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Setting Expectations; Addressing Some Concerns/complaints

Discussion in 'Club Announcements' started by detritus, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. detritus

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    This post will have somewhat of a negative tone, but it's directed to the minority who are stewing in their own sense of entitlement. If you're happy with the site, great! You don't need to trouble yourself with this post and I thank you guys for the overwhelming positive response overall.

    I've been getting some complaints by PM regarding things I already laid out and addressed before I did the migration. I was expecting some level of backlash, because hey, reading is hard. Since my old posts are gone, I'll go over some things again real quick:

    Issues with e-mail. Yes, we're having some problems. Most sites have issues with this with random e-mail providers marking their shit as spam for arbitrary reasons. It's really not that out of the ordinary. We have about 10,000 active users coming to a new site so the problems are exacerbated considering the scale we're operating on. If you've successfully run your own e-mail server before, then by all means, I'd love to hear how we can improve our delivery success rate. If not, just understand a lot of these issues are out of our control.

    Next up. Dude, where's my thread? My conservative estimate regarding the move was that less than 5% of the old threads would be moved over and if you had any concerns about your content not being moved over, you should back it up yourself or explicitly ask me to move specific threads. If you didn't do either and you lost content, that sucks, but you had an entire month to do what I suggested. That's on you. End of story.

    There are a lot of broken links throughout the forums. These can't automagically be fixed on their own because we mashed three sets of overlapping data into one site that had conflicting identifiers. We're relying on people to update their own threads accordingly when they get a chance. If you find any administrative threads with outdated information, please report the post with the appropriate reason so we can address it.

    Finally, "bro what the fuck?". I know there's different subject matter on this site that will make some people uncomfortable or offend them. The likelihood this will happen has been compounded by the merging of multiple communities. I would like most content to be properly tagged and categorized whenever possible so people aren't subjected to things they don't want to see, but don't throw a fit if it isn't. You'll live. Nobody is forcing you to view absolutely everything on this site. Use the subscribe, follow and ignore functions appropriately.

    Make sure you tag your content properly and try your best to flag things that you know other people might not be into. Use the report function if you feel it's in the wrong section or not on-topic. If the moderator doesn't agree, you can always use the ignore feature to block posts from certain people.

    This site primarily revolves around the appreciation, objectification and abuse of women and I'm well past the point of apologizing for any of that shit. Tolerance is the cornerstone of this forum and the ones that came before it. Enjoy your fetishes and kinks for what they are and leave your societal hangups at the door. We've had the "fantasy vs. reality" discussion hundreds of times; you don't need to ask if your sexual preferences are okay or healthy as long as you recognize where they should stay.

    Quoting a friend:
    People are into shit you're going to find weird. You may never 'get it.'. It's okay, you don't have to judge. It's probably shit that you'd never even have to deal with even if you knew them in person.

    If you have other complaints, that's fine. I'll be the first to admit this place isn't perfect. I'm all for making improvements whenever possible and you're free to query the community publicly to determine if there's something that should be re-evaluated, but addressing your pet peeves and personal grievances isn't considered a valid suggestion.

    If any of these inconveniences aren't worth your time, then your course of action is pretty clear: don't be here. I'm not running a business and you are not a customer. I have zero obligation to make you happy and there are probably other sites like this that you can drink and be merry in. Go there instead.

    I'm not going to put my effort towards passive aggressive chumps. Multiple people burned several days worth of free time to make this place possible and I'd rather support those who want to be here than those who don't.

    If you're enjoying the site and read this anyway, I don't need any affirmation or praise for what I'm doing. While I appreciate the notion, I host this site for my own reasons.

    Just be you, bring value to the community and be a positive influence here.

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