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Ryona, vore, loli and others games of TheFetishBeast

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by TheFetishBeast, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, TheFetishBeast here (AKA, Jorenth or Rickard, whatever you wanna call me). I'm a pretty new guy here at Ryonani and I'm quite a bit more focused on the gaming part of this site rather than anything else. Why? Because I love games, simple as that. And because of how much I love them I began to make games too. And that's why I'm here at this section of the site. I want to share with everyone here on this site the games that I'm making... But there's a problem with that. Namely, they're not finished. Oh no, far from it. After all, making games is not easy. No matter what modern software or program or whatever you use that claims to make it easier... it's true. Oh yeah, they definitely make it easier. But they don't make it easy. For a single guy to make a full game all on his own requires truckloads of patience and mountains of trial and error. Again, that's why I'm here. I have come here to ask if anyone would like to join me in the making of these games. I have done this plenty of times already on another site (Welcome to YoYo Games to be exact), asking people to join me in the making of my games, but, quite frankly, I've failed miserably everytime. Still, I wanna give it another shot.

    Right, why don't we start off with a list of the games that I currently have in the works? That is, a list of the games suitable for Ryonani.

    The idea for Island of Keila is pretty simple. You're running around an uncharted island full of monsters and other creatures that try to eat you. Unlike many ryona games however you don't play as a girl in this one. Instead you're some highschool guy with a kendo sword who's capable of defending himself... Well, yes, that's up to the player to decide of course ^_^ .

    Gone is a topdown puzzle game. You're a girl whose name is never told who wakes up in some kind of dungeon like place. Here she's told by some kind of shadowy figure that she has to undergo several tests in order to go home. The tests include numerous puzzles and battling different monsters as well as treating her own body from wounds. The whole wound part is actually the highlight of the game. Treating your wounds is like a game in itself. You have to treat them step by step. If they're deep you'll have to clean them, disinfect them, suture them and finally bandage them. The game has a healthbar as well as a woundbar. The lost part of the healthbar will automatically be regained in time but the woundbar prevents the autohealing. I also plan on adding a painbar. The higher her pain the slower she walks and the more sluggish her movements are. In fact, it'll probably even be game over if it goes too high.

    Say, just so I got it right, loli is what it's called when children are the victims, right? *Cough* For this game I haven't actually even started yet. I only have some ideas for now. First of all, there'll be four main characters, two playable and two villains. The two protagonists are both children, one a boy and one a girl. The two villains are adults, one a female naga and the other a male centaur. The two children both woke up at some kind of dungeon like place although not together. As they walk around confused at what's going on the boy meets up with the naga and the girl meets up with the centaur. Both of these creatures have the exact same goal, to devour the prey in front of them. However, though they both want to eat one of the children they also want to protect the other. The naga wants to protect the girl and the centaur wants to protect the boy making them enemies with each other. Though these ideas I haven't actually done anything with the game yet.

    This game... I really actually don't need to mention. It's about a highschool guy who's actually a demon hunter. He became a demon hunter because his parents were killed by them. The game is a sidescrolling action game that doesn't consist of normal enemies but only of bosses. The story is that demons possess the bodies of humans in order to spread chaos and wreak havoc without being discovered. However, the main character possess a third eye (On the back of his left hand) that allows him to see into the mind of living beings and also discover whether or not they are possessed by a demon. Once inside the mind of the body he battles the demon in order to free the conquered soul. To be honest, the making of this game was actually inspired by another game that, quite frankly, sucks. I'm talking about Lux-Pain on the Nintendo DS. The thing is, though bad as the game was, I think it had great potential. It could have been good had it just been given the right story, a more interactive gameplay and a LOT of spellchecking. Therefore I'm making this game hoping that I can make something better.

    This is a sidescrolling tournament fighting game. Choose a character to play as and a character to fight against, a human, a neko, a dridder, a centaur, a canine (Like a neko but a dog. Don't know if they have any specific name so I just called it a canine), a naga, a dragon, an angel or a succubus, perform powerful attacks, hypercombos, c-c-c-combobreakers, finish them off with fatality moves, brutality moves, voretality moves, devour them whole and alive, blow them to smithereens, tear them to pieces, shrink them and crush them, slice them in two and much more. The idea is that this game is supposed to have it all. Thus I call it 'Clash of the Fetishes'... But I only have a few of the characters so far. No programming or anything yet made for this game.

