Rumble Roses Eroticism: Mall Wrestling Anaesthesia vs Noble Rose


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Rumble Roses: Anaesthesia vs Noble Rose

After Miss Spencer dragged Benikage out of the shopping mall, the theme “The Thorn of Justice” played on the stereo and a figure stepped out from one of the mall’s changing room. Her short pink hair shone brightly as she strode towards the wrestling ring, wearing only pink wrestling boots, gloves and bikini. Her biceps and six-packs featured proudly off her white toned body.

Noble Rose, also known as Fujiko, was only halfway to the ring when she screamed in surprise, falling onto her knees. She looked over her shoulders as she saw a woman with short brown hair and eyes towered over her, tossing down a steel chair. She was nude saved for her black wrestling boots and gloves, her dark brown nipples hard and black hairy vagina exposed. Biceps and six-packs featured proudly off her ebony toned body.

Anaesthesia, Fujiko’s opponent and nemesis, smirked as she grabbed her by the hair. ‘Enough of that. Let’s start with the show already. But first.’

Anaesthesia pulled a syringe from behind her and pierced the skin of Fujiko’s neck, inserting the content inside of it. Fujiko gasped in shock as Anaesthesia pulled the needle out from her neck and dragged her to the wrestling ring, throwing her into it. As Fujiko moaned and slowly got onto her feet, Anaesthesia took her time rolling into the ring as the referee blew the whistle; signalling the start of the final match.

Fujiko was on her fours as Anaesthesia slowly removed her bikini, showing Fujiko’s pink nipples and pink hairy vagina. She smirked as she tossed them out of the women. ‘Come on Fujiko, let’s fight like women here.’

‘You…’ Fujiko managed to let out as she slammed an elbow into Anaesthesia’s stomach, making her grunt and stumbled backwards.

Fujiko moaned as she stood up onto her feet, holding her neck and swaying on her feet. Anaesthesia smirked and raised her fists, ready to receive any attack from Fujiko. Fujiko snarled and charged towards her opponent, only to yelp when Anaesthesia kicked her in between the legs and grabbed her head, throwing her into a corner.

Fujiko grunted as she hit the turnbuckle, gasping as Anaesthesia slammed into her; their sweaty bodies rubbing into each other. Fujiko moaned as her nipples rubbed onto Anaesthesia’s nipples, squirming as her opponent licked her face; groping her bottoms. Then pinning Fujiko’s arms against the top the ropes, Anaesthesia proceed to knee her opponent’s stomach and vagina.

Fujiko screamed as she felt Anaesthesia’s knee slamming onto her guts and vagina, unable to fight back. Anaesthesia grabbed Fujiko by the wrist and pulled her away from the turnbuckle, dragging her to the middle of the ring. She then Irish whipped the pink-haired woman to the ropes, staying in the centre of the ring.

Fujiko gasped when her back hit the ropes, rebounding back to Anaesthesia. She growled and prepared to clothesline her nemesis into the mat but Anaesthesia was faster. She simply stepped forward and scooped Fujiko up, one leg over her thigh and their hairy vaginas contacting. vWrapping her arms around Fujiko’s waist, she rubbed her up and down; their sweaty bodies rubbing into each other.

Fujiko screamed as she was pushed up and down Anaesthesia’s sweaty ebony body, feeling her climax building up as her hairy vagina grinned against Anaesthesia’s. She gasped sharply as she orgasmed all over Anaesthesia’s abdomen and hairy vagina, wrapping her arms around her neck and moaning pitifully.

Anaesthesia smirked and moaned herself as she felt Fujiko’s thick cum all over her stomach, pressing her nipples into hers as she licked her face. She then moved forward and slammed Fujiko’s back into the turnbuckle before slamming her onto the white canvas. Fujiko screamed when her back made impact with the mat, screaming louder as Anaesthesia sat on her stomach and punched her face and breasts.

