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Saint Seiya Lost Canvas: Athena's Doom

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by fighting3k_88, Jun 5, 2010.

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    This story involves organ torturing, belly punch, and figure four leg locks. Hope you like it.

    Athena stepped her sandaled foot into Pandora's chamber. As soon as her toes touched the marble floor, a lantern lit up near the ceiling above her. The rest of the chamber was drenched in darkness. Athena looked around, trying to find where Pandora and Hades might be hiding, but her efforts proved futile. The only one who stood exposed was her.
    Athena felt a wicked chill crawling across her body. This corruption acted like a poison that seared its way up Athena's legs. It intensified when it reached the genitals between Athena's juicy thighs, causing her to drop her staff.
    Athena massaged her fingers around her womanhood in an attempt to soothe her pain. The corruption responded by resuming its journey up Athena's body. This time, it sloshed through her small intestines as though it were a maze.
    Athena doubled over like she had just been slugged in the gut. The pain she was suffering didn't differ much from that of a gut punch. Although she wanted to moan in agony, she bit her lip and refrained from doing so. Pandora and Hades might be watching her from somewhere. If they were, Athena refused to let them enjoy seeing her writhing in agony. She pressed both hands against her navel, hoping that would squeeze the corruption away.
    The poison moved up again as it sizzled Athena's large intestines. At last, the pain was unbearable, and Athena let out a groan. As her moan of agony echoed across the chamber, she heard someone laughing at her peril. Athena recognised it as Pandora's voice, but inside this dark chamber, it was impossible to spot her.
    "Welcome to my home, Athena," Pandora said. "What's the matter? You look like you have a bit of an indigestion."
    Athena wanted to call Pandora a bitch, but instead, all she could muster was another long moan. Pandora guffawed once again. "The fun is just getting started, Goddess. There're still many organs in your body that the corruption wants to have a swim around."
    A cold sweat ran down Athena's cheeks. The corruption had already burnt every fibre of her intestines. Did that mean her stomach was next? This wasn't good. Athena ate her dinner only ten minutes ago. If the corruption swam inside her stomach, she feared she would vomit her meal across the floor. Refusing to let Pandora seeing her puke, she pursed her lips and braced for the pain that was to follow.
    The corruption travelled again, though it didn't migrate into Athena's stomach. Instead, it concentrated itself inside her left kidney. Athena yelped as she placed her hands over her kidney, but as soon as she did, the corruption shifted into her right kidney instead. Again, Athena reacted by moving her hands onto her right kidney, which caused the corruption to return to the left organ. Pandora chuckled as Athena kept moving her hands around her two kidneys. "You look like you're in a bit of trouble there, princess."
    Athena almost sighed in relief as the corruption moved again, but it skipped her stomach. It looked like her dinner could digest safely for the time being. Her relief didn't last, though, as the poison made its way up to her well endowed breasts. Athena groaned and cupped her hands around her milk glands. The intolerable pain caused her to hop on her toes, which made those breasts jiggle.
    "Never knew you were such a slut," Pandora said.
    Athena wanted to pull off the straps of her white dress, as her breasts felt like they were on fire. But there was no way she would do such a thing, especially since Pandora was already calling her a slut.
    Athena's groan loudened when the corruption focused on her nipples. As much as she wanted to deny it, a part of her was aroused by the torment. Horror overwhelmed her as she involuntarily let out a long, "Mmmmmnnnnnnhhhnnnn..."
    Pandora loosed a sigh of disappointment. "Sluts like you need to be punished." She clicked her fingers, and the corruption climbed its way up to Athena's throat. Athena's face reddened as the poison denied oxygen from nurturing her body.
    "Ganh! Mmggh! Ooggn! Haaggll!"
    Pandora clicked her fingers again. "That's quite enough."
    Athena gagged as the corruption spilled out of her lips. The sight of the black liquid spilled across the floor made her stomach churn. She quickly looked away, not wanting to regurgitate her meal.
    As Athena tried to choke the poison off her lips, she heard footsteps advancing toward her. I need to get out of here. Maybe I'll return when I get my energy back.
    Pandora seemed to have read her mind, as she clicked her fingers, and the chamber's doors slammed shut behind Athena.
    "I don't think so." Pandora revealed herself as she stepped into the light. She stood nose to nose with Athena, so close that Athena could feel Pandora's nipples pressed up against hers. Athena couldn't help but cast her eyes upon Pandora's tits. Those breasts were just as large as Athena's were. Both of the Goddesses' bodies were equally well crafted.
    Athena felt someone seizing her wrists from behind. Before she could react, her captor had tied her arms behind her back. Oh no, I've got to get free! Athena struggled, but that only caused the arm lock to painfully tighten. She glanced over her shoulder. The sight of Hades' face made her gulp.
    "Hello, Athena," Hades said.
    Pandora slapped her hand across Athena's beautiful face. "Look at me, bitch." She cupped her fingers around Athena's chin.
    Without warning, Pandora slapped Athena again, this time on the opposite cheek.
    Pandora laughed in Athena's face. "Your moans sound like music to my ears, Goddess."
    "Agreed," Hades said.
    Pandora slapped Athena over and over again. Her palm smacked against Athena's left cheek, then the right, and then the left again. Athena felt her energy fading with each slap. "Ugh! Ohn! Argn! Hhull! Orgg!"
    By the time Pandora stopped her torture, both of Athena's cheeks had turned red. Athena huffed in an attempt to suck some air back into her body. If Hades wasn't holding her arms, she would have sunk to her knees already. For a moment, silence filled the chamber, but that was interrupted by Athena's rumbling stomach. Oh no, not now...
