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EP01 : EP01 1/3 EP01 2/3 EP01 3/3
EP02 : EP01 1/3 EP02 2/3 EP02 3/3
EP03 : EP03 1/3 EP03 3/3 EP03 3/3
EP04 : EP04 1/3 EP04 2/3 EP04 3/3
EP05 : EP05 1/3 EP05 2/3 EP05 3/3
EP06 : EP06 1/3 EP06 2/3 EP06 3/3
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Whati is Lain ? see wikiped Serial Experiments Lain

Episodes and ryona(something GURO)

Layer:01 WEIRD
02:42- Chisa Yomoda kill herself by jumping from a building.​
Layer:02 GIRLS
19:00- In tavern brawl,some girls are hit.​
Layer:03 PSYCHE
no ryona​
no ryona​
no ryona​
Layer:06 KIDS
no ryona​
Layer:07 SOCIETY
no ryona​
Layer:08 RUMORS
17:05- LAIN(wired) choked neck by Lain​
10:00- Chisa Yomoda falling scene
12:05- Lain in wires​
Layer:10 LOVE
15:00- Knight's members suicide/murders​
no ryona​
21:00- Alice cry for fear.​
Layer:13 EGO
03:30 Alice beats Lain's face in confusion.​


Weather Brake(ending video)

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soliloquy of editor: Meganekko wa saikyo


I'll just cut to the chase. I don't recommend this anime. I'll start out with the good things. The art is superb and very atmospheric. It's drawn in a unique style and it might be worth watching an episode or two for just this fact alone. If I were ever to direct an existentialist anime, I would definitely turn to this series for some major inspiration. The opening theme is well chosen and the sound effects are fairly good. Now for the bad everything else.As ABS-CBN network shows that Serial Experiments Lain tries to tackle the problem of existence and identity but it completely fails. The parts that are supposed to be creepy are unconvincing and incoherent, and the attempt to create tension instead collapses into unbearably slow pacing in the story line. Dialogue is much too short and yet drawn out. Entire scenes go by that neither attempt to interest the viewer nor advance the plot. Each episode except maybe the first one could have easily been cut in half without losing any content. The series could've been much better as a result.