    Those are the games I'm working on at the moment and... due to how late it's getting I think I'm going to have to quickly wrap this up.

    Each of these games are being made using the game making program of Yoyogames simply known as Game Maker. I'm simply wondering if anyone would like to join in on the making of these games. Also, I don't require that you have any experience or skills or whatever in making games. If you're green and just want to give it a try then go ahead, tell me what part you wanna do and show me what you can do. Speaking of parts, let me put up a list of what things that should be necessary in game making.

    Programming (The very source that turns a game into a game)
    Spriting (Drawing the sprites, animations and backgrounds of a game)
    Music (Writing, playing or composing the music for a game)
    Soundeffects (Simply that, soundeffects of all actions)
    Writing (Coming up with or writing down the story for a game)
    Testing (Playing the game as it's being worked on to find bugs and other faults)

    Simply put, people who can perform or wants to try out any of these parts are welcome to join in on the making of these games. Now, bear with me though, if you're green and just want to try out I'm still going to be pretty harsh. I won't accept anything that's made half-heartedly and I won't accept anything that's just thrown together in a couple minutes. But of course, the graphics of my games is VERY cheap so it should be easy to meet my requirements there. Still, effort is the one and only requirement that I have.

    Out of these parts that I listed some of them are more wanted than others. The two parts that are least wanted are Testíng and Writing. I love to write stories, stories is something I've long loved to create. Therefore I consider that to be my part to work on. But of course, ideas are welcome. As for testing, those are the easiest people to get. Anyone can just play a game and judge it when they're done and that's it. No, that's not how it's done. If you wanna be a tester you'll be searching for bugs and faults. You'll be going to every corner of the game, try to find the slightest flaw, do things that no one would do, be as nitpicky as possible, point out every typo and even so much as attempt to bug your way through. No bugs are allowed, all of them are to be found and eradicated. Trust me, I'm sick of bugs and typos after all the games I've played lately.
    The two parts that are most wanted are programming and spriting. Programming is just downright difficult, so many ways for things to go wrong, so many things you have to do, so many things you have to remember, it blows your mind. As for spriting, there's a lot to draw in a game you know. All the frames for a sprite's animation, all the poses, all the actions and there are multiple sprites and characters and stuff too, not to mention backgrounds. For someone like me who's not a visual artist (Even though I want to be one) it's not very easy to draw all of the stuff needed for a game. I mean, sure, sometimes I can do it but as mentioned, the graphics are VERY cheap. They're no Street Fighter II I'm telling you or even FairyFighting. Thus spriters are much wanted.

    ... I don't think that's all but I'm kind of out of time here so I'll wrap this up now. If anyone's interested in joining in on the making of these games then just let me know by commenting on this thread or sending me a message. Now, I would give my hotmail too but due to numerous reasons I won't do that. If you want my hotmail so we can talk on MSN or something then you'll have to send me a message.

    So yeah, I sure hope you lot are interested in joining. That's all for tonight. See you all around.
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  2. VileCorp

    VileCorp Guest

    I've been looking for someone to work with also. I'd gladly focus on just graphics(2D sprites, don't know anything about 3D) if someone else did the programming. So far my solution for sounds and musics has been to just rip them from other games.

    I also have some experience with Gamemaker and I too came quickly to the realisation that it's just too much work for one person. I've been recently messing with RPG Maker XP, but the problem with that is, that RPG games just aren't really challenging, they don't require any skill, just grinding. I'd much rather do a side scrolling beat'em up, like Golden Axe, that actually requires some skill to play.

    Also I don't think you mentioned anything about the content you're willing to do, but for me, it would have to be a very hardcore game: blood, gore, rape, etc...

