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Made a Orc Must Die 2 stun motion gif



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Oh man, what a nice expression.. and shininess. :D
Yea, they did a great job!! I hope to commission them again some time.

quiet_resolve quiet_resolve I forgot, but you said something about games to play with someone on PC that have multiplayer and stun. Street Fighter V might be a good one for that? It even has a stun meter, so it can be a common occurence, and each character has a unique animation for it.

BTW you said you were trying to capture stun animations of Rumble Roses XX, I remember someone tried to share at some point a control guide that showed which moves caused stuns, are you using something like that?


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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer I can see sfv is a good one, but the only way we play together is to play against each other, which she might not always enjoy. Also I'm looking for content that is at least several hours a time, so do you know any adventure-type games that can be played as co-op and have high stun occurrence?
A bonus would be stun being an essential part of the game, where we will have to discuss our strategies revolving around the stuns.

for RRXX - yes. here is the one I use. Complete Move Sets FAQ | GamesRadar+ It takes a while to understand what is the entries indicates though. If you are having a problem understand one or whole part feel free to let me know.


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Hmmmm I can't think of anything like that, no. Mostly when I think of stuns in games, it is fighting games and RPGs.
Thanks, I will have to save that movelist and see if some day I can use it to finally capture the animations of that game I want to. :P Probably will still be a long time however.


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Ah yes! They did videos on Blank City, which is offline now I guess?

SO I commissioned another ryona comic, this time of old classic characters from my teenage years..:oops:
I am not posting it to my media sites yet because I am thinking of getting a second page done with all new statuses/poses, tho it will prolly be just lineart because my budget is almost gone..

This commission I ordered was a comic page made by https://twitter.com/sakura_rose12/ She is very good! I divided it into panels here.

bof hit.jpg


bof low.jpg


bof ko.jpg


I epsecially lovveeee the way she drew Katt's upper body, I really like the muscles in her arms, shoulder, back..For a second page, I am thinking at least doing Sleepy and Dizzy and making new poses to see them in. :wink:

I am also planning on trying to make some video or GIF of FF7 remake when I am done with the Yuffie DLC. I have seen some videos of her on YT and they are good, but I want to try my own version of a video about her, and maybe some of Tifa and Aerith also. Have to figure out the places they can be Stunned and Sleepy..


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I must be one of those people who plays games then sits there when I see a new enemy to 'see what they can do'...

Punishing Gray Raven (Mobile)
- Stage 1 of the event (that just came out) and this 'Polar Walker' enemy just rushes towards me and stuns me. I should have the other characters soon. Getting the right camera angle is a pain...


  • PunishingGrayRaven - Lucia Stun.gif
    PunishingGrayRaven - Lucia Stun.gif
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  • PunishingGrayRaven - Bianca Stun01.gif
    PunishingGrayRaven - Bianca Stun01.gif
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  • PunishingGrayRaven - Liv Stun01.gif
    PunishingGrayRaven - Liv Stun01.gif
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  • PunishingGrayRaven - Nanami Stun01.gif
    PunishingGrayRaven - Nanami Stun01.gif
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That's OK! You make discoveries that way. Example, I discovered in the FF7 dlc that Yuffie has Sleep state!

She has three sets of sleeping sounds, plus three languages! I recorded a bunch and want to edit some video later.

This is also her Stun animation, it has different sounds for that, I will look into it also. For now, some more gifs. ;)



I like the sleepy sounds a lot. ;)
Also!! I commissioned more of the Breath of Fire comic, so there will be new poses entirely of those two.


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Their prices seem quite nice, too. Do they take English-speaking commissions? Or do I need to find a translator?
They speak Spanish, so I use a translation tool and a bit of spanish knowledge to speak with them. If they know it's not your first language, using a translation site should work, it has gone well with me. I am actually commissioning some more work from them but it's more private of someone's OCs I like a lot, and nothing nsfw. TBH they price themselves WAY too low for how good their work is but that is also probably part of how they are getting commissions to begin with since they are starting out I think.

I made unlisted videos of Yuffie ryona of her Sleeping state, which has the same animation as her dizzy/stun state.

I have three versions up, each has a different voiceover.


Oh I forgot if I shared these here but it's also unlisted, I recorded som Low HP video of Ys 8 some time ago.

Some have made videos of Ys 9 which also has some pretty ladies but it looks like their channel was taken down.
The only trace I have is this clip I saved.
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Now I'm not going to be surprised if my channel gets taken down... getting a warning about having non-18 videos when everything is set to 18+ age.


I use Bandicam when this can't download a YT video due to an error: yt1s.com - The Best Youtube Downloader


  • PunishingGrayRaven - LuciaAlpha Stun01.gif
    PunishingGrayRaven - LuciaAlpha Stun01.gif
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  • Counterside - Estarosa Stun.gif
    Counterside - Estarosa Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - Hilde Stun.gif
    Counterside - Hilde Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - SeoYoon Stun.gif
    Counterside - SeoYoon Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - ShinJia Stun.gif
    Counterside - ShinJia Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - Eujin Stun.gif
    Counterside - Eujin Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - YooMina Stun.gif
    Counterside - YooMina Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - LeeJin Stun.gif
    Counterside - LeeJin Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - ClaudiaNelson Stun.gif
    Counterside - ClaudiaNelson Stun.gif
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Ryonaneer Ryonaneer Haha I totally agree that their sleepy voice are awesome. Especially they even got a separate voice for waking up!

Do they have a voice for the stun/dizzy too?
It is like a paralysis! Yes, there's other voice effects, I tried to record those also.

My Breath of Fire 2 comic pages are done!!
Here are links to see the full pages. I think it came out sooo good!!

I also made ryona of Akira who released in SFV this week!


  • ak d4.gif
    ak d4.gif
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  • ak t2.gif
    ak t2.gif
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  • ak t4.gif
    ak t4.gif
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  • ak1.gif
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Counterside (PC)


  • Counterside - HayamiSanae Stun.gif
    Counterside - HayamiSanae Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - ChoHojin Stun.gif
    Counterside - ChoHojin Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - HanSorim Stun.gif
    Counterside - HanSorim Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - JessicaGreen Stun.gif
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  • Counterside - NinaAnderston Stun.gif
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