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Prequels To Julie's and Keri's Story In The Fighter's Digest One

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Apr 29, 2011.

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    NOTE:These were written a long time ago, i have since improved as a writer (at least i think so), i am just posting them here for continuity.

    Keri Vs. The Masked Puma
    By Shredhead, [email protected]
    Shweta's friend Keri takes on the masked puma

    Keri sat down after tiring workout at the gym, sweat running over her tanned skin, dressed in a white tank top and matching white hot pants, her attire only seemed to enhance her figure, the sweat on her six pack abs glistening in the light, she had been training hard to keep her body fit, she was muscular but not overly muscled, allowing her to retain a feminine physique, her 5'5 34 28 34 figure was proof of that, her flowing blonde hair dangling from the edge of the sofa as she lay her head back and relaxed.

    Letting out a small grunt she picked herself off the sofa and headed for the shower, donning a bath robe she entered the bathroom, after turning on the shower she disrobed and stood beneath it, the water flew down her body, her every cut seemed to accentuated by the water, the steam coming from the running hot water added an almost surreal feeling to the whole episode. Dressing again in the robe, she thought about an attire for the day, today was a special day, it was her day to unwind. You see Keri worked an 9 to 5 job behind a cubicle and the weekend was the only time she could unwind, but unlike other people who liked to attend parties, Keri's way of unwinding was fighting, she loved to fight, especially against men stronger than her, she loved competition, women were always too easy for her, so she turned to fighting men, she had fought men of all ages and sizes and though she had taken a beating a few times, she had always won, the addiction started slowly at first, by watching her friend Shweta battle against men and slowly Alfred Shweta's butler had started training her too, and though Shweta only fought in secret in her own home, Keri liked to fight in underground arena's and was quite popular in some underground clubs, but today was different, today was something special, a match she had been waiting for a long time, you see Keri was a bit of a fan of The Masked Puma, the famous male wrestler known to annihilate women he faced, she was a big fan and had watched all his videos religiously, and even though the women in the video were completely dominated, she didn't mind as long masked puma was destroying them, masked puma was known to many as a man who seldom followed the rules, and any girl foolish to fight him would be beaten soundly and he was famous for his addiction to giving low blows to women and mauling their breasts, he had faced Shweta before, and even though Shweta had won the match, Keri remembered how she told her that her breasts and vagina were sore for a week afterwards, in fact that's how Keri got this match, the puma had become friends with Shweta after their match up and when Keri came to know that, she immediately got in contact with him, and after telling him how big a fan she was, Puma had no choice but to accept the match, in fact Keri also made a proposal that surprised him, she told him he was free to use any attack he wished against her, it would be NO DQ knockout only match, no referees, only the two of them in a private area determined by him, Puma was sold.

    Puma sat in his chair, and thought about the day's match, he watched a CD Shweta had sent him chronicling Keri's adventures, he watched carefully as Keri fought opponents big and small matching blow for blow and giving and taking in equal measure, impressive he thought, Keri was similar to Shweta in terms of fighting but was more aggressive and liked to go in for the kill, he remembered hi match up with Shweta, how he had buried his fist into her crotch and how he had squeezed and raked her breasts relentlessly, but still she managed to win and the masked one had received his first defeat, he extended his hand in friendship and they both became friends, and though after that he had faced Shweta many times after that, he had yet to beat her. He looked at Keri one more time on the TV Screen, Shweta had told him not to go easy on her, in fact she had told him to be his most vicious and most brutal self in front of Keri. He looked at Keri one more time on the T.V. Screen and put on his wrestling attire. "Well, Keri ready or not here I come."

    Keri was still in her bathrobe when the bell rang, she quickly put on a loose t-shirt and some panties and went to answer the door, she opened the door only to find a huge fist flying straight for her, she manged to duck it, but she couldn't duck the kick that came right after it, it hit her right in her stomach and sent her flying and she hit her apartment ground with a sickening thud, she looked up and saw what was a huge man wearing a purple one piece, the man was about 6'4 and loaded with muscle and his face covered with a mask, it was the masked puma. "Get up darling, time to kick your ass".

    Keri slowly got up and cleared the cobwebs in her head, her stomach was still stinging from that kick, "He looks even bigger in person" she thought. She barely had gotten up to her feet, when puma drove another fist straight into her belly, doubling her up, he grabbed a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and helped her head straight between his thighs and while he was squeezing her head, he grabbed both her arms, and stretched them outwards, it was the standing head scissors.

