[PC] [Ren'Py] False Hero (corruption, blackmail, romance)


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Jan 9, 2020

Hi, I'm Enyo and I'm the developer of False Hero.
English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.
The best corruption game you will ever play, (development in-progress -_-) with the most beautiful and deeply-developed characters. Explore the lives of a high school girl, her carrying mother, an aspiring actress, and a pair of twins. Each has their own in-depth story arc and unique developments. No more stupid boring sluts who all look alike. Only perfection. You can build trustful, loving relationships or you can corrupt them until they've become cock worshipping whores. It's for you to decide.
False Hero is a choice-based interactive novel made in Ren’Py.

There are 6 female characters in the game. Sebastian, the protagonist of the game, can change their lives tremendously. But you will decide how.

Lucy is a passionate and energetic woman, who wants to become an actress. Will Sebastien be able to help her or will find another place in another industry for her?

Kate and Ashley - sweet naive orphans with a hard life. All they want is just to make their cozy cafe work again. Without experience, they won't be able to run it on their own. Will you help them to make their dreams come true or will you take advantage of their naivety?

Melanie is an exemplary school teacher, a good housewife who thinks only of her beautiful daughter.

Tiffany is a college student and a cheerleader. And... she hates the main hero.

Will Sebastien make daughter and mother fall in love with him, or will he corrupt them?

Jane - It's just Jane. A naive and kind girl who fell in love with you.
Planned sexual content:
-public humiliation
-group sex
-multiple penetration
-mind break
And etc…
You can take a look at the roadmap of future events on my discord.
A combination of trainer style and moving around the town.
For now, the gameplay is simple. It just doesn't distract you from the story. It's more like a visual novel with the choices.

Here is a couple of screenshots of it:

This game is only at its start. You can take a look at the roadmap of the future content in my discord and you'll see how much I'm planning to do. I'll promise to deliver consistent, fast and big updates, improving the quality of my project each time.

I have so many ideas! (Very soon, I'll release a "female protagonist" game.)
So please, I'd like to hear your feedback here or on discord.

Here are some screenshots:


PC version V0.30

MAC version V0.30

Here is my discord if you have any questions. You can share your ideas, bug report and take a look at the roadmap of future events.
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Jan 9, 2020

False Hero v0.20.1 released! I've updated the first post.
Major changes & additions:

100+ images and about 19000+ words in total:
-2 event with Jane (undress her; new session with her)
-2 event with K&A (bath scene with Kate and Ashley; bath scene with Sebastien and Kate)
-A lot of new choices were added in the game.
-I did proofreading of the game, made possible by the saints who have big hearts to help me! HUGE AMOUNT of mistakes were fixed. (There are a lot of things are still needs to be done though)
-FULL HD test version. You can download it in discord. Join the Enyo Discord Server! All bugs you should sent me in bug reporting or pm me!


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Jan 9, 2020

False Hero v0.30 released! I've updated the first post.
[Changelog]: v0.30(including v0.25 beta changes)
Major changes & additions:
The focus of this update was to think through the core code features of the game(all interactions, all locations, all npc characters, all future events, just everything). That's why it took so long. But thanks to that saves will now work properly from update to update and most importantly I can make updates much faster.
Also, with this update, I finished reworking the game that I have started some time ago. Melanie and Lucy's routes have changed drastically. I know it can disappoint a lot of old players, but these changes were necessary. From this point, the updates will be much faster and will be focused only on the new content.

- New location: Twins house. Twins' house will be opened (just go through the Twins' story) after you visit the doctor with Kate and Ashley. After that, you will be able to do various interactions in their house. However, most interactions don't affect the story yet. In the future, I'll add different stats that will determine Twins' reactions to your actions. The more corrupted you will make them, the more slutty they will react to you. If you will do more nice choices then they will be more affectionate to you(you got the idea). This concept will work with every character. But it is still a work in progress.
- 2 new events with Kate.
- 1 new interaction with Kate at their house.
Lucy's route was completely changed.
- New prologue with Lucy.
- Bathroom events.
- Night games events.
- Different interactions at home.
- Sebasiten's house was changed completely.
Melanie/Tiffany route:
- 4 new events with Melanie.
- 1 new event with Melanie/Tiffany.
- 1 new event with Tiffany in the bathroom.
- 1 old deleted event (Melanie/Mark) was returned into the game.
- New start of Melanie's story. (I added a lot of new scenes) Her house will be closed until the moment you will finish the events at your work with her. (Melanie's story was changed for the sake of the new concept and gameplay. No old events were deleted, but all of them were changed.)
- 1 Melanie's event was expanded, added new pictures and text.
Jane route:
-Jane route was fixed to be in one concept with the rest of the characters.
Other changes:
- A lot of old pictures were improved.
Other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.
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