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The biggest texture pack mod of Resident Evil 2 Remake with with 120 textures edited in hd and 4k to show a new look for all skins of Claire, Leon and Ada

Exclusive mod pack features :
120 hd textures modified in high resolution
All Leon skins + dlcs with tattoos and new faces and more blood
All Claire skins + dlcs with tattoos and new faces and more blood and red hair
All Ada wong skins with tattoos and new faces
New game start menu
Model swap option (play as a zombie, sherry, william ....)
All works ingame and cutscenes

Requesites :
Resorep (already in the download), see the readme before to use
Recomended to play the game in 1080p and textures set in high to load all mods ingame

Download :
RE2 Remake : Skull pack mod file

Install Instructions :
Go to the game folder properties and uncheck the only readable option , (make sure u have all user privilegies in that folder , can change it in security window)
Download resorep prerequesites (see readme.txt)
Launch resorep.jar Hook the aplicaion re2.exe , choose 64 bit
Put the modded in Documents/Resorep
Launch the game in 1080p (recomended)


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Great work on the mods veironn. I've viewed the YouTube video and looked at the screenshots of some of your mods and how they look in game, and I'm really impressed at how wildly amazing everything looks with the different outfit designs, the tattoos, and even the unique eye colors you've given Leon, Ada, and Claire. You've even given Claire her Red hair back. Nice!

I could almost go on all day complementing your work and efforts with this unique mod, but what I'm really curious about if you don't mind my asking, is it possible to have or select the main characters you choose to play as without tattoos. Even though I like the tattoo designs, I would rather have the option to play with just some of the outfit designs you've made for the characters in the game. Like for example: If I choose Claire with her Red hair and Green eyes and that awesome design you made for her jacket in the third screenshot where she is next to Leon, minus the tattoos, that would be great.

Also, if you don't mind a little constructive criticism, having two different eye colors for Ada looks a little weird, (maybe I'm just not used to seeing something like that), unless you were going for something like a look where Ada is wearing two different colored contacts in her eyes, then I guess that would make more sense. I do like the design look you went with on Ada's tank top shown above in one of the screenshots. It almost makes the design look reptile like with scales on the top. Cool.

Another thing before I go ahead and download this awesome mod to use in my RE2 Remake game, is about the new game start menu. I know you have that listed above among the features of what you have in your mod, but what changes or modifications have you done with the original look of the game start menu as that really isn't shown or explained in either the video or screenshots you provided.
If it is just a cosmetic look to the menu, then I'm okay with that if it doesn't change the appearance of where most things would normally be found in the game menu like with transitioning from one screen to the next when making any in game changes to the way you play.

Again, great work on this mod, and thanks for sharing it. If you are open to taking any suggestions for some cool design ideas for Claire's outfits, I have a really good idea you could use for her Noir Costume. Just let me know, and I'd be happy to share my idea with you.


Casual Client
About the tattoos , is only possible remove the leon tattoos if u delete this files from the modded folder

The start mod menu have a new background with Milla jovovich and new letters menu for the RE2 tittle
The mod is editable , i mean u can edit the .dds files of the modded folder with photoshop to give a custom style , also can edit the eyes too ;)
You can put all ideas that u have for future mods , but i wont do more mods for this game , need a breack xD


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Hey veironn, I appreciate the reply back. That really helps, and since resorep is similar to Special K (which I've used before and I am familiar with), it's good to know that I can either modify or remove some of the dds files I don't need if I just want to use the outfits without tattoos.

I had a few mods up before, last year I made a few of my own texture mods for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (non - Nude). I even made some special themed Halloween type texture mods to showcase some iconic horror movies from the 80's and 90's like a Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday The 13th for Lara Croft.

A small number of people expressed an interest in my mods, gave me some good feedback, and even downloaded some of them, while others were only interested in the nude type mods, which wasn't really a possibility for me to make with the lack of skill and tools that I had to work with at the time, plus I had more of an interest in working on texture mods and giving Lara Croft as unique a look as I could give her.

I understand completely where you are coming from veironn when you say that you are open to possible future mod ideas for RE2 Remake, and I would be more than happy to share my ideas with you, (If I don't get around to making them myself first), I just need to replace a busted mouse that stopped working on me. It's hard to do anything at a snails pace in photoshop and other paint type programs using just your laptop's trackpad. I had a nice wireless mouse that just went bust on me a week ago, so I'm going to have to get a replacement.

You deserve a break after the awesome mod you just made.
Also, I thought I was the only one who thinks Milla Jovovich is sexy and didn't mind her as a new character in the RE Movies as her portrayal as Alice, the bad ass agent. I just wish they had shown more of Ada, Leon, Chris and Barry, as they did not get nearly enough screen time as Jill and Claire did.
It's nice to see that you included Milla Jovovich into the new background for those who like the actress. It would be cool to have her as a modded playable character in the game, kind of like what was done for RE4 where someone made an Alice skin as a playable modded character in the game. :smile:

I think that when I get around to working on some texture mods for RE2 Remake, I'll start by showing some screenshots off first, and then taking a poll of votes from people who are interested in the mods I make before releasing anything. That way, if enough people are interested, it would encourage me to release, create and showcase more of my ideas for people to enjoy and use in their game play.

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