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Quickie: Amaterasu Drained (Okami)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Author's Note:
    I wrote this on a whim and it's pretty short, just so you know. I also took some creative liberties with Amaterasu and the Imps. Enemies can't really latch on and drain Amaterasu's power in the game. I just enjoy energy drain situations where the main character gets weaker and weaker. The closest you can get is an enemy called "Dead Fish" that clings to Ammy at low health and explodes for a kamikaze attack. Enjoy.

    The sun goddess Amaterasu strolled across Shinshu Field. She had long since abandoned her wolf form after recovering enough praise to take on a human form. Her appearance now was a young woman with black hair and a flowing white kimono. As a goddess, it did not hinder her movement at all. The mirror that brought her back to protect Nippon floated just behind her, covered in an eternal flame. Issun, her bug sized traveling companion, had enjoyed the change the most. In his book there was no contest between a wolf and a beautiful woman.

    “So where are we headed? I mean, I would go anywhere with you!” Issun said.

    “The land is plagued with demons. I must protect it with all of my power. First, Shinshu Field must be exorcised.”

    The land had indeed been overwhelmed with black cursed zones. Not even Amaterasu could cross them without suffering extreme weakness. She had to break the demon’s power down bit by bit to make any progress. To that end, it did not take long for a gang of imps to crawl from the shadows and attack with all of their rampant hatred.

    “Great. More of these guys. Let’s get ‘em!”

    The group of three imps wielded crude instruments as weapons. Two small green ones used flutes, while a larger yellow one carried a drum. Amaterasu launched into battle without a seconds hesitation. In the fight with the two green imps, she took several blows to her face and body, but it was not enough to stop her. With her divine mirror and power slashes through use of the Celestial Brush there was only the yellow imp left to defeat.

    “Whoa! Look out Ammy!”

    Amaterasu turned to find the yellow imp flying toward her with a lunging jump. It wrapped its hands around her, pinning her arms to her side. She was not worried. Soon she would have enough strength for a power slash and break free. Still, face to face with a demon was not pleasant. Beneath its paper mask she could see its fanged mouth and snake-like tongue. However weak imps were in battle, they were disgusting creatures. Nippon had no place for them.

    “Alright let’s show... wait.” Issun paused. “What is it doing?”

    The demon locked lips with the goddess in a kiss. Amaterasu reeled. Why would a demon dare try to kiss a goddess? She struggled with all her divine power to break free. But it did not take long for the demon’s true intention to show through. With a nauseating slurping sound her energy began to slip away. Amaterasu felt her solar energy wane. The demon was trying to steal her heavenly power! It all made sense. The embrace, the kiss... she was trapped in the demon’s clutches. Every second the demon spent with its mouth on hers... she was losing herself.

    “C’mon, Ammy! Don’t give in to that imp!” Issun cried.

    The demon slurped more of her energy up. Her body, once rigid with resistance, went limp. She had been close to wrenching her arms free... but now she lacked the drive. Her eyes were so heavy she could not help but close them. The kiss continued along with the demon’s gluttonous slurping noises. She tried to hold on to her mind. Surely her divine might was too much for a mere demon to suck dry. The monster would grow full and then she could strike back or break free to recover. Her head slumped backwards as more energy was lost.

    “Snap out of it Ammy! He’s sucking you dry!”

    Amaterasu could barely hear her traveling companion over complete exhaustion. The demon kept going with no end in sight. Finally, the goddess could struggle no longer and gave in. She had to preserve what was left of her energy. Amaterasu fell backwards as the demon fell forwards. Now it was straddling her while they were still mouth to mouth. All she could do was wait out the demon leeching her. There was no telling if it would lead to her doom or her escape.

    “You can’t take much more of this Ammy!”

    She agreed, but the demon had come too far to do anything about it. The slurping sound was all she could focus on. Her body felt weightless. The world felt dark. She could no longer hear the prayers of Nippon. The monsters had grown more powerful than she imagined. Perhaps she was still too weak after a hundred years of slumber. Perhaps she had grown arrogant...

    “No! Get off of her you monster!”

    The demon drank deep of Amaterasu until her solar power was near gone. Her sacred markings and her divine instruments disappeared as she did not have the strength to keep her heavenly appearance. A burst of light and the sun goddess appeared as nothing more than a powerless young woman in a torn white kimono. The demon, finally reaching the end of his filling meal, released Amaterasu. It had become a huge bloated imp and had trouble waddling away to rest after it’s crippling attack. Issun hopped up and down, beside himself.

    “Ammy! Ammy! Speak to me!”

    Amaterasu heard him, but she could not respond. Her energy was almost completely gone. Issun became frantic.

    “Don’t worry! I’ll go get help from Kamiki Village!”

    He rushed off as fast as he could. Amaterasu hoped he would bring back someone before the other demons in the land found her helpless, exhausted form. If she ever hoped to reclaim her godhood, she would have to track down the demon and destroy it before it was too late...
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