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May 25, 2019
Thread for collecting and gathering useful resources for roleplaying. Websites, chat systems, databases, guides, rules, tools, and anything else that can be found useful for ryona-themed roleplay.

I'll start it, but hopefully with the help of this community it'll grow! I'll be adding sections as needed.

Please write a message here or in PM if you think there's anything that should be added here.

Character profiles and chat systems

- - A general purpose kinky roleplay website launched way back in 2009. Has a huge community with a chat averaging at around 6000-10000 users online at any time, and userbase going into hundreeds of thousands. Great character profile and kink\\tag search system, great roleplaying chat though the backend is a bit dated and has no support for offline messaging. The most literate community out of everything I've seen, and it's possible to find partners to play out any kinks and kink combinations. It does have pre-made kink-tags for Fighting\\Wrestling, Death, Execution. Ryona can be added as a custom kink. While it is primarily marketed for furry and anthro characters, it has and supports characters of all races and genders.
- - a more modern website with heavy focus on fight roleplay and cyberfighting, as the name suggests. It is simpler than f-list, but has all the necessary bits - character profiles with search functions and filters and chat. It's chat system is my favorite so far - it's very similar to Discord in functionality, supporting online and offline messaging, markdown-like formatting, uploading images right into chat. It also has a lot of extra features useful for roleplaying - dice rolling and an entire (optional) fighting system with Healthbars (or rather generic "bars" which you can use as you like). Commnuity is a lot less mature and on average less literate than that of f-list or undertow, but that's easy to fix! ;)
- - IIRC it was supposed to be f-list killer, but it did not quite work out... Was a nice startup, but IMO it's UI and UX turned out to be even more confusing than f-list. It looks like it still has some activity, but minor.

Tools and instruments

- Roll20 - Virtual Tabletop for Playing D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, TTRPGs
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