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Quantum's Dialogue Request Topic

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by quantum, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    This topic is going here because it didn't fit in in request, and it shall stay here until further notice.
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    Quantum here, and I'm taking dialogue/backstory requests. Does your SDT need more plot? More driving points? Or just more foul-mouthedness and possibly even the ironic facial exclamation? Then come on down to this topic! For all your obscene needs, I've got you covered (pun very much intended). With all the free time on my hands, I'm practically giving the dialogue away! For the low price of ONE message to me, you too can have your very own personalized female fellatio follower! Just message me in the following format, and in 1-2 days, depending on my other workload, your own dialogue (along with a reference to your genius creation of the character) will appear here!

    Character Name: //Your character's name
    Approximate Age: //Apprx Age
    Temper: //Happy, sad, angry, etc...
    Disposition: //This is going to be fun, I can't believe I'm doing this, I am your slave, etc...
    Willingness: //1-10, 1 being "you need the jaws of life to pry my mouth open", 10 being "your cock was in my mouth five minutes ago".
    Generic Attributes: //Slut, amateur, pro, sibling, slave, control freak, etc...
    Adv. Attributes: //Mind-controlled, secretly an alien, pretends to hate it, has ADD, etc...
    Other Notes: //Including backstory and/or phrases you would like to see.
    AND PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE try to keep your PM's organized if you send me more than one message. My inbox looks like a pile of shit right now.

    But wait! There's more!
    For each segment you don't want filled, just put in a '~' and I'll pull one out of the random hat! (e.g. "Temper: ~~" gets you friendly and scared, selected at random) ALSO! If you want me to create a backstory for your character, just put the ~ in the Other Notes section!

    If you PM me a dialogue of your creation, depending on your preference, I'll do 1-3 things:
    1. Help you edit your dialogue into what you want it to be!
    2. Create a backstory for that character!
    3. Write a separate story about your character! (Please note: I don't do existing characters, IE fictional characters NOT developed on this site or for the specific use of SDT)

    So what are you waiting for? Make me do work!
    Please note that I'm limiting myself to three a week. I'll queue them, but don't expect one before I tell you I've started it.

    Request by DioBrando
    "I want you to think about what you've done. Really hard."
    "I didn't do it, I swear!” Sierra said, all her force behind her words.”
    “Say that to my face!” He yelled, as he slammed the pictures down on the table. There he sat, on his couch, with a girl. The girl was some floozy he went to highschool with, but she had parents with roots.
    “These aren’t the only copies of the pictures. Some idiot posted them to his blog, and now the whole school knows! Thank god the site was removed before mom and dad could see them!”
    And thank god indeed! The pictures were not something he wanted to find floating around EVER again. The pictures showed him on the couch, with the girl riding him. The girl had clearly been roughed up. She had torn clothes, bruises, and was even cut in a few places. She looked distressed and in pain. There were 12 photos in all.
    “I know you fucking took the pictures. I KNOW IT!” He said, stepping closer to her, standing tall.
    “I didn’t! I didn’t!” Sierra sobbed.
    “Yeah, I think you did. And now you’re going to pay.” He said with a grin.
    “Don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything!” Sierra was close to tears now.
    “Is that so, Sierra? Then why did I find copies of them on your computer, taken in our house, with YOUR camera?” He said, his face was red now.
    “F-fine. I did do it. But everyone needed to know how big of a jerk and a perv you are!” Sierra yelled, trying to gain some ground in the conversation.
    “Sis, I’m surprised! That’s no way to talk to your brother!” With this, he grabbed Sierra by the neck and lead her into the bathroom. He took her head in his hands and slammed her onto her knees.
    “Everyone needs to know how big of a slut you are now!” He took out his camera and unbuttoned his pants. “And when you’re done sucking, I’m going to post your cum covered face all over the fucking Internet!” Before Sierra could do so much as argue, however, her head was slammed onto the cock in front of her.

    {this is the part where you play}

    “Ooooohhh!” He groaned. His last load had just shot across Sierras face, which was now a mess of spit, tears, drool, and cum. Sierra was hardly recognizable under her mask. She curled up into a ball and cried while her brother took pictures of her.
    “This is just too great! My own sister is a fuck toy!” He laughed so hard he didn’t hear the front door open until it was too late.
    “Sierra? Are you here?” Their mom called. “Where are you guys?” Her dad joined in.
    “I’m up here! Help!” Sierra called out, earning her a kick from her brother. In this moment, he forgot to lock the bathroom door, and his dad burst in and saw the scene.
    “Fuck!” His dad shouted, and then he got punched in the face. After Sierra was lead out of the bathroom, after washing her face and mouth thoroughly, she explained everything to her parents. Things got cleared up at school, and all evidence of the escapade was shut away and saved for court.
    “Ooooohhh!” He groaned. His last load had just shot across Sierras face, which was now a mess of spit, tears, drool, and cum. Sierra was hardly recognizable under her mask. She curled up into a ball and cried while her brother took pictures of her.
    “This is just too great! My own sister is a fuck toy!” He laughed so hard he didn’t hear his phone ring, but picked it up at the last second.
    “Hey, what’s up?” He said into the receiver. “Aww, that’s too bad. Well, see you soon!” he hung up. “Cunt, that was mom and dad. There not going to be home for another hour. Get cleaned up. If you ever tell anyone what happened, I will make your life a living hell. Sierra left the bathroom crying and cuddled up on her bed. He was in his room, meanwhile, where he was uploading every single picture of his abused sister. Within hours, it had become an internet hit. Sierra was tracking the progress of the pictures around, and was reading what her “friends” were saying on some social networks. Sierra couldn’t take it. She couldn’t. She put on some clothes on the floor, not bothering to check if they were clean, and left her house through the window. Sierra stopped at a gas station to pick up a soda, and continued her walk to the coast. She arrived at the state park right before it closed, and headed onto the bridge. With a quick mutter goodbye, she hoisted herself over the rail.

    Planned Updates! Last edited 10/29
    More backstory for some of my other characters
    More dialogue on the way! Make sure you PM me!

    One more quick thing:
    I try not to refuse dialogues, but some are just too hard to write, or I'm busy with work. If I can't do your dialogue, I'll try and let you know instead of disappearing for two months! ^.^
    1/30 Update-- Hey, just wanted you all to know that requests don't get done that fast, but I'm still here.

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    Re: Quantum's Story Request Topic

    send you a personal message or what?
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    Re: Quantum's Story Request Topic

    the way you've written this is awsome
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    Re: Quantum's Story Request Topic

    Send you a Note ^^