    Keri was feeling pain she never thought she would feel, the blood supply to her head was being cut off, and her face was slowly turning red, Puma let go of the hold and she slumped to the ground, Puma grabbed her by the hair again, but this time opened her apartment door and threw her outside, she landed just next to her neighbors door, Keri was relived she didn't land on her neighbors door otherwise she would have had a hard time explaining what was going on, but that relief was short lived as Puma picked her up by the hair and drove a fist straight into her belly, She bore the pain and didn't scream, she didn't want to wake up the neighbors, Puma drove two more fists in to her belly, and she doubled up from the last punch, he followed it up with a knee straight to her face snapping her head backwards, he then dragged her across the corridor by her hair, momentarily stopping to punch her once or twice in the belly, he took her all the way down the stairs, punching and kicking her, and Keri trying her best not to scream, her belly was red now by the amount of blows she had taken, they reached the bottom of the stairs and Keri was thrown out into the streets by the puma, luckily for her it was late at night and nobody was around and the streets were deserted, Puma picked her up by the hair again, and sent stinging right straight into her belly, doubling her up, he then tore Keri's t-shirt open, and her ample bosoms were visible in full view, he squeezed both of them with his full might sending pain rocketing through Keri's body, "Like it babe??, it's only the beginning". He then drove a knee straight into Keri's crotch, Keri grabbed her crotch and fell down on the pavement, and puma sent two kicks straight into her stomach, doubling her up further. He grabbed by the hair again, "I am not usually this mean, but I heard you are my biggest fan, and I am going to present my best work to you" he grabbed her tossed her in the back of a jeep standing next to the pavement and he gave the signal to the driver to drive, the car, "You wanted to fight me on my terms, right?, well hope you are enjoying it."

    The jeep whizzed past the streets in the night, and Keri was still confused with what had happened, she had never expected the puma to attack this way, and was totally taken by surprise, Puma hopped on top of her stomach and went to work on her breasts, pinching raking and generally mauling them, he even bit her nipples on one occasion forcing Keri to let out a huge scream. He got up from over her, picked her up by the hair and laid her out over his knee in a brutal back breaker, he folded her body in an ungodly fashion and buried his huge fists in her stomach, and held his hand there an extra second or two to increase the pain, and each time Keri shouted in pain.

    Then suddenly the car stopped, and Puma throw her down onto the pavement next to what appeared to be a abandoned building, he opened the shed and threw her in. In the large and empty building the only thing present was a huge steel cage, Puma opened the cage and threw her in, Keri recognized the ring from the videos she had seen, it was the same ring that Puma had destroyed many women, only this time, it was surrounded by a Huge steel cage. Puma picked her by the hair whipped her into the ropes, as Keri rebounded from the ropes, puma caught her in a clothesline that literally floored Keri, he picked her up and body slammed her hard into the mat, Puma placed his feet on Keri's hair, and pulled arms up hard forcing her body into an arch, Keri felt that her hair, could part ways with her scalp any minute, Puma then chest first into one of the corner posts, Keri's breasts collided with the post and she felt pain waves through her body, puma followed this up with a knee to her crotch, flooring Keri, Puma then tore Keri's panties off, leaving her naked her grabbed her legs, and drove hi foot into both of her thighs, he grabbed her legs again and parted them "You know what's coming next don't you?" he drove a foot straight into her crotch, Keri almost cried from the pain, he then threw Keri out of the ring and drove her battered body into the steel cage many times, he then rolled back into the ring but did not follow her, instead he grabbed both of her legs dragged her towards himself, sending Keri crotch first into the post, He then locked her legs with his, on the post, in a combination of figure four and Keri's crotch getting Grinding on the post, Keri felt pain in both her legs and crotch and couldn't decide which hurt more, Just when she thought that it would never end, Puma let go of her, Puma picked her up slammed her to the mat in the center of the ring and Keri lay there spread eagle, After that Puma went to work exclusively on her crotch and tits, bitting, pinching, raking her tits and Kneeing and punching her crotch. When Puma was satisfied, he picked her up once again and locked her in a sleeper hold. "Time to end this, Babe, Nighty-night"

    Keri felt dizzy, she slowly felt the world around her dim, she was loosing consciousness, her aching body wanted to rest, but Keri had been patiently suffering waiting for an opening, she had studied him enough to know that once Puma was on the offensive you have to wait for him to make the mistake, and she had her opening, with her free hand, she grabbed Puma's family jewel's and squeezed them with all her might, Puma let out a huge scream in pain, dropped to the mat holding his crotch, Keri slumped to the ground on all fours exhausted and tired from the beating, she had her opening, the time to strike was now.

