Resident Evil Death Moans, Realistic or Not?


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Personally, I've been a huge fan of the female death moans from the RE series ever since I first heard Claire's unusually erotic death moan in RE2. Actually, this is what got me started in ryona as well.

Anyway, I've always wondered if their orgasm-like moans were realistic or not. I mean, picturing myself in a situation where I'm dying, I can't imagine myself doing that sort of moan.

Maybe Shinji Mikami is simply on to our fetish? Hehe, what do you guys think?


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This is a topic that comes up every so often so it is one I have given some thought to, so I shall share them here.

Gasping or moaning being the "sound of death" makes some sense when you consider how much damage the character endures prior to the final hit. Often times these ladies survive upwards to a dozen bites usually to the neck or shoulder areas, likely with flesh ripped and torn up if not completely removed from them. Not only would they need to be working through some incredible pain, but combating the fatigue from the blood loss that is sure to come from such wounds.
Add that up and the famous death moans (that male characters usually make too) are likely little more than an attempt to stay conscious as they succumb to their wounds either dying or passing out before being coup de gras'd.
Besides, you usually need a big breath and a lung full of air to really get a scream out, so just think of trying to scream when you're short of breath after, say, mile or two at full speed.

Moaning while dying? Seems legit to me.