[ryona] Randomguys XNAlara image dump


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I have been doing this for a loooong time on Ryonani. I done tons of these over too long of a period of time. If you are looking for muscle busters sorry I am not that guy.

Anywho here is a link to every set I have done

If you are having trouble finding one you want let me know and I will direct link it
84.jpg 19.jpg 44.jpg 9.jpg 17.jpg 27.jpg 42.jpg 43.jpg 10.jpg 35.jpg 17.jpg 259.jpg 170.jpg 49.jpg 350.jpg 40.jpg 93.jpg 19.jpg 6.jpg 36.jpg 24.jpg 308.jpg 345.jpg 384.jpg 6.jpg 21.jpg 33.jpg 29.jpg 69.jpg 54.jpg 35.jpg 10.jpg
and many many more. Feel free to make requests if you want(though I will not guarantee I make those)


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Just a small tip, the mouth in pictures 24 and 35 could be a bit better if the top lip didn't get so triangular. The bottom lip can be more curved while the top can be less curved. I haven't worked with the Ayane model so I don't know if it's a bone limitation or not.


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Alright I have been taking an image break to work on videos. However for the holiday I am opening up a free request. I will do 8 single move image requests.(IE request Mila getting punched you get one image of that) Any victim (male or female) is welcome and any move or situation (yes even my "favorite" the muscle buster)

If you want specific models you have to provide me with links to them. The attacker and the attaked can be male or female(yup gyaku is allowed) No Guro or sex(implied or suggestive is fine) Doesn't HAVE to be ryona(yes if you want just an image of say Asuka posing and looking cool I'll do it) The more detailed you are with your request the less liberties I will take(i.e. if you want them to react a way or the camera in a spot you'll need to specify. reference images are welcome) ONE per user. IE don't post on here or message me with 8 different ideas. Lastly no loligaggin. IE if the character is really young and it is ryona...NO

- musdy: Isabella KOed in a sleeper finshed
- carl_fennin: Tall Oaks Helena Harper back arched KO finshed
- puca: P1 SC4 Cassie facebreaker punch finshed
- nine: Eliza of tekken Hunchback lifted finshed
- open
- open
- open
- open

carl_fennin: I did one angle as you asked and one other I thought looked better


puca: Probably the hardest one(so far) mainly because Cassie's facial expression was hard to get right. Not 100% happy with the face but let me know what you think.






I didn't see a camera angle suggested so I took several pictures







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I do have a request for you, randomguy, if you are willing to accept it.

Victim: Helena Harper
Model of Victim: Helena Harper Tall Oaks Outfit
Attacker: None
Model of Attacker: None
Pose: The defeated arched back pose from the Tekken series.
Camera Angle: Preferably from that camera angle in that pose picture. If that camera angle isn't good, then feel free to pick whichever one you think is the best for it.
Facial Expression: Any facial expression you desire.
Background: Any background you desire.

If you don't wish to do this, then I perfectly understand and I am OK with that. If there is anything that I find "interesting" from the Tekken series in a ryona aspect, it is seeing that arched back position after KOs. I believe that started with Tekken 4, yes? I don't know why, but that's the really the only thing that stands out to me and I like seeing that.


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I'll throw in a request!

I'd like to see Cassandra (SC4, P1 outfit) getting punched in the face in an over-the-top way. Tongue out, jaw to the side, eyes in different directions, kinda facebreaker style. The attacker doesn't make much difference but if you wanted a suggestion, it'd be funny if it were Talim or something. Otherwise, your pick! Camera angle-wise, I'm thinking waist up, but I trust your judgement on whatever looks best.

I don't know if you have a pixiv account, but these are sort of what I was thinking of: イラストコミュニケーションサービス[pixiv(ピクシブ)] and イラストコミュニケーションサービス[pixiv(ピクシブ)]


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Yeah I can do all of these I'll add them to the list. I will start them soon. These are all pretty simple so it should not take me too long
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Can you do Eliza of tekken revolution please? The pose would be the hunchback lift you've done before with the focus on her unconscious face.


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Hey randomguy, when you say "no guro", do you mean that you won't do guro specifically (i.e. gory, bloody stuff), or does that include other "grimdark" ryona subjects, too? (implied character death or vore, for example)


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Almost all of the requests are done. Check the original request post. Eliza I should get her done soon(she will probably be the easiest)

Also Morosenoodle just tell me what you want. Worst case I say no or suggest something to tone it down or you just give me another request. Not a big deal :P


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Almost all of the requests are done. Check the original request post.

Thank you very much for fulfilling my request. Those images of Helena Harper like that are lovely. That back arched pose really brings out the quality of her chest. Very pleased with the facial expression that you gave her as well; with her eyes closed and mouth open. And just the way her body is thrusted upwards like that is something I find amusing. I think you did a really great job on the request and I greatly appreciate the work you put in.


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Your welcome. I just sat their with the reference image up and posed body parts to try and match. I am leaving the open request up only for another week. First come first serve and because people are not jumping on this people who have made a request can make one more


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Probably the hardest one(so far) mainly because Cassie's facial expression was hard to get right. Not 100% happy with the face but let me know what you think.

I think you did a great job with Cassie's expression! I think the impact shows really well. Heck, if I had to give any criticism, I would have said that maybe Cassie's body coulda been bent back more from the impact. Thank you, the pic is great! :D

If no one posts another request soon, I'll probably ask for a continuation of this XD


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you may as well do it. Moro if you see this by saturday I will still accept yours though. Also the problem with bending Cassandra was...Talim is so short! Getting Talim to land a face punch on Cassie and make it look legit was hard. Which is why I rarely use smaller attackers on the ryonaed