    Pandora raised a curious eyebrow. "Did you just eat?"
    Athena shook her head instinctively, for she knew that if she said yes, Pandora would have something planned for her belly region. But a simple head shake wouldn't fool Pandora. She threw a quick punch into Athena's midsection. The fist landed on the spot just above Athena's pussy.
    Pandora retreated her fist.
    Pandora watched as Athena folded over. Athena's mouth gaped, but nothing came out of it.
    Hades shook his head. "Her stomach isn't located there."
    "I've never been good with the human anatomy." Pandora raised her brows again. "But never mind, I'll find locate your stomach soon enough."
    Pandora poked a finger against the spot that she had just punched.
    "Higher," Hades said.
    Pandora jabbed her finger into the spot below Athena's navel.
    Hades shook his head. "Small intestines."
    "Would that make her throw up?" Pandora asked, and followed that up with a punch into Athena's gut.
    A smirk crept across Athena's lips. "Hey, that's the best reaction I've heard yet."
    Hades nodded. "That is her weak spot. Her muscles are very soft around her belly, so your punches will sink right into her insides."
    "I like the sound of that." Pandora threw several more jabs into Athena's gut.
    "Egguug! Onnmh! Huurrll!"
    It was clear that Pandora wasn't using her full strength. She was just playing with Athena, making music at the expense of her digestive system. But soon, Pandora grew bored, and she pulled her fist back.
    Athena shook her head, pleading Pandora to stop. Pandora didn't listen, and she threw a hard punch into Athena's gut.
    The flesh around Athena's soft belly folded around Pandora's fist. Pandora swivelled her knuckles, twisting Athena's intestines. "Huuuuuuuggggghhhaaalllll..."
    Pandora pounded her fist, looking annoyed that Athena still wasn't puking. As a test, Pandora punched Athena just below her breasts. Athena tried to resist the pain, but she couldn't stop her stomach from growling.
    Pandora grinned. "Found it." She landed a straight punch into Athena's stomach.
    Pandora switched to a furry of machinegun jabs. Each of them landed square on Athena's digestive organ.
    "Haall! Muuugggg! Orrrafff! Ggguuuooo! Oonnnnmmmm! Rrnnnollllll! Eeennnhhuuu!"
    With each punch that landed, Athena's stomach growled louder. She could feel the dinner in her belly swirling inside her stomach. At last, she could bear no more. Pandora retreated her hand when she saw Athena's face pout.
    "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..." Athena spewed her meal across the floor beneath her toes. Pandora giggled as she looked at the mess that Athena had left on the ground.
    "Chicken and corn for dinner, was it?"
    Athena opened her mouth to reply, but the only thing that came out was more puke chunks. Each time she thought it was over, another slur of vomit would pour out of her lips. Her half digested meal was piling up around her feet. Once she had completely emptied the contents inside her stomach, Hade released her, letting her fall onto her knees.
    Pandora squatted before Athena. "And so the Goddess sinks to her knees."
    With a grunt, Hades turned around and began to leave the chamber. "Have fun, Pandora."
    "I will, my Lord." Pandora looped her beautiful legs around Athena's. At first, Athena didn't know what Pandora was plotting, but it all became clear when Athena's legs ended up in a figure four shape.
    "Are you much into wrestling?" Pandora asked. Before Athena could reply, Pandora applied to figure four leg lock.
    "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Athena screamed as the joints in her gorgeous legs were pushed to their limits. Her head shook involuntarily as pain occupied every thought in her brain.
    With a giggle, Pandora stopped applying pressure. Before Athena could catch her breath, Pandora reactivated the lock.
    "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!" Athena's shriek drowned out Pandora's mad laughter.
    "What's wrong, princess? Feeling a bit locked up?"
    Athena's head couldn't stop shaking. She tapped her hands against the floor. "I give, I give!"
    "Sorry, I can't hear you."
    The bones in Athena's legs were inches from being broken, but Pandora wouldn't allow her toy to break so easily.
    Athena kept tapping her hands to show submission, but it the figure four lock wouldn't loosen.
    Athena sensed death nearing, and the desperation to survive granted her a newfound strength. With a roar, she rolled around the floor and reversed the leg lock. Now, it was Pandora's juicy legs that were twisted into a four shape.
    "Y-you bitch. How did you?"
    "Yes, I do know a little bit about wrestling," Athena said. "Let's see how your legs like it." She applied the lock.
    Athena couldn't maintain her hold for long, as her energy was rapidly fading. But she couldn't let Pandora catch her breath, so she reactivated the lock as quickly as she could.
    "How does that feel?" Athena taunted.
    Athena twisted Pandora's legs with all her might, but soon, she started to pant from fatigue. As Athena's lock weakened, Pandora's reaction also became less dramatic.
    At last, Athena ran out of energy. Pandora seized her chance and reversed the figure four lock yet again. "You bitch. I was going to go easy on you, but now you give me no choice." She twisted Athena's leg joints with as much power as she could gather.
    At this point, Athena could not fathom how her leg bones still hadn't shattered.
    "You'll pay for causing me pain, Goddess."
    "Say goodbye." Pandora drew a deep breath to summon addition strength, and then she applied one final leg lock.
    At last, Athena's brain switched off from the overflowing agony, and she lost conscious.
    Pandora staggered back onto her feet. "You're going to be my toy for the rest of your life."
    And that was exactly what had happened. For the rest of Athena's life, she served as Pandora's toy. Every day was filled with imaginable pain, as Pandora left no atom in Athena's body unscathed. Athena's screams echoed through the chamber from morning until night. Pandora would feed her, and then the torment would resume.
    "Huuugggnnn! Uuuuooooo! Mmmmmmmm!"
    "Eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrggggggggggggg! Lllllllgggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnn! Mmmmmmmmgggggggrrrrrrr!"
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