    First she stripped puma of all his clothes, then proceeded, in plain words to beat the shit out of him, kicking, stomping, punching the naked puma, she picked puma up and sent his naked body flying into the cage many times, she doubled him over countless times punching and kicking him, she used his crotch as a punching bag and bit into his nipples so hard, Puma's scream was heard blocks away, she was unrelenting, kicking, punching and mauling puma, until she had left him a beaten mess.

    She picked him up and said to him, "time to turn of the lights now". She unleashed a haymaker which puma felt could have come straight from hell, it snapped his head back, and temporarily deafened him,he could only hear what seemed like static noise, he felt the lights going dim and his body slumped to the ground, knocked out cold, Keri had won, and she fell down to the mat exhausted and breathing heavily.

    When puma came to he was in Keri's apartment, lying on the bed, he looked down at his bruised and battered body. Then puma remembered what happened, the events of yesterday night flashed before him, he was enjoying kicking his biggest fan's ass when the tables were turned around on him and he lost the match.

    Keri walked into the room wearing a black panty and a white t-shirt with her blonde hair tied back in a bun, carrying what appeared to be a tray with bacon and eggs and some fresh juice. "Good morning, Puma, hope you had a good rest" She said with a smile. "How did we end up here?, the last thing I remember was being hit by a hammer, oh wait that was your punch". Keri let out a bright smile "well I cant take the credit for it, it was Alfred who taught me everything I know, oh and by the way nice touch with asking Alfred to drive the car to the warehouse." she said and added " Oh and just in case you are wondering I didn't peek into your mask"

    "Thank you, that means a lot to me, I don't want anyone to see my face" he replied, "What would be the fun in that?, I want you to remain a mystery, more exciting that way." She said. "You know you are only the second woman I have lost too, and you are one hell of a fighter, oh and I hope no hard feelings about yesterday about dragging you through the streets and all." "Are you kidding me?, you just made my night, you gave you're biggest fan a first hand look at how brutal you are, you made my day, I am even more of a fan now." Puma could see the excitement in her face as she said that. "You hardly have a bruise, Keri and I put you through the worst I could offer." "That's thanks to Alfred's conditioning again, it allows me and Shweta to heal faster, but I still do feel sore." she said with a smile. "I have to hand it to you Keri, you are a great fighter, I would be honored if you would be my friend" Puma said with his outstretched hand. "Oh gosh, this is such a honor" Keri immediately grabbed puma's hand, Puma could see her blushing. "Thank you, Puma" Puma then looked at her and thought of something, "hey today is Sunday right?" "Yeah" Keri said. "And you don't have to go any place today?" "I guess not." "Well then want me to give you another demonstration on how brutal I can be" Puma said. Keri looked at him and she understood what he meant. He climbed out of bed and Keri and Puma faced each other. "This time" Puma said "I am going to be extra-mean" Keri and puma locked up in a test of strength "I would be honored if to bring the worst out of you" "Oh I will" Puma said as he grabbed Keri in a side headlock and Keri thought to herself that this is going to be the best weekend of her life.

    Julie Vs The Fist

    By Shredhead, [email protected]

