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Some updates!

It looks like Ryza 2 is out...but the camera is very hard to control??

Though someone made a camera mod of Ryza 1, and someone else recorded it, which I made some gifs of on my twitter.

When you can actually get a look at it, I really like Ryza's animation for being dizzy/tired.

This channel has made a few videos of Ryza 1 ryona with camera mod.

Twitter moments seem broken to edit right now?? But I have also been posting a lot of DQ11 gifs.


And also adding more Smash screenshots, even some not ryona ones, just for fashion and style.


but also more ryona and more to post later huehue >;]


I want to include a lot of closeups on expression as well.


There is other stuff I made and posted to twitter, and more to come later on. Twitter previews do not seem to be working so well here lately, some links try to preview and don't work? ANd others are just links. Maybe I should try only posting as links? Does anyone know what is going on here or are they working OK for you?

I did try Xenoblad 2 but its ryona is way worse, ther eis barely anything I could find. I did make some gifs for Nia and Pyra but it is not much, I will post those some time. I am also working on SHadow Hearts 2 and 3 content since I lost my old ones. I also might make some things for Street Fighter x Tekken and SNK Heroines, probably just GIFS to replace things I lost earlier or something.

As for games to look forward to for this stuff, there is that LoL rpg I posted above...I can't think of much right now besides that, but hopefully we will get at least one more lady in Smash in the next DLCs.

I hope everyone is ok, it has been a difficult time and many bad things about the world are being shown more easily lately, it makes me very mad at my country but I guess trying to make more conent like this probably will help others relax from those things for a moment..


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Just found this game called Smite, their stun animations were extremely lively and detailed

Facial expressions were insane too...



I definitely will be making more of these, but thought I should share this great resource with you guys as soon as possible


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quiet_resolve quiet_resolve
Wowwww I have played some SMITE and have some special costumes actually, but how did you do this??
I have made some gifs of SMITE before, i think I put them on my twitter maybe but...I never could see a good look at the stuns like this! How did you do that?? I am busy with many things lately so I don't know if I can work on anything from SMITE so I will look forward to that! They even have RWBY characters in the game also, and Korra from avatar.

Right now I am editing some videos and gifs of SNK heroines from my twitter poll. I also have some stuff from Resident Evil Revelations to post eventually, I have some gifs from Shadow Hearts 2 and 3 coming, and also some gifs from game over poses in Street Fighter x Tekken. I am wanting to try to commission artwork of some of my favorite ryona characters someday but it's a bit difficult with the economy right now and also I can't use PayPal either, so...that could be hard. ^^;; But if I am able to have anything made I will share it here.

Can't remember if I shared this but this artist doublearble took a request of mine so it made me think if I can pay artists I might have more things like this made..

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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer Haha, I'm using both my gaming PC and the company laptop ( thankfully still works at min graphics)

Both go to the jungle practice. There is a line of Odins, which allows me to stun with Chang'e ult at 7s.


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Humm I don't think I understand what you mean..-_-
Do you stun your own character or an AI bot?

Also! I am having trouble finding a download. I used to have a site saved for looking up downloads of games and I lost it. I was thinking later of doing ryona of Ys VIII on PC, nothing complicated, just the Low HP animations and voices, and using a save file copied to skip the game. But I lost the website I was using to download stuff..hmm. Maybe later I will rent it on PS4 or something.. It is a fun game after all, but it might be hard when I am juggling so many things lately. That game has good low HP animation and voice, and the new one just came out, but it's hard to find much ryona of it. Ys IX just came out in English so it reminded me. If anyone has either game or knows a good site to download, I could always try to make a request for you or something in return.
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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer my own character.

I pick the changer with my PC and the girl to be stunned on my laptop. I move the character to the end of that line of Odins, so that the changer ult could stun for very long time. Then I record the stun animation from the changer's perspective. As you can see all my gifs start with the stun bar already at half left... This is because after casting the ult my changer has to rush to the camera location.

you mean the download site for YS VIII?


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Hmm, I still don't understand what that means..^^;; That's OK, please continue making them if you enjoy it! It sounds more complicated than what I can do on PS4.

And yes, I knew I had found a good download site for Ys VIII on PC, and I thought I had found a place for save files of it..but I lost track and mist have deleted the bookmark or something. Oops..-_-

Has anyone played Ys IX? I haven't seen any ryona for it aside from a few videos from a while back. I can never find English voices for ryona of these games.

