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[Request]Adult/Anthro Spike(MLP:FiM) Male Replacer Mod

Discussion in 'Loader Requests' started by LigerHorse, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. LigerHorse

    LigerHorse Potential Patron

    Mar 22, 2015
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    As mentioned in the title of this topic, I'm requesting a Male Replacer mod of an anthro/adult version of Spike from MLP:FiM. Ideally the mod will replace all of the default Male parts(including the penis). Now I don't know if it's possible to replace the Balls of the default male(since I have never seen a mod that did that), but if it is possible then it would be great if the default balls were also replaced.(since that way there is one more dialogue line trigger that can be used)

    Now, the first pic shows how the arms should look. From the elbow down the arm is noticeably wider. The hands both have four point fingers/claws(three normal fingers and one thumb). The three normal fingers are the same length as each-other with the thumb being roughly 2/3rds as long as the other three.

    Reference Pics;(just a forewarning, some of these pics are NSFW)
    http://imgur.com/y1pv3fgalmost full-body shot. Due to the angle this pic isn't good for tracing but it does show the scale of nearly all body parts in relation to each other. It also shows
    the fingers which not many other pics show(at least not all four fingers from the same hand).

    https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/2/6/822655__anthro_shipping_breasts_clothes_suggestive_straight_spike_upvotes+galore_smiling_crying.jpeg This is a much better pic of the arm and shoulder and should be easily traceable once it is flipped horizontally.

    This one shows how thin/thick his torso is.

    https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/2/6/544593__explicit_nudity_rarity_shipping_straight_spike_upvotes+galore_smiling_vulva_grimdark.pngThis pic is mainly here to give and idea of the color pattern and shape of the legs(kind of) since I thought that the legs should look more animal-like(he IS a dragon after all). The next pic gives a better idea of the rough shape of the legs. This pic also shows the ideal color of his balls(if that's possible). The balls would just need to match the color of his back, tail and head spines.(which are a darker green then his belly scales) As for what the balls LOOK like, the vanilla texture in a different color would suffice.

    This pic gives the rough leg structure. It's an edited screenshot of a mod that has a similar leg structure. The light green area on the upper thigh would only be visible on the RightLeg(which is behind the LeftLeg). The light green area on the lower part of the leg would be visible on both legs.
    On the actual Replacement legs it would look best if the light-green parts are the same color as his belly scales.

    This is a good pic of his tail.

    A pretty good pic of what I was hoping his penis would look like. Ideally the Replacement penis would be the same shape and color(s) as the one in this pic.

    A second pic of his penis shape and colors. This one is from an angle that makes it untraceable so it's only here as an additional reference.

    I hope that's enough information. If anyone wants to fill this request but needs more information, just tell me and I'll hunt down some more reference images and/or give a more detailed explanation and description of what I'm asking for. Anyway that's all I have to say. I hope everyone who reads this has a great day!(whether you plan to fulfill the request or not)
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Is there any relation between this thread and your hairstyle request thread? Do you expect that the R63 Spike hairstyle would be usable on the male Spike body, or are the two mods functionally unrelated (e.g. they're intended for use in two separate dialogs that you're currently writing)?

    It's rarely done because the balls consist of multiple sprites with semi-independent motion physics. It's rare that you find a character whose scrotum is so distinctive that it merits the additional modding workload needed to draw new balls and adjust the animation/physics behaviour so that the modded balls move properly.

    Fortunately, the relevant code is quite generic. We could remove the original balls and replace them with something more appropriate (such as a rigid "bulge" or "cyst" on the underside of the penis, or a pair of teardrop-shaped Rope objects if you want a lot of dangle-and-swing action, or a high-pressure cylinder is he's actually a robot). So long as the new content is drawn on the correct layer, it should trigger the Dialog lines when expected.

    Straightforward; that's just a few lines of AS3 to apply a custom HSL transform. It gets slightly more difficult if you want to give the user the ability to fine-tune Spike's coloration, because then the code would need to recalculate and reapply the balls-HSL effect after each change.

    Just to confirm: you're looking for a "lithe" build without bulging muscles or rounded fat deposits? The character's TV depiction tends to be chubby, while his own fantasy image of himself is a triangular-torso muscleman. One of your reference images shows muscular arms and legs, but it seems to be an outlier (since it lacks the tapered forearms).

    Are the legs supposed to be functional? Your drawing shows three hinge-points (knee, ankle, toes) but the SDT male body has only two (knee, ankle). If the request is decorative (appearance only) then it's pretty straightforward: ignore the ankle joint; fuse the metatarsals+tarsals+tibia into a single rigid element. If you want three-hinge articulation then it's going to get more complicated because new code is needed (and much more testing and tuning).

    Assuming that the modder has to make a choice between "the character should maintain a flat-footed posture whenever he's standing upright" and "the knee and ankle joints should both flex as the character moves (even if it makes his toes leave the ground)" ... then which option would you prefer?

    Please remember that "head spines" would be out of scope for a normal male-body replacement mod, since the head is normally excluded. Dorsal spines are fine, of course.

    Do you expect that the character model would be scaled down (so that his head would be in-frame, under normal camera settings)? Or do you expect that a few of the head spines would be drawn - even though the head would be excluded - because the drooping tips of these spines would occasionally be visible?

    What do you expect the tail to do? Should it be held stiffly upright (behind the body) or allowed to droop towards the floor? Should it be rigidly attached to the hips, or should it flex/curl/wave as the character moves?
  3. LigerHorse

    LigerHorse Potential Patron

    Mar 22, 2015
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    There isn't a direct connection. The hair that I have requested is for a separate set of dialogues.(Though I MAY write a dialogue involving Male Spike and his Female AU counterpart) The Male Replacer that I'm requesting isn't just for me. I've seen several dialogues where Spike was supposed to be the male character, but you have to get by with just tinting the default male purple. I'm kind of hoping that the existence of a Spike Male Replacer will inspire more dialogues involving him. I plan to write several and upload them(along with 10 or so dialogues which involve other characters) once I feel that they are ready.

    It sounds like the easiest route would be to just apply the custom hue change that you described. There isn't really a reason to give the user the ability to alter it themselves so don't even bother with that.

    Yes, I am indeed looking for a "lithe" build without bulging muscles or fat deposits. While he IS rather chubby in the actual show, he's also rather young in the show. As such he has lost the baby fat as he has grown. As for the one reference pic where he's muscular, I'm pretty sure you're referring to the pic I post to show his tail. Just ignore everything except the tail.

    No they aren't supposed to be fully functional, it's just meant to be decorative. The mod that I drew over is the same way(it only bends at the ankle and knee joints). If you want to look at the mod for reference you can find it in the Loader Archive. It's called Underworld-Werewolf.swf(I don't think I'm allowed to upload it on this board) Ideally Spike's feet/toes should stay flat/parallel with the 'ground' at all times.

    *sigh*, I don't know why I even mentioned the head. I don't expect the replacer to even HAVE a head since it would be pointless. I apologize for causing unnecessary confusion.

    Rigidly attaching it to the hips would be the easiest and most AnimTools-compatible way to do it. So that would be the best way to do it.