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Repost from the Petal thread - Kokoro vs. Petals

Discussion in 'Zako' started by osw, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Kokoro leaped backwards as the two almost identical girls with flower hairpins came charging, almost flying at her. She salvaged her momentum with a backflip, to land in a stance for attacking. There was no apparent opportunity to try talking to them; they must be martial artists, though their expressions were completely different from the girlfriends she knew. The vacation she won form the folk dance competition was obviously ruined.

    "They are here to either kill or kidnap me."

    There was no one else on the beach and only a few staffs in the resort. She clenched her teeth as the girl in the red sling piece was about to enter an arm's reach. Kokoro already has the resolve needed; she was simply focusing her strength. The other girl also saw this in her eyes and gasped.

    Kokoro's left hand switched from a fist to an open palm and pushed forward, hitting the attacking girl above her navel. The girl's breasts, only slightly smaller than hers, quaked even more violently than the rest of her body at the impact.

    The red swimsuit's slings ripped to pieces as the girl gave out a short yelp of pain. She flew backwards with almost the same momentum as she charged, her heart stopping at the same instance she landed on the sand. Kokoro had no intent to kill, but it seems her surprise counterattack is too powerful for someone not trained as extensively as the martial artists she knew.

    "Sorry, All the Hakyokuken fighting moves I have been practicing can kill."

    She stepped back and switched to a more defensive stance. Kokoro grabbed some breath and questioned the remaining girl in the yellow bikini if she is going to fight after seeing her teammate die.

    There was no answer, so she decided to keep defending herself actively. She charged and aimed an arm swipe at the girl's left hand.

    The girl in the bikini matched her attack with a move to Kokoro's upper left arm. Then, a heavy swinging kick to her head and a low swipe.

    "This girl is skilled, about my age? Her body is smaller than mine, trained as extensive as I am. Perhaps the other one isn't any worse. Though, their weakness could be the fortitude of their organs. "

    She pulled back and crouched down, as the flower girl moved into an attack stance and readied herself to charge again. Then, Kokoro stood up using a spinning move and kicked the girl under her breasts with her full strength.

    The girl screamed and gulped out blood when the kick connected, then she lost her balance and fell backwards coughing. Maybe some ribs cracked.

    "One dead and one heavily injured should send a clear message to their boss."

    Kokoro set off back to the hotel to call the police. She had not been in a fight for quite some time, not even a friendly match, so this has been quite stressful for her physically and mentally. It was genuine self defense, but she pitied the girl she killed deeply, and wondered if the injured one should stay in jail for her own safety. Their beauty was something she never wanted to ruin.

    However, she heard the yellow bikini girl scramble up behind her coughing and panting. Kokoro turned back, crossing her arms to brace for the girl's new charging attack.

    "You are weaker than me after all. Attack only mean charging to you? You'll only get killed too!"

    To her surprise, the girl flipped her arms upwards and punched her lower rib cage with a lightning-fast jab. Kokoro finally received a taste of her own winning move; she dropped to her knees gasping for air.

    Then, the flower girl roared and kicked her on the same spot. It was an upward brushing kick so hard that the attacker backflipped to bring it more momentum. Kokoro's bikini top broke apart just like the swimsuit on the girl she killed, and her head jolted backward in an unnatural angle.

    "You got your revenge, impressive work. Live on happily for me if you can."

    Kokoro was still alive despite the impact and the long fall. However, she was nearly unconscious and completely immobile.

    The girl wiped away blood and spit from her mouth and walked back to where her sister fell. She sobbed as she discovered no signs of life, then she kissed the dead and half naked girl repeatedly.

    Kokoro heared the girl say something to her sister full of tears, then footsteps approaching her. Her right leg was resting on her left when she collapsed, she felt the girl pulled it away. Then, she felt her bikini bottom's strings being untied. Finally the flower hairpin girl forced her eyes open, a bright yet evil smirk on her face.

    She struggled to drive the girl away with one hand, yet the girl sat down breathing heavily beside her without any sign. She was as exhausted as Kokoro.

    "...I get to survive. I'm sorry."

    The girl sat for a few minutes resting without moving, yet Kokoro has regained some strength. She lurched up, encircled the girl's waist with both hands, and pulled her down into a faceful of sand. She then pressed her naked full body onto the girl's back, locking her legs with her own.

    She locked the girl's right arm with her own, too, and punched the girl's neck repeatedly with all the strength she can muster. The flower hairpin girl lost consciousness without too much of a fight.

    "It has to be you this time. You shouldn't be pausing to play with me when you could have called your boss, tied me up or finished me. It would not be what your sister wanted. Say sorry to her, and tell her I am sorry too."

    Kokoro flipped the girl on to her back and pressed tight on her neck using her left hand, while tapping the girl's chest with her right hand in an open palm. The girl's impressive breasts bounced and quivered as she tried to pump more air in despite the weight on her windpipe, her beautiful childlike face twisted in pain.

    "It will be over soon."

    Kokoro moved her right hand under the girl's yellow bikini bottom and massaged her softly, while her legs slowly rubbed the girl's. She hoped that she can comfort the girl in her final minutes; the girl indeed answered her with a light smile, a happy soft moan and some whimpers under pain. After what seemed to be an eternity, the girl's desperate gasping stopped, her blushing cute face relaxed.

    Kokoro pulled her hand out of the soaked bikini bottom and wept softly, her tears washing away the sands on the girl's face.

    "Goodbye. It was a nice day meeting both of you. Though, I must borrow your bikini."

    There was no more reporting to the police necessary. After Kokoro stripped the yellow bikini off the corpse and put them on herself, she carried her gently onto an inflatable raft nearby. It was tiring, but it must be done, and the same tribute must be paid to the girl she killed earlier. She put the sisters in an embrace with each other, then pushed the raft out into sea.