ALso! I made a very cool discovery today.

I found an artist who was making recreations of Sailor Moon arcade sprites. They make great ryona art I think! I think you need to be logged in to see all of them. It's especially interesting because they seem to like Jupiter and Mercury the most, which are the ones I like the most, also..I think they do tracing to start but that maybe explains why a lot of the posing is so appealing.



It's a little rough around the edges but I actually really like these!! And it shows just how good the sprites on the arcade game were.
I would want to commission art of this style if it was something I could afford..Although I'm still not sure how to do it since I can't use my PayPal. maybe I'll have to ask someone else to for me or something, but first I need to save some money, second I need to find someone who is interested in this kind of thing - more like dizzy and stun poses but still. Anyway it's super rare for me to find ryona art that I actually like a whole lot so yup!!


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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer that's fine lol, I'll just keep making these. Since you are more familiar with the smite game, and if you know any characters that is attractive or have good stun animations, please let me know.

Nope haven't played any Ys before...

Thanks for your sharing. From making those GIFs I realized I'm pretty into a girl roll back her eyes while getting stunned. Just like Daji and Amaterasu in the gifs I posted. Do you know where and what game/characters can I find more of this type?


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Don't know which ones to do next, so I made the two vanilla characters in this trailer

Bellona, Neith, plus Morgana


In case you're still interested how these was made, here is an illustration. You need another computer to put the other character there



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I have played some SMITE but it is so messy and chaotic I never can really see the expressions when stunned, usually it is very short as well. I did make some gifs from the game a while back but never posted them anywhere yet.

This is from a Lose screen, there are some weird and sometimes funny animations if you lose and they are all character specific. This is Miss Senshi who is a skin of Bellona, the main artwork character.
senshi 9.gif

This is Pele's death animation, in her street clothes outfit.

Here is Korra's stun animation. She is a skin of..I forget the name, the wolf ice warrior. As you can tell it is very hard to see the animation in actual gameplay.

korra 1.gif

They have also added the main four RWBY characters to the game. I have played as Blake and Yang before.

blake 1.gif
yang 1.gif

I actually only own Korra because I earned her during the avatar event. But there is an item you can use which lets you pick any skin on a character for one match, that is how I saw the other ones. However, I don't think the extra skins like this have much in the facial expressions, I did not even KNOW they could have different expressions at all!! Though who knows maybe that is because of playing on PS4?

Next I have some cool discoveries I made!!

First, I found an artist on Pixiv who was recreating Sailor Moon arcade sprites!!


Also, I started actually trying to use my deviantart account. I'm going to try posting some of my screenshots from smash I like the most. And I stumbled into a whole lot of wrestling ryona art!! There's some artists who seem to like taking commissions from people. I am not into reading the stories BUT some of the art is like exactly the kind of thing I like in ryona.

THIS artist in particular...I posted a lot of their comics in the gallery above, the way they draw poses, hair, and facial expression..WOW. I think they are already my favorite ryona artist I have ever found.

They are not taking commissions right now but I will have to keep my eye on it! I found some others whose art I have in that gallery, think I figured out how to use Paypal through someone's help. Now I have to..try and save some money for a commission and we will see how it goes!! It may be a while or slow going since I don't have a good way to earn money right now..but it's nice to see that it is there!

Next I am posting SNK Heroines images, I recorded things like two years or when it came out and just have not really posted it anywhere. I am putting it on Twitter and making a Twitter moment, I will share when I am done.

I will look forward to seeing more gifs of SMITE from you as well!!


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This is technically a bum BUT it's important news and matters to this thread a lot. O_O


To be honest I have not gotten into this game much, I tried a while ago. And I don't actually like the character designs a lot. I don't prefer big tiddy anime waifu, I like ones that feel more realistic. But. It is Smash. And it is TWO new ladies in Smash for the price of one. And I bet there will be good ryona of them on top of it..So I will not complain!!


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Some stuff...


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Blade & Soul: Revolution (Mobile) -Netmarble- came out today. There is a 'dizzy' of course, but I feel like the mobile version is the same thing as the pc game.


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Just realized that orc must die has released a new game. There is also a stun animation of course, but they were the same across all characters. Also I like the old circling white dots much more.

OMD2 used to be one of my favorite ryona game for it's art style and gabrilla was my favorite character. The animation of game 3 looks fine but definately didn't give me the same level of excitement as nearly 10 years ago.

