Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus


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May 29, 2011
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Marvelous AQL)

Published: 28th February 2013 (japanese version only at the moment)
Platforms: PS Vita
Genre: 3D Action Beat'em-Up
Ryona rating: 3/5

Female Characters:

The game features 22 playable female characters, 15 are unlocked from the start. By clearing three campaigns (each covers five girls), you unlock 4th campaign with five more girls. Final 2 girls are available as DLC.


Let's get to the ryona part.

The game is basically a mixture of two games:
- Dynasty Warriors series (running around and beating up fodder enemies)
- Queen's Blade Spiral Gate (when dueling with antagonists, you can rip off their clothes)

When you start a game, you choose one of the three available teams. Each team consists of five girls, and each girl a storyline mode which consists of five missions to complete, for a total of 25 missions per team. These are optional, however, but still good to complete since you can level up the girls, and thus make it easier to complete story mode campaign for the team.

Complete storyline campaigns of all three teams to unlock 4th team, with 25 more storyline missions for girls, and one final storyline campaign. That's it for game's completion in a nutshell.

Almost every person in the game is female (with almost being some annoying dudes you encounter in training mode and some storyline missions [unfortunately]). =D This makes the game an excellent choice for people with zako fetish. Run around and kill little female fodder enemies.

When you're facing a female opponent of stronger caliber, game introduces some new aspects. By inflicting enough damage or using hidden ninpos (supermove) on the opponent, you can rip off her clothes. This consists of ripping off her top half, bottom half, or both at once. Clothing is comprised of four layers.
Layer 1 - Complete clothing, with no wear or tear. Destroy it to get to...
Layer 2 - Clothing is severely ripped, you can see bra or panties beneath. Destroy it to get to...
Layer 3 - The girl wears only bra and panties.=) Destroy it to get to...
Layer 4 - Bra and panties are destroyed for nudie mode. But unfortunately you can't see anything. Where nipples are supposed to be, you will see a chibi-head version of the girl whose clothes you destroyed, whereas her ass and bush are covered with a golden "brush-stroke".

Using lv1 ninpo tears off bottom half of clothes. If you destroy layer 3 and at the same time KO the girl, her panties are torn off.
Using lv2 ninpo tears off top half of clothes. If you destroy layer 3 and at the same time KO the girl, her bra is torn off.
Using lv3 ninpo (own HP must be below 20%, need five chi points) tears off complete set of of colthes. If you destroy layer 3 and at the same KO the girl, both her panties and bra are torn off.

Nosebleed nudie mode? Almost, sorry to say. Instead of nipples you get to see chibi-heads of the girl you KOed, and instead of the bush you get to see bright light that doesn't go away. In case of destroying the opponent with lv3 ninpo, you're treated to a nice 5 second-or-so scene as the girl looks at you in disbelief, utterly defeated.

Senran Kagura is heavy on the boobies and ass physics. By pressing L1 a girl can change in ninja-version during transformation sequence, where jiggling boobs and shaky ass are a must. Also, each time you destroy a piece of clothing, you're treated to a yummy scene showing that happening. There's also a special scene each time hidden ninpo is used.

When you're murdering zako fodder, or battling other ninja girls, it's a music to one's ears. Girls scream in pain, and moan in pleasure as they succumb to defeat, or get their clother ripped. Zako fodder's clothing unfortunately can't be destroyed, and defeated zako just disappears in a cloud of smoke. Another huge downside to this game - it doesn't have any throws or grabs. This lowers ryona rating to 3/5.

While in dressing room, you can dress up your girl with three different types of clothing - normal dress, ninja dress, and underwear. Also, by pressing Square or Triangle, you're taken to view mode, where you can rotate the girl, and bring her up really close. There are several spots you can touch on the girl prompting her for a response. Ass, her sweetspot, belly, breasts, neck, and head; in addition you can play with her breasts.

By tilting Vita while holding Circle you can peek under girl's skirt, prompting her for a inquiry on "What the hell do you think you're doing?" By blowing into Vita's microphone you can lift girl's skirt for panties shot. And finally, by clenching two fingers (one on rearpad, one of frontscreen) and rubbing them against girl's clothes you see hit counters appear. Persevere and eventually you'll tear her clothes all the way down to the panties and bra. In this mode you can't destroy them completely, though.

Costumewise, one girl can be dressed up in at least 20 different costumes, and 98 types of underwear. Costumes have something for everyone's fetish - cheerleader, magical girl, nurse, maid, japanese dress, and more.

Here's a sample of what I want to do with the game's content (note that the video doesn't belong to me).

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Dec 1, 2010
Zako Land
You need to use special attack to rib girl to nake, I assume.
I saw that in some gameplay videos on Youtube too.
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