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The Resource Manager is now live. Please feel free to poke around.

NOTE: There is a limit of 512 MB per file for initial submissions (AND updates) to the resource Manager. As a workaround, you can create a split archive using 7zip or WinRAR and upload them. Resources can now have up to 5 files.

Resource Manager Guidelines
Guidlines For Users

  • you are welcome to Rate and review any content that you find on the Undertow website. Please remember that each Rating should reflect the quality or workmanshipof the item in question
    • avoid fanboyism. Please don't give a bad rating to a Resource merely because it contains a kink that you find distasteful. Or violence against your favorite characters. Or a romantic pairing that isn't canon. Or because it's a mod for a game that you don't play.
    • please don't blitz through every Resource uploaded by your favorite author and rate them all 5/5. Take the time to think about each item. What did you like and dislike about it? Is it on-par with the creator's best work? How could it be improved?
    • you may give a bad rating to a Resource if its compatibility or documentation is so poor that it is effectively unusable, or if it is badly-out-date. But please be willing to reconsider and reviseyour rating when the author provides a new patch or update.
      • Note: you'll receive an automatic notification whenever an Update is made for any Resources that you've previously downloaded.
    • you may give a bad rating to a work of fiction if it shows technical faults (e.g. poor spelling, weird text formatting, missing punctuation) which prevent you from enjoying it. But please explain your rating and provide constructive criticism to the author.
  • each Resource will usually include a hyperlink to the creator's feedback thread. This thread provides a place for fans to gather and offer general feedback or suggestions:
    • "I really like your shading patterns. Do you use a Wacom tablet?"
    • "I've had some trouble running your games in fullscreen mode. Have you looked into the latest RPGMaker patch? It's supposed to fix this issue."
    • "Could I commission you to write a story about my character?"
    • "Hi guys! The next chapter will be slightly delayed due to a hard drive crash."
  • please remember that specific feedback should not be posted in the author's thread. Instead, this feedback should be posted on the Resource itself, in the form of ratings and comments:
    • "This app runs well under Windows 10 but Win7x64 shows a few glitches. 4/5"
    • "I loved the plot twist in Chapter 3! 5/5"
    • "Most of the files here were badly compressed; they aren't compatible with TexMod. 1/5"
  • you are encouraged to add Tags to Resources
    • please use this feature to inform the system about any themes or interestswhich the uploader may have overlooked.
      • perhaps it's a visual novel which includes a <harem> ending
      • perhaps it's a clothing mod which appeals to the <leather fetish>
      • perhaps it's a game which features <bullet hell> challenges
    • please add Tags which reflect commonly-recognized themes and categories. Do not apply subjective tags such as <my favorites> or <awesome>.
    • spoilers are OK. Tagging a story with <betrayal> or <death> could spoil the ending, but such tags are worthwhile because they help users to find content which interests them (and avoid stuff which they find disturbing).
    • normal users are unable to remove tags added by other users. This rule was included to prevent rogue users from wiping out useful information.
      • if you see a tag which is inappropriate or malicious (such as <scat> on a Hello Kitty mod) then please contact a staff member for assistance.
  • abuse of the Resource systemmay result in temporary loss of Resource-related privileges (upload, download, tagging, rating, etc)
    • extreme or persistent abuse may result in disciplinary action against your account

