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Benikage Vs Spencer

When Aisha carried Dixie out of the ring and into one of the shopping mall’s changing room, the theme “Shadows Appear” played over the mall’s stereo and the lights around the wrestling ring dimmed. Then a thick smoke appeared in the ring. When it dissipated, it revealed a figure standing in the middle of the ring.

Benikage stood straight with her hands forming the signs of teleportation, one of her ninjutsu arts. She wore only black fishnets that barely covered her brown nipples and black hairy vagina, her biceps and six-packs on her white toned body also visible through her fishnet. She also wore black ninja tabi and gauntlets. She bowed before turning to her corner, leaning against the corner.

Then the them “I am too Virtuous” played on the shopping mall’s stereo and someone stepped out from a bookstore and slowly made her way to the ring. Miss Spencer wore only pink bikini along with pink wrestling boots and gloves. Her biceps and six-packs featured proudly off her white toned body. Blonde pubic hair can be seen poking out from her bikini bottom.

When she reached the wrestling ring, Spencer stepped onto the ring’s apron and pushed the top and middle ropes away from each other; stepping through them and pulling herself into the ring. She stood up straight and began posing sexually before the crowd, smiling tenderly as she showed off her curvy yet toned body. When her theme ended, she turned to face Benikage who was walking towards her.

The two women wasted no time with words as the referee blew the whistle, Spencer getting into a fighting stance to greet the ninja. Both of them growled as they locked fingers with each other, battling one another in a test of strength. Spencer was the strongest of the two as she slowly pushed Benikage into the ropes, sweat pouring down their bodies.

Then grabbing Benikage by one of her wrist, she Irish whipped the ninja to the other side of the ring. Benikage grunted as her back hit the ropes, rebounding back towards Spencer. Spencer stretched her arm sideway and roared, preparing to clothesline Benikage into the mat. She gasped in surprise as Benikage ducked under her arm, hitting the ropes again.

The teacher whirled around to face her opponent but she was too slow. Benikage had leapt into the air and drop-kicked Spencer in the chest, making the American woman cried out and fall onto her back. Before Spencer could get up, Benikage grabbed one of her ankles and lifted it into the air. Pinning Spencer’s other leg under one foot, she began twisting her ankle in an ankle lock.

Spencer groaned from the ankle lock, Benikage pushing her legs apart further as she apply more pressure onto the hold. Still holding onto Spencer’s leg, Benikage rolled the teacher onto her stomach and sat on her back, pulling one leg towards her in a single Boston crab hold. Spencer yelped and tried to crawl towards the ropes, only to gasp when Benikage ripped off her bikini bottom; showing the teacher’s blonde hairy vagina.

Tossing the bikini bottom over her shoulders, Benikage plunge one finger into Spencer’s vagina, fingering her deeply as she continued to bend her back. With a gasp, Spencer used her leg to pull Benikage off her; hoping to catapult her into a corner. Instead, Benikage simply slammed a palm onto the white canvas and cartwheel harmlessly onto her feet. The ninja waited patiently for Spencer to get onto her feet.

With a snarl, Spencer roared and charged towards Benikage; leaping into the air and aiming a spear into the ninja’s guts. She screamed in surprised as she slammed head-first into a wooden log, falling victim to Benikage’s substitution ninjutsu. Spencer and the log slammed into the corner, the blonde woman falling face-first into the mat.

Spencer was on her fours, groaning in pain, as a puff of smoke appeared behind her. Benikage stepped out from the smoke and leapt into the air, slamming both her knees onto Spencer’s back. Spencer yelped as she slammed into the mat, groaning when the ninja grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up onto her feet.

The blonde woman screamed loudly as she was slammed into the turnbuckle, forced to face Benikage. The ninja grabbed Spencer’s bikini top and ripped it off, showing the teacher’s brown nipples. Spencer yelped in embarrassment as Benikage discarded the ruined bikini, delivering back-hand slaps into the teacher’s breasts.

Spencer yelped every time Benikage’s hand slapped her breasts, making them bounced sideways. Then the ninja positioned Spencer upside down in a tree of woe, staring down on her as the teacher moaned and hold her sore breasts. Benikage made more signs before slamming her palms onto Spencer’s hairy vagina, using her ninja arts to increase the blonde woman’s arousal.

Spencer screamed as she felt her climax building up, shaking her head in a futile attempt to control herself. She screamed lewdly as cum exploded from her hairy vagina, the teacher moaning as she orgasmed like a fountain. Benikage stepped back and posed sexually for the crowd as she watched cum squirting upwards from Spencer’s vagina.

Then she turned Spencer back onto her feet, punching her twice in the stomach before kicking her squarely in the face; making the blonde woman grunt and slumped down against the turnbuckle. Benikage walked away from Spencer before running back to her, leaping into the air and slamming her crotch onto the teacher’s face in a bronco buster.

Spencer’s screams filled the shopping mall as. Benikage slammed her crotch onto her face, knocking her head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Then Benikage grabbed hold of the top ropes, lifted herself up into the air before slamming both her boots onto Spencer’s already leaking vagina; more cum spraying out from the impact.