    Julie takes on The African warrior Fist

    Fighting was never a problem for Julie, she was 6'1, 24 years old and was well muscled with a 40-27-38 figure to boot, she looked good kicking ass but recently she was having trouble enjoying the whole fighting scene, she started wrestling when she was 18 years old, but due to her height advantage, her instructors would routinely match her up against male opponents, this proved to be a good training ground for Julie, she had trouble fighting men first but soon with enough practice she was defeating men twice her size easily, tired of wrestling she looked to seek out and expand her boundaries into other forms of fighting, though she tried quite a few forms of fighting it wasn't until two years later when she met and trained with Shweta and Keri, she realized she loved all out brawling, she admired what these two women were doing, fighting hand to hand combat against bigger men in tough hard fought matches, Alfred soon took Julie under his wing and put her on a strict regime which among many things included the teachings of "Rim-Bo" or the power to quick heal and stop aging, giving her an upper hand in fights, Alfred trained Julie for two years and then Julie started her adventures in fighting, brawling with men tougher and stronger than she is in hard fought matches, all over the world but now Julie seemed bored of the fighting scene, she felt that the real competition had dried up and she didn't feel the energy anymore, she decided to drop in on a friendly visit at Shweta's place, and told her the problem, Shweta gave her the address of a man known only as the fist, who lived in the remotest parts of Africa and only accepted challenges from the best warriors, to even fight him you had defeat two of his toughest tribesman first, Julie's interest peaked as she listened to both Keri and Shweta as they described their experiences of fighting The Fist, How he was a brute and how he had used warrior women he had defeated as sex toys and humiliated them and sent them back, Julie found her challenge.

    Next morning, Julie set out on a private plane, which wasn't a problem if you made a living as a model and an actress, to find the Fist, reaching him proved more difficult than she thought, she had to wade through hundreds of miles of jungles on foot, but she finally reached the place known only as "Domigodu", it was named after the tribe Fist belonged to, But Julie was in for a shock when she entered the village, Keri and Shweta had forgotten to mention that it was a nude village, the tribesman operated only in the nude, and Julie had to remove all her clothes to even gain entrance into the village once inside, the tribesman all gawked at Julie, as they got to see a woman rarely in the village much less one as beautiful as Julie her six pack abs glistened against the sun, and rays highlighted all her features bringing them out even more, her brunette hair blowing in the wind created an incredible sight for all the tribesmen, Julie walked confidentially amongst the tribesman, she was surprised to learn they knew English, a huge influx of warrior women came from all over the world, and had bought with them their native languages which the Domigodu had studied, Julie spent the day amongst the tribe looking at their way of life, their culture, theirs was a small village containing only 10 men and a chief who in this case was Fist, she learned that the village featured only men and they specialized in combat, they were bred to fight, The inhabitants of the Domigodu had also found a way to stop aging making them immortal, but since there were no females in the village, their only source of female companionship came in the form of women warriors who came to them to fight, and if the women warrior was unfortunate enough to loose, she would be used as a sex toy around the village, Julie also learned that they rarely ever fought men anymore they preferred fighting women, as they had realized it provided them a tougher challenge, When Julie mentioned Shweta and Keri, they fondly remembered how Shweta fought the fist, it was on of the most intense battles they had ever witnessed, eventually Shweta coming out on top, they also remembered how Shweta was modest and humble, and made friends throughout the village, and how Keri even though modest got bored while waiting for the fist for a whole day and challenged the whole village to a 10 on 1 battle, needless to say she repeatedly got her ass handed to her, but she never gave up and won in the end.

    Julie realized that she was going to have wait till word was sent to fist, who lived further down in the wilder regions, she decided to spend the day with the tribe and learn about their culture and life, she hadn't noticed it before but all the 10 men in the village looked identical, they very extremely muscled, short about 5'5, their eyes purely white, it would have seemed like a scene from a horror movie had it not been for their soft spoken nature and extremely modest behavior, she learned that all the 10 men in the village were highly experienced warriors having fought against the beast the world has to offer, fighting was their passion, she also discovered their fighting methods, it was all out hardcore brawl, using any and every means necessary to win, anything was legal and that's why only the fittest combatants were allowed to fight, she also realized that she had to give a test and only then would she be allowed to fight, the test was nothing short of grueling she was to be tied up and tortured to determine her pain endurance, Julie didn't even think, she just said "Lets do it".

    Julie was taken to a small hut and tied up suspended from a bar, the whole village then unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks on her naked body, the torture went on for the better part of the whole day but Julie never gave up, tired and finally satisfied the villagers untied Julie, and treated whatever little bruises she had, they weren't surprised to see Julie recover in just a matter of minutes, only Shweta and Keri had shown this kind of endurance before, and Keri even fought the whole village after the test so they knew their friend would be no less.

