R. Mika Dominating


Ryonani Teamster
While researching/seeking inspiration for a match I’m writing where Rainbow Mika dismantles Cammy and soundly ejects her from the World Warrior tournament, I found some great art of the buxom wrestler absolutely dominating the Street Fighter roster. As an added bonus, Asuka makes the mistake of joining the lineup of the Tekken crossover and gets her ribcage reformed for her troubles :)
Chun-Li apparently losing her title of “Strongest Woman in the World”

Sakura getting up close and “PAWG-sonal” with the Flying Peach finisher. I gotta say, I’m envious of her.
A FULL-PAGE spread of African royal Elena being treated like a commoner in the ring. Her Amazonian physique in need of a chiropractor, stat!

This one hurts to see because I am a big Laura fan, but on the other hand it looks like her tits are about to burst out of her top, so it’s not all bad!

Asuka completely outclassed here. Time to hit the weight room, girl! Once your back recovers, of course.

BONUS for those of you who prefer Chun-li’s default attire!