Spencer barely made a sound as she fell onto her side, her eyes closed and her arms holding her leaking vagina. Benikage leaned down and grabbed hold of the teacher’s head, dragging her to the middle of the ring. When they reached her destination, the ninja dropped Spencer’s head onto the white canvas and hooked one of her leg up into the air, pinning her. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Benikage yelped in surprise as Spencer kicked out, breaking the pin. Benikage rolled off Spencer and grabbed her arms, pulling both of them up onto their feet and Irish whipping her into the ropes. The blonde teacher grunted as her back hit the ropes, rebounding back towards Benikage. The ninja ran towards to slam an elbow into her stomach.

Benikage gasped in surprise when Spencer roared and grabbed the ninja by the throat, lifting her up into the air. Benikage gagged as she hold onto Spencer’s wrist, kicking her legs wildly in the air. With a smirk, Spencer roared and slammed Benikage into the mat in a choke slam.

Benikage gasped in shock when her back made impact, grunting when she felt Spencer’s weight on her. The blonde teacher smirked wider as she slapped the ninja’s face several times before standing up, holding onto the top of Benikage’s fishnet. With a yank, she tore the fishnet off Benikage, revealing her nude white toned body.

Benikage yelped and tried to covered her exposed brown nipples and black hairy vagina, Spencer swinging the ruined fishnet over her head before throwing it out of the ring. She turned back in time for Benikage to get back onto her feet, launching a punch towards the blonde’s face. Spencer casually caught Benikage’s fist in one hand before pushing it down, delivering multiple slaps into her face.

Benikage yelped from each slaps by the blonde teacher, her face turning red as she tried to retreat. Then Spencer stopped the slapping before delivering her Dynamic Punch into the ninja’s face, making Benikage whirled on the spot and falling towards the mat. Before the ninja could hit the mat, Spencer quickly wrapped her arms around Benikage’s waist and lifted her into the air, slamming her down into the mat in a German suplex.

Benikage screamed when the back of her head hit the white canvas, screaming further as Spencer repeated the move two more times. Still holding onto Benikage’s waist, Spencer pulled both of them up onto their feet; the teacher’s breasts rubbing into the ninja’s sweaty back. With a grunt, the blonde teacher lifted the ninja high in the air and slammed her hairy vagina onto her knee in an atomic bomb.

Benikage screamed as she got off Spencer’s knee, orgasming all over the mat. She slowly turned around to face the teacher, only to be punch in the face, kneed in the guts and lifted up onto the teacher’s shoulders. Benikage grunted as she felt her back on Spencer’s shoulders, screaming when the teacher bent her back in a torture rack backbreaker. If that was not bad enough, Spencer inserted two fingers into Benikage’s wet vagina; fingering her deeply as she continued to apply pressure onto the ninja’s spine.

All Benikage can do was screamed as she flailed her arms wildly, feeling pain from the torture rack backbreaker and pleasure from Spencer’s fingering. To her disbelief, Benikage blushed as she orgasmed all over Spencer’s fingers; some dropping onto the mat. The blonde teacher smirked as she pulled her fingers out from the ninja’s squirting vagina, licking the cum off her fingers.

When she was done cleaning her fingers, Spencer lifted Benikage higher into the air and slammed her back onto her knee in a back breaker. Benikage screamed and almost blacked out as she felt her spine being snapped in half. The ninja’s eyes were fluttering as she was pushed off the blonde teacher’s knee, falling onto the mat with a wet thud.

With her opponent on her back and cum flowing out from her vagina, Spencer took her time getting up onto her feet and posed sexually for all to see. When she was done posing, she pulled Benikage up onto her feet and turned her back to her, in preparation for her Tricolor Suplex Hold move.

First Spencer wrapped her arms around Benikage’s waist from behind, lifting her up into the and slamming her shoulders and upper back into the mat. Without stopping, Spencer rolled back onto her feet and put the ninja in a full Nelson hold, lifting her up into the air and slamming her into the mat for a second time. Finally, the blonde teacher rolled back onto her feet, placed her palms onto Benikage’s upper back and lifted her up into the air, slamming her again into the mat to complete her Lethal Move.

While all of these was happening, Benikage stopped making anymore sounds after the second slam; Spencer’s Lethal Move knocking her out. Spencer released the ninja from the final hold, allowing her body to fall onto the mat. With Benikage lying eagle-spread on the mat, Spencer smirked and placed a boot in between her breasts. With Spencer pinning Benikage down, the referee began the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The referee signalled the end of the match, Spencer smiling down on Benikage. For the first time in the match, Spencer spoke to Benikage.

‘You failed the class. It’s time for your re-education in detention.’

Spencer walked to Benikage’s legs and kicked them apart before stomping onto Benikage’s wet vagina, rubbing her heel onto it. That woke up the ninja as she moaned loudly, feeling aroused from the foot-job. After less than a minute, Benikage moaned as she orgasmed all over Spencer’s boot.

Spencer smirked as she slammed her wet hairy vagina onto Benikage’s face, bouncing on her before letting out a loud moan; orgasming all over her and into her mouth. The teacher giggled as she coated the ninja’s face in thick cum before standing up; grabbing Benikage by the hair. Dragging her out of the ring, Spencer dragged Benikage out of the shopping mall so she can continue her humiliation on the ninja.

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