    Here's my non-sprite work: Hentai Foundry

    Here's some sprites I've made:

    amazon_femaleslave.jpg amazon_gina.jpg

    And here's a Title screen image:


    And in case it wasn't clear, I like really muscular women :p
  3. As mentioned, the graphics I make are VERY cheap and compared to your work that statement is as true as can be. What I'm saying is that your work is great (And I'm referring to your sprites there). I've got to admit though that that whole muscular women theme never caught my interest but we could definitely add such a character to 'Clash of the Fetishes'. The thing is, seeing how different our art styles are (Yours being a LOT larger) you would need not only to draw all the sprites and animations of that one character but of all the others as well. Adding her there would now be a total of eleven characters.

    By the way, RPG Maker? I say that RPG is NEVER a good choice of game for Ryona or vore or anything of the likes so I agree entirely.

    As for the contents of the games, it's going to vary. Island of Keila is fast paced but little to no blood so not very hardcore. Gone is gory but slow and requires patience and for the player to remain calm (Not to panic that is). The loli game is not as gory as Gone (Maybe no blood at all) but it's going to contain a lot more torture. Clash of the Fetishes however will be much more violent but sometimes less violent too. For Clash of the Fetishes it simply depends on what character you play as and who you fight. If you want a muscular woman who rips her enemies apart or perhaps rapes them then we can definitely add that. Clash of the Fetishes is supposed to have as many themes as possible after all.

    Oh yeah, ripping music and soundeffects from other games and stuff? That's intollerable. I will not accept anything but original works. No famous characters from other games, no well-loved music from famous movies or games, I want original characters and original music. Of course, if you have an OC of your own that you'd like in the game then that's possible too. I mean, for Pete's sake, I plan on having myself in Clash of the Fetishes XD .

    Anyway, sounds to me that the one game you should focus on is Clash of the Fetishes. So, if you're still interested then just let me know. Just remember that I still haven't so much as begun with the game yet.
  4. thesteedman

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    I certainly like the sound of Clash of Fetishes since it can cover a heck of a lot of ground and appeal to practically everyone on the site. I wish I could help but I can't program to save my life, plus I'm quite busy too these days. All I could offer is some concepts and ideas for some of the games, unfortunatley I can't really offer much more. It sounds like you got a heck of a lot of tasks though, do you think its worth focusing on one game for now rather then so many?
  5. One may say it's worth focusing on one game but in my case that's practically not possible. I don't think I could keep my fullest attention to one game to the very end without getting thoughts of other games and wanting to focus on them. You could say I'm rather scatterbrained XD . Therefore I'm personally going to focus on all games while others may focus on one game at a time. You could say that we'll be multiple teams but all with one leader. As for ideas and concepts as you mentioned, you're very welcome to just flat out blurt out any ideas that you get. Even ideas for entire games if you so will. Anything you say will be taken into consideration.
  6. VileCorp

    VileCorp Guest

    I sent a pm, in case you didn't see it.
  7. detritus

    detritus angry angry Staff Member Administrator Moderator Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 23, 2009
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    Hey there,

    I'm curious if you have any finished projects that are available for demo.
  8. Well, I don't exactly have any finished projects but I do have one game that I've been working on for quite a long time now that I can make a demo of (Actually, I do have a demo already available but it could use some alterations since it was made for a specific person). And with that demo I can definitely show what graphics I'm capable of, what programming and some more. But as I've said several times already, my graphics are very, VERY cheap.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Know that this game does not contain any forms of fetishes or ryona or anything of such whatsoever (That's why it's not in the list). This is merely to show what programming I'm capable of. Also, this is a rather old game for me so my programming has slightly... slightly improved.
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  9. Work on Clash of the Fetishes has begun. VileCorp and I are currently working on the graphics and programming and we're making steady progress. We're not ready to upload any demo yet though, I would prefer to have at least four fully playable characters before that (And the four characters have already been decided). If you would like to join in on the making of the game then now's the time. Wanna do some programming, help VileCorp with the graphics or perhaps test the game for bugs? Maybe you'd like to make some music or create some soundeffects or perhaps draw some backgrounds (Yeah, graphics, I know). Ideas are, of course, also welcome. Got an idea for a character? Perhaps just a move for a character? A specific fetish you'd like in the game? All forms of ideas are welcome. Just remember that this is a tournament fighting game.

