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Aug 19, 2011
Here, you can request my past videos from "30 Seconds ___" and I will upload them into the folder.
I uploaded a couple that I liked and did pretty well as a start:

I would like to stress that this folder is not a backup for me, but for everyone to view my past contents.
If it goes down (due to inactivity or something), I will not back up the folder.

A quick refresher on some of the games I've uploaded before:
Honkai Impact 3 (CN voice)
Punishing Gray Raven (JPN voice)
Blank City
One of the Fate games I can't remember
Counterside (KR voice)
Genshin (CN voice)
SAO Fatal Bullet
Kritika Online
Soul Worker (KR voice)
Toaru no Index mmo mobile

How to request:
State the name of the game and the character in the video. Description would help but not required.
If you are unconfortable posting here, you can also private message me and I will upload it to the public link.
I will not accept requests that are blanket statements like "All videos of this _____ (game)".
I would like to upload the entire channel but mega only has 20GB limit for storage.

Why I am doing this?
Mainly 2 reasons:
1. I don't plan on continuing uploading ryona videos for a while since I did not find an alternative that I liked to replace youtube.
(nicovideo would have been good but the 50 video limit is a no go for me. Twitter: I would have considered but the video quality is pretty bad)

2. To give a second chance to my viewers to watch/download my videos and I guess giving back to the ryona community.

What about your old channel?
I have neatly organized most of my videos for "30 Seconds ___" but not my old channel. Stuff is a bit of mess since some are lacking the original videos and some I have no idea where it is. If you really want to ask, just private message me but no guarantees.

Additional Info:
Feel free to reupload these videos to somewhere else although be careful of posting on youtube for some games haha.
I will try to check back every now and then.
Also good luck trying to remember if it was from my channel :wink:


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Aug 19, 2011
Added Gran Saga for Seriad + stun/knock.
The normal video is a bit longer than the past version because I didn't save a copy and had to re-edit heh.

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