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Princess Farah: Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Jun 20, 2016.

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    "But..Princess!!..I.." Tarek Ul Raffa was an old man, His long white beard stretched down to his perfectly chiseled torso, His shoulders broad and his arms ripped with muscles. The steel shoulder armour he wore barred the badge of the Zatula Empire, a flaming gold dragon encrusted with rubies around it's outline. The armour itself was made from steel so strong it only be cut in shape by diamonds. Matching steel boots and steel wrist bands rounded off his outfit, he looked every bit the seasoned warrior he was, Yet he was defenceless in front of this girl. Princess Farah Ul Jamar. Tarek had conquered many a kingdom in the name of the Zatula clan but the stubbornness of this girl was making him weak in his knees. He swore if he had any hair left on his shiny bald head, he would have torn them off right at this moment. "Enough!" Farrah broke her silence with an outstretched arm, "Would you rather we go to the King? Suit yourself, try telling him about your little betting problem and see how he reacts, the only option in front of you is me!" Tarek knew she was right, Lord Albek would hear nay a word of this insolence, he had picked up his betting problem in a secret underground fight club and after a particularly hasty bet, he had found himself in debt of some particularly nasty people.

    "Princess Farah, please allow me to fix this situation myself, i got myself into this, i will get myself out." Tarek pleaded with Farah, he hoped she would see reason. Farah smiled, a devlish grin formed radiated from her face. "And how exactly are you going to get yourself out? If i may ask!" Her stren tone penetrated deep within his soul, her beautiful calm eyes made him ashamed of his actions "You know you can't compete, No one from the Zatula Army is to be seen with the neighouring Lin Empie. Thankfully for you, there are no such rules for the Royal Family." Time passed a little differently in the Land of Demigodhu, every three years the moon of sepengak bore down on the land completing a year's worth of normal Earth time. Tarek had seen 100 Moons pass before him, Farah, the young heir to Zatula throne had seen 20. The Lin Empire was a constant threat from the south, an army of rogues and deviants driven from Zatula 10 moons ago. They had formed their own clan, over time The magical Miniseck from the south west had joined Lin to take down the Zatula empire. Lord Albek had passed laws against mingling with the Lin and yet here stood Talek, roused into betting on a an underground fight between two combatants, he had lost not only his pride but also ammased a debt which would have to be repaid, failing which The Lin threatened to tell Albek.

    "But it's dangerous your highness!" Tarek now pleaded now with hands folded in front of Farah. "you think i can't handle a few rogues, Tarek!? You know me better than that!" Farah sounded annoyed, her skills as a champion fighter were next to none. "It's not that your majesty! It's..the only way..I..." Tarek searched for words as if they would appear before him hung from the air. "I know Tarek, i would have take a few hits to up the betting purse, spend some time getting my ass handed to me and when the time is right, strike" Tarek's head hung in shame, he could not let Farah do this, he was trying to make sense of this all, Words had failed him long ago, he decided to accept what is in front of him. He would go to the King himself and tell him, he would face Exile. "Don't even think about going to the King!" Farah's voice filled the small room they were in. Tarek looked up startled, "Is she reading my thoughts now?" He thought to himslef. "Tarek, i will be honest! You have shamed the Zatula name, you have bought misery upon the clan and i should be throwing you to the king's feet myself!" Farah walked towards him in confident long strides, Tarek's head hung even lower, as low as it could possibly go. "But i won't!" Farah was right next to Tarek now. She slid her hands gently into his loin cloth and started stroking his errect member, She kissed him with flaming passion. "You mean too much to me!" Tarek reciprocated her feelings and kissed her back. "Besides! It will give us some raunchy material to use later, You know i get turned on in a fight!"

    "Now! Make yourself useful.." Farah pulled away from him and stood straight in front of him. "..and tell me how i look":


    The lands of netherrook were barren. The Zatual clan had long banished it's rogues to the swamps of Menidre, the central point of the Netherrook region. The rogues banded together and formed The Lin. Over time, The Lin had developed mutations thanks to the unique energy from the swamp. In Conjunction with the Nomads of Garria, The Minisecks, themselves banished from their homeland who accelerated the mutation process through spells. The Lin had formed scaly, green hardbound skin. The corner most upper teeth had grown longer, over time evolving into a tusk. Their faces shrank down and a snout appeared in place of a nose. Their forehead receded back into their skulls allowing their yellow reptilian eyes emerge upwards from their bald heads. The rest of the body looked deceptively human, with long torsos and chiseled muscled structures, making them fast, strong and agile.