    If you'd like to discuss it more in-depth or, for testing, receive a copy of the game as it's being made then find us on Skype. You'll find me there by the same name as here, TheFetishBeast.

    Here's hoping to see you there.
  10. mudball2

    mudball2 Potential Patron

    May 9, 2012
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    I would e very excited to work on Gone or Island as a programmer. I'm particularly skilled in the realm of game development. I know C++, C#, Lua, LISP, Dark BASIC Pro, ActionScript, and am more than capable of learning more. I'm also familiar with the graphics APIs Allegro and DirectX, and I'm working on OpenGL. I've even worked with sound APIs like FMOD. I have access to Visual Studio 2010 and 2011 and I can use abstract data types if need be. I'm mostly just looking for a challenge and experience and artists to help me out. If you're interested in my help, please let me know. Keep in mind that I can offer any other credentials if you need them. That includes a resume.
  11. Sorry for never having replied to you mudball2. I've kind of left this thread behind but right now I've come back for a reason. I sure hope you'll come back here to read this reply ^_^ .

    You say you're interested in Gone and Island of Keila? At the moment those are the two games that I'm currently most interested in myself (With the exception of the game that I'm currently working on with VileCorp). I'm much interested in the idea of you handling the programming for Gone seeing as I'm having a lot of trouble with that one lately (The programming for the wound treating system just looks ridiculous). As for those things you mentioned, C++, C#, Lua, LISP, Dark BASIC Pro... I really have no idea what those things are. But I'm sure it would come in handy. Anyway, if you're still interested then I'd gladly let you join. You can contact me on my Skype, which you should be able to find on my profile.

    Now then, to everyone else reading this message, I have returned to this thread for a reason. I've wanted to begin work on Island of Keila but I am so unconfident in my own graphical ''talent'' that I'm in a dire need of a spriter. So I have come here to ask if there is anyone out there who'd like to become the spriter for Island of Keila. However, if there is and if you do then you must be aware that there are requirements. I know that I said in the first post that I don't really have any requirements but this time I do. I'll be putting them up in a list.

    1, Better than me: If you're not better than me at drawing then I don't think I'd let you be the spriter. But don't lose confidence like I did, I really suck at it so being better than me is not an impressive feat.
    2, Vore fetish: It's not an actual requirement but it would be much appreciated if you have a vore fetish. What kind of vore fetish? Doesn't matter, the more the better. Island of Keila is a vore game and only recently I decided that it could/should have as many different kinds of vores as possible, soft and hard vore, willing and unwilling, breast vore, anal vore, vaginal vore (Unbirth) and even cock vore (Eventhough that's one of those that I'm actually not interested in). For this reason a vore fetish is much appreciated. If you don't have it then there's really no point for you to do it.
    3, Anthros and Taurs: Island of Keila will contain both anthros and taurs as well as normal (albeit big) animals. There will also exist monsters. However, for this part I haven't really decided anything yet (Except for a single Taur, AKA Keila who is a character) so your mind has the fullest permission to wander off and make up whatever your imaginations can create. The game also contains one human (The main character, male) but may contain more. It all depends on further discussion, ideas and requests.
    4, 2D, not 3D: The graphics for Island of Keila are 2-Dimensional, I don't want any 3-Dimensional models walking around in a 2-Dimensional world or anything.
    5, No realism: I prefer animated/cartoonish graphics over realistic ones. With 2D graphics it's pretty difficult to make sprites look realistic so it probably won't be difficult to please me on that part. But the more cartoony they look the better (Especially anime style).

    Those should be my requirements. If you have any questions you may ask here or find me on my Skype, which you should be able to find on my profile... I think that should be all. I sure hope there's someone out there who's interested.
  12. Maya

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  13. mudball2

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    May 9, 2012
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    I think I managed to find you Skype. Let me know if I found the right account or not. Thanks for getting back to me. I would still love to help work on either or both of these projects. :)