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Scarlet Blade Medic Mod

Discussion in 'Game Mods (Archive)' started by SBModder, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. SBModder

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    Jun 11, 2013
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    Its 5:26 and I still have not gotten to bed! 0___0 Hey everyone this time I made a mod for the healers lvl 15 clothes :D This mod was extremely hard to make since there is a limited texture amount on clothes in scarlet blade. For this all I did was combine lingerie that is bought , with the clothes. I think it looks sexier. Im excited to say im going to be posting ALL the lingeries that are available for SB Classes! Its going to be hard and it will take time because I have the textures Thanks to the Medic Mods from o5119 , Buttt they are all in Medic Format so I have convert them for Sentinel Shadow Walker Whipper Defender yadayada.... That means resizing, copying pasting changing color cutting and testing And It will Take time but ill try to post it by Tuesday . These 2 r before pics! Before.jpg Before (2).jpg Close.jpg Closer.jpg Back.jpg Download here :D Zippyshare.com - ME_BD_N_03.dds