As sweat flew in every direction, Fujjiko reached out and right hooked Anaesthesia in the face. The blow knocked Anaesthesia off her but her nemesis simply landed onto her back and grabbed hold of Fujiko’s wrist and leg, slamming both her boots into her sides. Fujiko’s screams filled the shopping mall as Anaesthesia bent her body sideway in a bow and arrow hold.

Anaesthesia smirked as she yanked the Japanese woman’s limbs towards, putting more pressure onto the hold. Before Fujiko could escape or even tap out, Anaesthesia released Fujiko from the hold and stood up. She laughed as she stomped onto Fujiko’s wet hairy vagina, onto her stomach, onto one of her breasts and finally onto her face.

Fujiko’s screams was cut short when Anaesthesia stomped on her face, almost knocking her out. Anaesthesia smirked down on her semi-conscious opponent before parading around the ring, her hands in the air and smiling at the crowd of shoppers. Then she dropped onto her bottoms as she pulled Fujiko towards her, wrapping her legs around her head. She grunted as she locked the Japanese woman in a head scissor, choking her.

Fujiko gagged and coughed as her air was cut, flailing her arms wildly and slapping onto Anaesthesia’s calves weakly. Instead of forcing Fujiko into submission or choking her out cold, Anaesthesia loosened her hold on the Japanese woman and reached out; pinching her pink nipples and pulling them upwards.

Fujiko screamed in pain as her nipples were pulled, kicking her legs wildly and flailing her arms even wildly. Then Anaesthesia mercifully released Fujiko’s nipples and pulled her up onto her feet, lifting her over her head. She swung her in circles before slamming her back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

Fujiko gasped when her back made impact with Anaesthesia’s knee, spit flying out from her mouth. With a smirk, Anaesthesia shoved her fingers into Fujiko’s hairy vagina, her fingers venturing deep into her insides. Fujiko moaned weakly from the abuse and her nemesis’ fingers inside of her, wrapping one hand around Anaesthesia’s wrist in a futile attempt to stop her sexual attack.

It was to no avail as Fujiko wailed as she orgasmed all over Anaesthesia’s fingers, her head hanging as cum flowed out from her vagina and onto the white canvas. Anaesthesia laughed as she pulled her fingers out from the Japanese woman’s vagina and licked the cum off her fingers, pushing Fujiko off her knee. Licking her lips with lust, Anaesthesia laid on top of Fujiko and kissed her deeply on the lips. She pinned her arms above her head and the referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Anaesthesia gasped as Fujiko kicked out, breaking the kiss and the pin. To her surprise, Fujiko jumped back onto her feet the same time as her; as if her earlier attacks on the Japanese woman had no effect on her. Fujiko stood before Anaesthesia, covered in sweat and cum and glaring at her. Anaesthesia realised that the serum that she injected into her opponent had transformed her into her alter ego; Evil Rose.

‘This should be interesting.’ Anaesthesia murmured as she raised her fists. ‘Let’s see how well you fight.’

Without answering, Evil Rose charged towards Anaesthesia and locked fingers with her; challenging her in a test of strength. Anaesthesia grunted as she found herself being pushed back, feeling her back onto the ropes. Before she could retaliate, she screamed as Fujiko savagely kneed her in the stomach, hairy vagina and then in the face.

Still holding onto Anaesthesia’s head, Evil Rose snarled as she hip tossed her opponent onto her back. As Anaesthesia’s back made impact with the white canvas, Evil Rose climbed on top of the ropes and bounced off it, slamming her knees onto Anaesthesia’s stomach and hairy vagina. Now the shopping mall was filled with Anaesthesia’s screams as Evil Rose grabbed her head, rolling her to face the mat.

Snarling, Evil Rose yanked her nemesis onto her feet and slammed her face-first into the mat in a face-buster before slamming a knee repeatedly into her temple. Anaesthesia can only moaned as she felt a concussion coming, not aware that she was being pulled onto her feet. With a growl, Evil Rose Irish whipped Anaesthesia into a corner; running towards her.