    "Well..well..!!" The Chieftan Zorak Abel was a particularly fat Lin, one of the few that stood out not being in shape. His big fat ponch hung like a prize in front of him, Zorak was particularly revered as a cunning warlord. As driven as the Lin were, they were a small army compared to the might of Zatula, The Lin instead lured rich folk with connections in their empires through the underground brawl betting. The kinsman came, bet, lost and owed a debt big enough for the Lin to cash in. They had eyes and ears all over the Zatula clan, Information was a way to repay the debt, and often it was large enough to ensure slavery. "Well..Well..The princess herself, he came down from his throne and took Farah's hand and kissed it. Farah washed the mucus stuck on her hand on her robe. "A pleasure to meet you finally, Zorak! It seems one of my freinds has landed in a spot of trouble with your clan." Farah wore a droid like black robe which included a Hood, which she uncovered as she spoke. She noticed Zoarak's eyes going wide when he gazed her perfect face. "I am willing to oversee this little encroachment into the royal army" Zorak laughed, his fat belly jiggling all over th place. "...Let me guess, in return, i erase Tarek's debt!" His small reptilian face bobbed up and down as mucus flew freely from his snout. "Well..Well.." He finally composed himself enough to calm down, his eyes still tearing up from the laughter. "It Doesn't work that way Farah! As i see it, Tarek owes me back the money i lent to him. Money he lost during the Fitzah, unless i get my debt, this deal is off!" Zorak Bellowed. "..And you are ready to face the might of Zatula, I assume! Because i promise the might of the Royal Fiends will overwhelm anything you have." Farah Retorted, she held her head high as she spoke, Pride puffing up her chest. Zorak laughed again "The might of the Royal Fiends? Huh! Am i really inclined to believe that Albek will send his Army to protect a tratior, Tarek as good as exiled as soon as Albek hears the news! There is a way to erase his debt of course.." Farah smiled she knew what Zorak was going to say next, she wanted to hear the words from Zorak himself. Zorak thought for a moment and continued "Enroll yourself in the next fight! It has been a while since i have seen your pristine body in action, i assume you know the rules Fitzpah?" Zorak spoke those lines with a raised eyebrow. "Three rounds of hand to hand combat roughly an hour each. At the end of each round a bet is made and the winner nets the sponsor some well deserved cash!" Zorak could make out Farah's hands moving to her waist as she spoke, he couldn't wait to see the outfit that she wore under the robe. "Very Good! But you missed one rule, A knockout is an automatic loss. Well, Farah, i knew you were here for a fight, here's i erase Tarek's debt. We will hold a match right now, since i want this to be private, the only people here will be, your opponent and his sponsor. I will send word to Tarrak to join us, Till then.." Zorak had an devilish grin across his face. "Drop that robe and show daddy your goods..!!" Farah did as she was told.

    Tarrak had arrived in record time, after all he had made more money from Zorak than all the fights he bet on combined, His champion, Zuren had beaten all of Zorak's fighters in the past four moons racking up significant earnings for his master. He was a proud Lin, descendant of Falleh & Nektah, His name was counted amongst the best warriors of his tribe. Zuren looked like a warrior too, with an unnaturally straight Lin frame which was an uncommon sight amongst the reptilian race. His body a collection of mass and muscle, His hands like sledgehammers, Legs like they were forged in steel. He was also unnaturally happy, "A worthy foe!" He thought, He had heard of Princess Farah's exploits, Her natural fighting ability, moreover this was a chance to prove his mettle against the women of Zatula, Princess Farah headed the Valkyrie division, known across the lands as the best combatants there are. "Snap out of it Zuren, Master wants you to focus on the fight, not the broad." Tarrak bellowed from the front of the carriage. He was a failed experiment, a result of unholy meddling of Magick and swamp energy. His face was hideous, contorted by the flawed magick and energy. His body extremely short and his hands and feet enlarged. "We are here.." He smirked as Zuren got down beside him. "It's time to dance!"

    The arena was an empty plot of space near the Chieftain hut. "Tarrak..It's good to see your ugly face again!" Zorak greeted him with a visible effort to bend down to his height, just getting up immediately after that to welcome Zuren seemed to knock the wind out of him. Zuren eyed Farah standing beside him:


    "She was the specimen of a lifetime", Zuren thought. Torrak interjected with his own thoughts "You can take her!! She is nothing!!We will beat her and fuck her!! Like we do with them all. Zuren wasn't listening, he was studying his opponents magnificent body, she was the octa prime of the Valkyrie Corps., to meet her in a match was a dream to someone like him. Over at Farah's side, Zorak was contriving a cunning plan. "Right, now listen up, Princess!! You dominate him in the first round, absolutely knock his lights off, In the second round, give him your body like youv'e never put out for anyone else. In the Third round, knock him out in under 10 seconds, then we are in the clear!! Do ya get it? Are we clear?" Farah looked at him, smiled and nodded in agreement. He instructed her to take position. She strode over to the center, Zuren stared at his opponent one more time:


    "Before we begin!" Zuren spoke, Farah was startled a bit by the sudden handshake aimed at her "Let it be known, It's an honour to meet you in battle!" Farah grasped his firm muscular hand "Zuren, Isn't it?" Zuren felt a small sense of fan-boyishness creep in "She knows my name!" He thought with excitement. "I have heard a lot about you! Undefeated in four moons, even gave a couple of the cadets from the Valkyrie Corps. a tough initiation" Zuren was shocked for an instant"How did she know about, Zenya and Elly May?" Farah withdrew her hand "It's an honour to meet you in battle too. "Now.." She said getting into her fight stance. "Let's Dance!"

    Farah and Zuren circled each other cautiously looking for an opening. Farah was the first to strike, Her speed and agility caught Zuren by surprise, She landed a kick to the side of his thick waist. Zuren felt his body contort to a U shape by the force of the kick. He flew side ways and landed hard on his back. Before he could move, Farah was on him. Her strong knees on his chest, she pounded away at his face, Zuren tried to cover up the best he could, But the punches that sneaked through, left a cut above his eye, a broken front tooth, A black left eye and a swollen right cheek. He felt her vice like grip when she picked him up by his hair, He felt her strong fist penetrate the six pack stomach he strived hard for, very easily. Farah struck with intencity and power, Her hand sped up like a piston, delivering brutal punches to his stomach.
    After what seemed like a lifetime to Zuren, she finally stopped. Zuren looked to Tarrak who had long since hung his head in shame. He dropped to his knees clutching his stomach. He felt Farah's brutal Double Axe-handle punch land on his back, flattening him to the floor. She started kicking and punching him with disdain, He flet kicks land everywhere, His face, the side of his stomach, His back, He meekly managed to distance himself from his attacker for a small breather. He had barely gotten to his feet, When felt Farah's knee collide with his face. Spit and blood flew from his mouth as his body flew and landed a few feet away. Farah covered the distance in a second, She flipped him over to his back, parted his legs and caught him with a boot to the balls, she grinded them for a little while before she let go and Tarrak came running in from behind, She spun around and was about to land a fierce spin kick, she stopped it just before it hit his face. Tarrak had just bought the white cloth. Round 1 was over!

    Back at their corners, both sponsors were chatting with their fighters. Zorrak felt overjoyed at Round 1, "Well...Well..Princess, That was fabulous! The way your body moves, I'm in trance." Farah just nodded, the smell emanating from Zorrak's direction was disgusting her. "Now prepare for Round 2, Give yourself up to him, The more brutal the beating, the more i can coerce out of Shorty there!" Torrak was worried about Zuren. "Should we call it off, Kid?" He inquired "You aren't doin so hot, might as well cut our looses and run for the hills, Boss will kill us if we loose too much!" Zuren's pride trumped his beaten body "NEVER!!" He Bellowed, "I won't stand down! I will not loose" He got up with a spring in his step, walked over to the center and took his fight stance. Farah admired the fearfulness, "It would be fun getting thrashed a bit by this guy after all, He has some fight in him" She walked over to the center and took her position. The last thing she watched was Zorrak's hand sneaking into his loin cloth. "Ewwwww!!" She thought.

    Zuren's punch snapped her out of the thought right away, His punch landed on her right cheek and snapped her head sideways, sending her black hair in a tizzy. Zuren caught on to the strap of her top and pulled her back towards him, She stood there taking punches from his sledgehammer fist, The first punch landed on the nose, She left two warm streams of blood flow from her nostrils, The second cut her lip, with a teardrop of blood appearing to one side, the next landed on her cheek, She felt it go red and swelling a little, The fourth gave her a left black eye. Satisfied, he let her fall to the floor, she landed spread eagle on the ground, in her mind, the floor beneath her had already vanished, she could see her body as she hovered in strange icy cold water below, She saw Zuren tucking her arms between her knees, his crotch was right over her magnificent breast. She felt her legs being shot back into the her body when Zuren lifted her face up roughly by her hair. He started punching her face again, faster and with more force this time, Her head bobbed left and right with the rhythm of the punches as her legs convulsed with each blow. By the time he was done, He had shut farah's left eye, broke one of her front teeth, bloodied her nose and swollen both her cheeks. Satisfied he got up, and moved sideways, so that he was to her left and like a perfectly timed parade, his feet started pounding on her stomach, Farah's screams of agony filled the night, as she felt his steel like feet pound away on her stomach, after about 20 shotgun kicks, he switched tactics. He moved further down her body, He picked up her left leg and held it up, With a grin, he picked up her other leg and held it up as well. Farah felt pain shoot through her crotch, as she felt Zuren's foot grind her private parts. He pulled on legs to add more pressure. After a while, he flipped her over, and straddled her ass, his now rock hard member now resting between her ass cheeks. He unleashed punch after punch to her lower back as Farah screamed and screamed with each blow. He straddled her back now, resting his legs to the either side of her face. He bought her upper body up and locked her arms on his knees. He positioned his massive hands under her chin, he caught her in a camel clutch, Farah screamed again but was silenced when Zuren used her mouth like a fish hook as he dug his hands inside her mouth. After a while in the camel clutch, Farah felt Zuren's hard hands pull her up by the hair till she was in a standing position. Zuren buried one hand deep into her crotch, as Farah screamed, with the other he pulled her hair back. He lifted her above his head holding on to her crotch and hair till he was looking at back above him.

