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Rayne's Tournament (Alternate fights.)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by tgn, Sep 9, 2014.

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    May 26, 2011
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    As you know of the original thread, I have a few female characters who are dominated and lose their fights. I wanted to add some variety so I decided to create alternate fights with the various characters. Story's stay the same though the clothes will change as well as the participants. I will skip some of the details and just say to refer to the original thread.

    Tiff vs Bloody Drake.

    Story: Refer to original thread.

    Clothes: Very short daisy dukes, Plain white shirt that shows off her stomach covered by a flannel shirt and white tennis shows.

    Looks: Small but tone arms, tone smooth legs, tan skin, dark brown hair. Pretty smile.


    Story: Refer to original accept this time his power is to clone himself.

    Clothes: Shirtless, bondage overalls, black leather pants, dark gloves and red hair which is very short.

    Looks: In insanely good shape, not the biggest guy but looks a lot like a pro wrestler.

    Round 1: Tiff vs Bloody Drake

    Tiff walks into the cage a little concerned, she is hoping that her brother will be around.

    Drake walks into the cage eye balling his enemy, this will be a fun one he thinks to him self as he drools at the thought of touching her legs.

    Tiff: Oh god...You're that serial killer....the perverted one.

    Tiff starts to back up in fear

    Drake: Oh you've heard of me huh? Wanna be my groupie?

    Tiff is terrified, she didn't think that the participants would be this violent. Before she can turn back she bumps into Drake. How did he move so quickly she wonders but then she turns around to realize there are two different Drakes.

    Drake: Nice trick huh? That's what people like me get.

    Tiff knows she's doomed but has decided that if she can at least survive this fight she can see her brother she gives a quick kick to the Drake right in front of her but is caught in a sleeper hold by the Drake behind her

    Drake: Oh...I like it when they squirm!

    Drake starts to squeeze tightly, her legs are off of the ground and she is clawing at his arm. Short qeezing breathes being heard by the two Drakes.

    Drake: Hey other me, wanna have a little fun?

    Clone: Hell yeah!

    Drake releases her from the choke and she falls to her knees gasping her breath. Her hands are on her neck, she knows she is doomed but trys to fight back anyway as the clone pulls her up by her hair.

    Drake: Let's give her some back trouble!

    The clone quickly lifts her up in a torture rack and cranks really hard until he heres a crack, a loud scream is heard by Tiff as her hands go limp. He then lifts her over his head and the the other Drake sits down in a one knee position. The clone slams her on his knee and an even louder crack is heard follow by a short grunt from Tiff.

    Drake: Oh my! That was just fucked up! Hahaha I like the way you think clone!

    Drake pushes her off of his knee so that she is laying face down, she is now twiching and moaning in pain. Drake can't help but feel excited, he hasn't hurt someone in a long time and wants to savor the moment.

    Tiff thinks: I can't give up....

    The clone picks her up by her head while Drake sits down with his legs spread out, he places her head on Drakes crotch and Drake then wraps his legs around her neck with her face in his crotch.

    Drake: Oh yeah you feel that!

    Drake starts squeezing her neck really hard and you can here her muffled screaming. Her legs and body fwailing to try and get out of the hold, Drake tells the clone to let her struggle. He keeps squeezing until she starts moving less and less but then lets her go.

    Drake: Man that felt good!

    Drake pushes her nearly lifeless body off of him and she is now laying on her side, think we should give her a spanking?

    The clone nods and picks her up into a stomach buster, a short gasp is heard from Tiff but she too tired to fight back. Drake then licks his hand and smacks her butt. It's so hard that Tiff is now crying and screaming. He keeps doing this for about three minutes before putting his hand on her crotch area.

    Drake: That was fun...did you like that?...You want more...Nod if you want to live.

    Tiff nods her head out of fear, she can barely move. Drake starts rubbing her crutch, she is laying face down with her butt in the air and starts rubbing faster and faster. Tiff now realizes what he is doing and starts clawing at his head but the clone grabs her hands and pins her face down. Now all she can do is moan as he makes her wet.

    Drake: YEAAAAH BABY!

    Tiff is moaning and crying at the same time, finally he lets go. She can barely move, humiliated, defeated and pain he decides to put her her out of her misery.

    Drake: Let's finish this other me....

    The clone picks her up into a pile drive and drake puts his hands on her feet and drives her to the ground with a spike pile driver. Her body goes limp as drake pushes her off.

    Her eyes are now glazed over but he can still she see some twitching, he has the clone snap her neck and then high fives the clone. She never stood a chance.