Evil Rose leapt into the air and slammed both her boots into Anaesthesia’s breasts in a drop-kick, making her nemesis screeched as she slumped down the turnbuckle. Rolling onto her feet, she pinned Anaesthesia’s arms onto the middle ropes and slammed her knee several times into Anaesthesia’s face before pulling up onto her feet.

The Japanese woman punched her adversary twice in the face before head-butting her in the face, pushing her on top of the turnbuckle. Anaesthesia moaned and was on the verge of unconsciousness as she was turned around to face the crowd, feeling Evil Rose’s breasts onto her sweaty back. She gasped as she felt Evil Rose’s fingers inside her hairy vagina and yelped when her arm was raised and her nemesis’ tongue pressed into her sweaty armpit.

Anaesthesia moaned lewdly as she felt Evil Rose’s fingers digging deeper into her insides and her tongue running up and down her sweaty armpit, her climax building up at such a fast pace. Then she gasped loudly as she orgasmed all over Evil Rose’s fingers and all over the top of the turnbuckle, her thick cum flowing down the turnbuckle.

Evil Rose was not done with her nemesis yet. She pulled her fingers out from Anaesthesia’s exploding vagina and collected some cum in her cupped hand. She shoved the collected cum into Anaesthesia’s mouth, forcing her to swallow her own cum as she bit into her neck. Anaesthesia can only moaned as her own cum flowed down her throat, feeling her neck being marked by hickeys.

Evil Rose then moved her hand away from Anaesthesia and wrapped her arms around her waist, lifting her nemesis off the turnbuckle and slammed her into the mat in a German suplex. Anaesthesia cried out as Evil Rose released her, allowing her to fall onto her back while the Japanese woman stayed on top of the turnbuckle. She stood up straight and leaped off it, slamming an elbow onto Anaesthesia’s breast.

Anaesthesia screamed from the slam, still screaming as Evil Rose slammed her wet hairy vagina onto hers, grinding her roughly. Anaesthesia’s sexual moans filled the shopping mall as Evil Rose bucked her roughly, turning her over-stimulated body hotter; her climax building up again. To her disbelief, Anaesthesia moaned as she orgasmed right after the first one, coating her and Evil Rose’s vaginas and stomachs in thick cum.

Evil Rose simply growled as she pulled her nemesis up onto her feet, punching her in the face, breasts, stomach and sides; treating her like a punching bag. Anaesthesia groaned as more cum flowed down her legs and hit the ropes, allowing herself to be pull onto Evil Rose’s shoulders.

The Japanese woman carried her nemesis to the middle of the ring before parading her around the ring, returning back to the centre of the ring. With a growl, she slammed Anaesthesia’s head into the mat. Anaesthesia screamed from the suplex and her eyes closed, out cold as she fell flat onto her back. With her opponent defenceless, Evil Rose pressed her sweaty armpit into Anaesthesia’s face and hooked one leg up into the air. With Anaesthesia pinned, the referee began counting out loud.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The referee signalled the end of the match but Evil Rose, sat on Anaesthesia’s stomach. The referee blew her whistle multiple times as the corrupted Japanese woman slammed her fists several times into Anaesthesia’s face, no sound coming from her. Then Evil Rose slammed her wet hairy vagina onto her face, bouncing on her face and letting out moans of arousal. With a moan of relief, she orgasmed all over Anaesthesia’s face; coating her face with thick cum. Growling savagely, Evil Rose grabbed Anaesthesia by the hair and yanked her up onto her feet.

She roared and threw her nemesis out of the ring, climbing onto the top ropes. She leapt off the ropes and slammed a knee onto Anaesthesia’s hairy vagina, sending more cum flying everywhere. Then grabbing her by an ankle, she dragged the unconscious Anaesthesia out of the shopping mall.

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