Guidelines For Creators
  • there is a "preference ranking" of potential content for the Resource Manager
    1. Stuff that you've created or written yourself which is published informally (e.g. forum posts and attachments) or not published at all
      • Please feel free to upload such material onto the Resource Manager.
      • The RM makes the material persistent, readily accessible, and easy for Undertow members to find.
      • Ideally, the RM should host "exclusive" content. If you intend to publish your work on larger websites (such as or then it may be better to simply post a link instead of re-uploading the material here.
    2. Stuff created by someone else but which you intend to support, maintain, or upgrade
      • We'll eventually publish some official guidelines for abandoned mods and AWOL authors. For now, please get permission from the creator (of from a staff member) before you begin work.
      • The RM includes a version-management feature, which helps you to broadcast updates. It also allows us to distinguish the original work from your edits (and rollback if necessary).
      • The RM includes a feedback feature, which may help users to inform you about conflicts or bugs which they've discovered.
    3. Stuff created by someone else but which isn't shared effectively
      • If the original author has abandoned a project (or ceased communicating) and his work is currently disorganized or inaccessible, then migration to the RM can add a lot of value.
      • Please contact a staff member before starting a migration project, especially if you intend to migrate an author's entire portfolio. Otherwise we might reject your submissions as spam or plagiarism.
    4. Stuff which is already hosted on a dedicated website
      • If the material is already published on a good platform (e.g. nexusmods, then uploading it to the Resource Manager doesn't add much value.
      • We'd prefer not to duplicate content. If some of your work is hosted on high-quality websites then please feel free to provide links in your Signature.
  • each newly-uploaded Resource must be approved by a moderatorbefore it becomes visible to forum members
    • therefore: you should not immediately broadcast the URL of the new Resource to your fans, because they will be unable to access it!
    • users who have successfully uploaded a few original creations, and who demonstrate a good understanding of the Resource system, can apply for the Modder badge
    • Modders have earned the respect and trust of the Undertow staff; they get to skip the moderation queue and publish their work directly
  • you are strongly encouraged to Tag your Resource entrieswhen uploading them
    • tags help community members to discover content which interests them. Tags can attract a larger audience for your work!
    • tags help community members to avoid content which scares them. Tags can keep out the offended prudes who will give your work a poor rating!
    • you can add more Tags to an existing Resource, if you belatedly notice that you've missed something.
      • users can also add Tags to your work. If you see a Tag which misrepresents the content of your work, then you please appeal to a staff member for assistance.
    • the following tags are compulsory. If your Resource contains (or unlocks) any of the following then it mustinclude the corresponding tag.
      • TODO: gore, death, rape, loli, scat, etc
  • the Resource Manager has been pre-populated with a few categories, reflecting the types of content which were commonly created and shared by Undertow forum members
    • if your work does not fit into one of the existing categories, please feel free to post it in the nearest match and appeal to a staff member for the creation a new subcategory. Your Resource can be moved around on the backend without any interruption of service or loss of data.
  • when posting Resources, please remember that the Undertow fileserver exists to share original content with the Undertow community
    • it is not a rent-free storage space on which you can backup your personal files
    • it is not a safe haven for the storage of illegal or pirated material
    • it is not a dumping-ground for ancient abandonware
    • it is not an ad-hoc filesharing toolfor collaborative projects
      • your project team should share files through normal avenues (e.g. pastebin, Github,
      • you can upload a Resource when have something reasonably complete which is ready to be used (or at least tested) by the forum community
  • Resources canexist without threads, but it is generally expected that each author or artist will create a thread for himself
    • if you have a general feedback thread, then please include its URL whenever you post a new Resource
    • you don't need to bump your threadwhen posting a new Resource
      • users of the Undertow website will automatically see new Resources on the frontpage feed
      • any fans who have subscribed to your work will receive an automatic notification whenever you create a Resource (or Update an old one)
      • of course, you're welcome to make an announcement post in your own thread - especially if it's a long-awaited release or if the release corresponds with a change in status (e.g. "I'm now accepting requests again")
    • please don't hijack someone else's threadin order to announce that you've released a new mod (or story, or tool, etc)
      • you may post a release announcement in someone else's thread if the new Resource is a collaborative effort between the two of you (or a work which they've specifically requested / commissioned)
      • if there's a long-running thread which has discussed the need for a particular patch or mod or guide, and your new Resource answers that need, then please feel free to bump the thread with a link to your new Resource
  • please don't post fake or frivolus updates to your Resources, merely because you want to bump your stuff up to the top of the frontpage feed
  • please feel free to edit your Resources
    • for instance: answering a question in your Resource's FAQ section may be useful to readers. Posting the same answer as a reply in your thread is less useful; the information will quickly get buried under new replies and it may be difficult to find in the future.
    • it never hurts to clean up the grammar of your summary paragraph, or include a better preview image, or add hyperlinks to related Resources, or ensure that your Tags are complete
    • editing your Resource does not bump it to the top of the news feed, so please feel free to make edits whenever you see room for improvement.
  • please don't tag your Resource with popular tags merely to attract more attention to it
    • use tags to indicate the content of your work, not the audience that you'd like to draw
  • you may delete your resourcesfor personal or creative reasons
    • beware the Streisand effect!
      • If you explain your reasons for removing the material (e.g. "I wrote this story during a period of deep depression and just seeing the title makes me suicidal") then forum members may be more cooperative. Threats and bluster are rarely effective.
    • Undertow staff will notattempt to "confiscate" any surviving copies. If a user has downloaded your work ahead-of-time, then we can't stop him from using it or sharing it.
      • We may intervene if someone reposts your work on the Resource Manager and falsely asserts authorship.
    • if you're simply unhappy with the quality of your work (e.g. it was a hasty first draft), then please consider posting an Update. Updates are less disruptive than the delete-and-repost approach.
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Aug 19, 2014
At the rythm Huitznahua and I are working this days people will have to scroll through more than 10 pages only to see all the new resources since their last visit :grin:.

Anyway, I'm not particulary concerned. I just noticed the issue, found it strange and thought I'd mention it.


I just want to do an download, but I cant download a Mod even after I confirmed my Email Adress !
Were is the Problem ? Does anybody know ?


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Apr 16, 2012
I just want to do an download, but I cant download a Mod even after I confirmed my Email Adress !
Were is the Problem ? Does anybody know ?
Is it a specific mod (and if which one), or can you not download any mod?


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Nov 23, 2009
Adding some addendums temporarily to the end of this thread to account for the media gallery opening up.

  • The Resource Manager will be primarily for games, game mods, and modding tools moving forward.
  • I'll be closing out the Videos category of the RM and will handle moving the handful of videos there over to the MG and assigning them to the appropriate owners.
  • I will also likely be closing out the Fiction category in favor of the forums as that seems to be the preferred method of sharing written works within the community. I will also assist how I can with this one when I'm ready to move on it.
Thanks everyone and thank you in particular to the SDT community for making great use of the RM and the volunteers who keep it well organized.


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Apr 16, 2012
Report site problems hereThere isn't a topic better appropriate for this, so here it is: I've just observed that when I click on a tag, it only displays the 200 most recent resources that have that tag (I'm very sure there are more "hair mod" or "clothes mod" mods than that). Perhaps that is how things are supposed to be or perhaps this topic has already been covered elsewhere, but I felt I should bring it up anyhow.
What's your point? If you have a suggestion to make on improving the site, please post a new topic in the linked thread.
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