If there is any way to make the stuns last longer, please let me know



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I made a new profile tweet to show different sets of what I have made!!

For now the newest one is Pyra/Mythra of course.

I have started to upload things on deviantart also.

It includes two images I was able to commission.

It's mixed results so far but it is also independent artists who charged less, next I am going to try commissioning ones who are more experienced so it costs more, we will see how it goes. I want to commission some normal commissions as well as ryona type ones.

I also uploaded a big video of Pyra/Mythra to my YT, hopefully it is not taken down this time.

A new Tekken character is announced and she looks like my kind of character!! I don't pkay the game anymore but I am happy to see her added.

Skullgirls also added a new character and announced more are coming later, as well! I gues sthe leader of the studio made Skullgirls and Indivisible was a jerk, so the dev team quit and started a new one, they are making this DLC I think. But it also means all of those indie characters for Indivisible aren't coming..which is too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing Shantae in their art style.


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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer Let's hope the youtube channel goes better this time. It seems to have calmed down since 2018 I think when all those were pretty much purged? Amazing art collection on Twitter BTW, not talking only about fanservicey stuff, but so many good illustrations and pieces you have gathered.

Welp, don't know if you guys read the announcement but the site is closing down tomorrow 25th. It... was quite a ride. Honestly, was taking a last look at the thread since the beginning and beyond the content, it was really fun just talking and sharing stuff especially when we enjoyed the conversation talking about games or stuff that we enjoyed simply for genuine fun and all. Things came to a halt during late 2019 and especially 2020 with all the events regarding the pandemic, but tiny bits were here and there. Still, let's not forget prior times and early 2019 with all the hype on games and other nonsense we shared XD

So, yeah, peace out people best of luck out there. Here's a last batch of vids:

Hundred Soul
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【Kof All Star】SEVEN KNIGHTS PvP! Kofas Alice? Halloween
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Best of luck in all endeavors in the future, people. Take care!


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T Thief Wow I didn't even realize the site was closing down! Been using it for so long and hard to imagine things without it.

I especially loved the video you shared. Are you interested in making a youtube playlist for all the videos you found? (especially the old ones)

And where will you guys be going?


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Whaaaat??? I had no idea the site is closing down??? THat sucks!! But it's understandable, it isn't free to run message boards and they are not used as much lately. Twitter is the best way to reach me now tho I do have a Discord I started using this week, but it's not reliable to reach me.

It has been a crazy ride, thanks for everyone who helped me explore this part of myself!!


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It looks like the site is back??
I haven't been making new stuff as much right now but I have been uploading things I made to other places that are easier to look at than Twitter.

I have a Deviantart where I have put a lot of stuff already.
And I also started to upload collections of Smash ryona screens to my pixiv

Some artists I found lately that I liked a lot.
This one likes to post artwork of wrestling girls and I like the 'main character' with the pink hair.

This artist I like a lot also, they make a lot of fighting game girls. I met them on Twitter and I'm pretty sure they drew MinMust specifically for me,, it's my avatar one some sites now.

It's very not organized but there is a lot of art in my bookmarks I liked. Some ryona, a lot of wrestling ryona, some pinup art, a few nsfw things..and also just some art I thought was nice.

There is also this artist who is my favorite for bondage type works. I don't always like bondage a lot but the way this person does it I like a lot!!

For less ryona type stuff and just pretty characters and art, here are some I really like that I found these days.

This is probably my faaaavorite OCs I have ever found so far!! They are just a very cute couple and I like them a lot!!
The artist who made them is also very good and has very detailed drawings.

This artist has a very cute Tekken OC and makes art in different styles, I like her work a lot also.

This artist has a super duper adorable webcomic inspired by Sailor Moon with a CUTTEEEE gay couple, and her art is just very pretty, a lot of people commission her so you see she can make all kinds of character designs.

This artist makes lotssss of muscle girls doing sports and things!! It's very attrractive imo.

Maybe my favorite artist I found lately is this one, she is also on twitter. I am commissioning some artworks from her at the moment. We will see how it goes!! elRincondeUsagi - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt
She does a lottttt of wrestling artwork and it gets posted by different people who commission her so it is a bit hard to find it. Here is an example I liked a lot. Chloe Valentine vs Ava Valentine - Sparring 1 by YuukiMMD on DeviantArt
I have a lot of her work I liked with others in my favorites on da. Ryonaneer User Profile | DeviantArt

There is some of the things I have been finding these days!!