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SDT VR Version?

Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by akiel123, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. akiel123

    akiel123 Guest

    Is anyonw working on some kind of vr version for SDT?
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    <angry old man voice>
    Back in my day... when someone made a seemingly-simple request with huge technical complications, they asked for a 2d Flash game which used first-person point-of-view camera instead of third-person side view. You youngsters nowadays are getting way more ambitious with your crazy proposals!
    </angry old man voice>

    Adding VR to SDT would be infeasible. The code is capable of some limited parallax effects between layers, but the graphics simply can't present different "views" of the various bodyparts. At best, we could just slap on some shitty rhomboid deformation (which would make the two views different, but which would probably just give the user a headache). And the framerate would be cut in half in order to draw the two distinct images per frame; SDT framerates are already inadequate.

    You'd need to write a new game from scratch (based on a 3d rather than 2d graphics system) in order to incorporate VR properly. But you'd promptly run into problems:
    • SDT relies on a ton of hotkeys. Scattered hotkeys are a pain-in-the-ass when using a VR headset. You'd need to seriously overhaul the input system, and provide strict guidance (or restriction) to modders.
    • SDT relies on in-game menus and mouse clicks. Also inconvenient for a VR headset.
    • The control scheme might be confusing or disorienting.
      • If the player's camera is hovering near the action, then a sudden thrust might clip the camera through someone's pelvis.
      • The game might need to make arbitrary assumptions about the relativity of input w/r/t the camera. Assume that left is "thrust deeper". If I turn my head 180°, does left become "pull out"?
      • You might need to separate the game into "planning mode" (wherein the player sets up costumes, sex positions, motion patterns, etc) and "play mode" (where the actors are fully automated and the player manipulates only the camera).
    • None of the SDT 2d assets would be reusable in your 3d game. It would be "SDT in name only." You'd need to rebuild everything from scratch.
    • VR is scary
      • 2d and 3d tools and skillsets are different.
      • VR hardware is somewhat expensive, the development kits even moreso.
      • You'd split the fanbase: many players and modders would be unwilling or unable to get involved with the new game.
      • Developing such a game would be a fairly expensive proposition, so the team would probably expect to get paid (which imperils the free-to-play and highly-moddable nature of the SDT game).
    • Fundamentally, I think that SDT is more about wish fulfillment than immersion or realism.
      • SDT's technical flaws have been apparent from the beginning: shitty framerate, limited layering, poor anatomy, weird physics, confusing mod interface, etc. We didn't really fix any of those problems; people have enjoyed the game in spite of its flaws.
      • If you create something with great first-person immersion (e.g. directional audio, force feedback) then you'll probably need to sacrifice some of the charm and unique appeal from the original game.
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  3. DFSIR

    DFSIR Potential Patron

    Jul 7, 2016
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    I just had a really stupid idea, and I'll post here assuming it doesn't kill me