    He dropped her from that height and before she was about to land on the floor, Zuren went down to one knee, Farah roared in agony as her back hit a rock, her body contorted and bent to either side of Zuren's knee in a bent U shape. Zuren laughed at her screams, he undid her top exposing her beautiful breasts. His attention was again focused on her magnificent chiseled torso, punch after punch had the ferocity of a hammer slamming on an Anvil. Farah was too exhausted to scream now, whimpers and small "OMFH's!" escaped her mouth every now and then as she became a slave to inevitability of the next punch, she felt powerless. After about 30 punches, Zuren flipped her face-first on to the floor, she fell limp and lifeless to the floor. "Sleeping eh!?" Zuren quipped as bent down and picked her up by her lovely, brunette hair. "i've got just the thing to wake you up". From a face to face position he flipped Farah to her back, grabbed both of her arms backwards as he unleashed a kick to her crotch, Unable to scream, her eyes teared up from the intense pain, he moved closer, locking her arms behind her, with agility and strength, he ripped open Farah's bottom, "Clean shaven! i love that in woman!" Farah felt his scaly, long goblin monstrosity slide in to her Vagina. Zuren pulled her hair back and rode her hard. He fucked her with the strength of an ox, each thrust had Farah screaming in pain, as it went deep and all she could hear was their skin touching faster with each new thrust. Suddenly he released his member from her crotch. He flipped her over and unleashed a punch of pure energy, Farah felt her body shoot up and her feet leaving the ground, when she came back down into Zuren's inviting knee which landed just below her chin, which straightened her body and made it land on her knees, He unleashed a brutal kick to her back which straightened her up, screaming in agony. "Enough of your screaming!" He undid his loin cloth and shoved his huge member into her mouth. He started slow at first, then harder and faster with each thrust as he facefucked her. Tarrak was mesmerised by what he was seeing, his hands instinctively moved to this loin cloth. He finally came hard inside her mouth and withdrew. Rows of semen and blood flew from her mouth as each punch landed with massive force. He kept punching her and punching her, Farah's body was like a rag doll, her face swaying left and right with each punch, Farah felt an intense rush of an orgasm build up inside her, Zuren saw her cum and stopped punching. Her body convulsed again with another orgasm which startled Zuren and he moved back. He saw Farah slowly getting up, Till she was absolutely straight. Her head hung down and her arms straight by her side, The first thing he saw was the smile, "impossible!!!" He screamed, her face had fully healed, furious he rushed in and sent a punch to her face, Zuren was shocked to find that Farah didn't even budge. It was then he noticed her eyes "Valkyrie Rage", Zuren felt a tingle run down his spine!

    Zuren was saved by Tarrak running in with the white cloth. Round 2 was done and dusted.

    Round 3 began and ended in ten seconds flat, one punch was enough to knock Zuren out. The last image that he saw while blacking out was Tarrak rushing towards him. He felt all his teeth on the left side while he felt 4 break off. Farah was soon standing in the blood coming from his mouth as lay face-first on the floor. "It wasn't even her full power!" was the last thing he thought of while he passed out. Farah walked toward her robe and put it on, covering up her now dirty body. She saw Zorak shaking hands with Tarrak, "Well played!" Tarrak bellowed "That was a great play, the old fake and switch" Tarrak payed Zorak and left without Zuren. He was useless to him now, "Too bad too!" He thought as he walked away "I had grown attached to this one!"
    Zorak bid his goodbyes and called off Tarek's debt as he made a quick exit. Farah looked down at her fallen opponent. With a swift move, she picked him up and carried him towards the town.

    To Be Continued...
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    Nicely done Chainsaw, the action was well paced and although there were some parts of this story I did not understand because I have no frame of reference it was well done and the sexy action even though it was not as detailed as I would have liked it to be was well handed.

    Good work I look forward to seeing the next part to this story.