due to work and school.) I have taken all the mods I have found (technically NiteGuardian) and added them here mostly as placeholders for I plan to do. Some are... very bad. you can feel free to delete them if you wish but they will be replaced after I go over them. For this initial release, I have finished all of Noire expect (cool girl outfit) mostly because that one requires a lot more work than the others (so I will do it a much later date). And I have updated the IF model as well (gotten rid of the seethrough black fabric.) All these 3D models took the design me and kojinzx had done for the first game and massively edited to fit the models of this game.

Next update date: 3/3/20


The next upload will be in a month from now. Since I'm changing photo editor. GOODBYE PAINT.NET Also school started back up.

How often will you release new mods?
as of now once a month maybe twice (low chance). However, each release will have all the costumes for that character. And no I will not upload as I go because each model uses very similar bases that once I get the first base done (perfect seams and shading) the rest of the models can be done in a very short time. However, during the summer depending if I'm working overtime or not I might upload bi-weekly or weekly depends how it goes.​

Most files look like a copy and paste, so you can release faster. Even you say they share the same base model.
I wish. While different versions of the same one are copy paste but they still require some work and color correction. Not to mention that even with a base model some can't be transferred to different costumes even if its the same character do to seams. on top of that to make the first version it takes a while to figure out where the seams are as those need to be pixel perfect if you don't want a very discolored line showing up (or dark skin line) where the seam is or have to different shades clash with each other (look at noire swimsuit before) and once I found the seams they aren't fit to scale (and all but 1 wasn't rise to scale either) so Its a lot of guesswork where each shade should start and end to match with the sading of the other piece.​

But last time you released mods faster.
Last time seams were not a problem (there weren't any) but this version of mods removes things that expose the seams (mainly skirts.) So since this version removes skirts and other objects it exposes the seam lines. on the bright side, you get to see more skin (or panties.)​
Will you make fully nude 3D models?
No. In short, too many seams not enough time and I don't plan to spend weeks doing the same model and each costume would need its own unique base.​

Hey, some of this stuff looks a bit off in color!
I'm color blind with some colors can't do much about it but try my best.​
Wait you said you were in school? Are you old enough to be working on this?
School as in university and yes I have since started on game one.​

1. Always back up your files first!

2. Extract with Winrar or another similar program.

3. Move all files/folders into the root Neptunia Re Birth3 install folder.

4. No need to run an external program. (No NepTools or Kitserver)

5. Play and enjoy it.


What I plan to do (what you can expect):

High-quality 3D models: in full nude or semi-nude, or topless, or bottomless (Will be released as options with next upload)

A nude and semi-nude version of the gallery. (after 3D & 2D models are fully finished)

A Semi-Nude version of profile pictures and 2D models. Full nude will be released after semi-nude is done. (As it requires a lot more time.)

Files needed to use mods > Here

3D models + DLC > Here

2D models > Temp google drive link


XellossFang, Original Mod Creator
kojinzx, Original Mod Creator
Avia, Main Artist
Ke-Y, Support Artist
Aximili, Model Edits
NiteGuardian, Compiler, And Small Edits
NovaRain, Compiler, And Small Edits
Yasedda, Compiler, And Small Edits
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Nov 5, 2017
Super quick question, I love the home screen menu that you show, is that provided in the download so far?? If not may I ask that you upload that for me please when you have a chance. I love custom home screens.


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Aug 16, 2015
Super quick question, I love the home screen menu that you show, is that provided in the download so far?? If not may I ask that you upload that for me please when you have a chance. I love custom home screens.
Unknown issues with the upload file system been talking with a moderator and trying to fix it, for now, I made a throwaway Gmail and stuffed the mods there.
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