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Apr 25, 2015
Please beware of potential region difference and availability.

This topic need not have adult content specific. You can recommend any game on sale for discussings.
If game has explicit fetish content such as gor please let other know.

Current there is a Hunie Sakura bundle on Humble Bundle. I already own many of these but they are small fun with ecchi content. Some have actual sex content or uncensor patches you can download.
Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)
I personally enjoy HuniePop. It is simple date with match 3 gems gameplay. Girls a nice and voice. I like the girl that says what's shakin' bacon?

But all the girls look great and have variety in race which I like very much and find rare in games.

Sakura games are novel or dungeon type rpg. If you enjoy dungeon style rpgs these have ok scenes and girls but it is quite tame.

The humble monthly is also Rise of the Tomb Raider this month (September 2017) and we have some working mods for the game already so now is a good time to buy!

If mods feel this topic bad idea we can remove.
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