    At night, Julie was taken to small hut, her belongings had already been transferred, Julie was about to retire for the night, when she saw someone approaching the hut, he came in and introduced himself as "Kojiana" and told Julie how beautiful she was and it would be an honor to him if she married him, Julie though a little shocked, let out a polite laugh and told him she was already spoken for and had someone special waiting for her back home, Kojiana seemed disappointed at first, but understood and proceeded to walk away, but he stopped halfway and came running back and startled Julie, he asked her if she would fight him it would be an honor, Julie just smiled got up to her feet and motioned for a test of strength.

    Morning hit, and Kojiana came out of Julie's tent completely sore and covered with bruises and cuts, he could hardly walk straight, he thanked Julie once again for the match and left, Julie came out of the tent, stretching and fixing her hair, she went to nearby water spring and took bath there, while the whole village gawked at the way her wet naked body glistened in the water, the sun's rays also seemed to her at all the right angles, mixing with the water as if to form exploding colors of the rainbow, it seemed almost surreal.

    Julie walked back to the village and when she entered, she was told that Fist had arrived, Her waiting was finally done.

    The Fist was a huge man 7'1 tall, his body seemed to be made out of pure hard muscle, his head bald seemed to be shaped like a bullet and his biceps and chests seemed almost unreal to be true. Julie realized that Shweta and Keri weren't kidding this would be a challenge.

    For all his intimidations the Fist was rather a polite man very softly spoken which surprised Julie, he shared with Julie his many experiences of fighting, his travels and adventures, he was also an intelligent man capable of speech in any language in the world and was a very well read traveler as well, Fighting was his life, he had defeated not only his but his neighboring villages as well at the amazing age of 10, at 12 he started his travels across the world and by the time he was 20 he had been around the world, at 22 he started competing against people other than his village folk, traveling all over the world once again to fight in a variety of different forms of wrestling, brawling and boxing, he had represented Africa in the Olympics in both the boxing and wrestling discipline, by the age of 35 he had fought almost all the men he could find bigger smaller stronger weaker than he was and by the age of 40 he had garnered enough reputation that the warriors themselves seeked him out and came to him, but by 42 he had decided to retire from fighting, for the next 8 years he spent his time in deep meditation, until on his 50th birthday he got the best birthday gift he could imagine, a beautiful girl by the name of Wendy rekindled his interest in fighting, when she sought him out and fought him it was one of the most memorable battles of his life, it was then when he decided to fight warrior women, it was not without problems however he accidentally injured one woman and that's when he made up the test that all the warriors to go through, it was for their own protection he explained. Now 54, he told Julie that he loved fighting Shweta and Keri as both were excellent combatants and was expecting nothing less form her.

    Finally the day of the fight had arrived both the combatants were oiled up and led into the middle of the village, both the warriors shook each others hand wishing each other the best of luck, a tribesman with a white mark on his forehead, explained the rules of the battle, there was only one rule and that was no weapons were allowed, rest anything went, both the combatants were told to lock up in the a test of strength and the combatant first to loose consciousness looses.

    Julie and Fist were locked in the test of strength for what seemed like ages as neither combatant gave an inch, finally the fist made the first move falling back down and flipping Julie to the other side using his feet, Julie landed hard on the other side, but she didn't break the hold, both the fighters rolled over to their stomachs, and got up to their feet, both the combatants pushing their shoulders into one another neither wanting to give up their position, The fist repeated the same move again but this time instead of flipping her, the fist buried both his feet hard into Julie's stomach, Julies body like a rag doll flung in the air, but the fist did not let go of her hands, allowing her body to come back down stomach fist on his waiting knees, Julie's body was impaled stomach first into the fist's knees, and she let out a cry of pain, the fist still on his back now flipped Julie's body backwards where she landed with a loud thud, the test of strength was finally broken, The Fist, got up on his feet, to see Julie doubled over in pain, he proceeded to kick Julie in the mid section a few times, then picked her up by the hair.

    There was darkness for a minute until Julie came crashing through the door of the hut bringing with her
    a light to illuminate the hut, The Fist picked Julie by the hair once again, and drove her face first into a table, Julie lay face first on the table for a while, until fist repeated it one more time, then another and on the fourth time, the table broke on impact and Julie slumped to the floor.

    Darkness engulfed Julie, till she saw a hand, a bit hazy at first, but she squinted her eyes and saw what it was a punch.

    It felt like a freight train, the punch landed squarely on Julie's face, and The fist followed up with another punch deep into her mid section, which led to Julie letting out a cry of pain, the fist then picked Julie up, turned her so that her back was facing him, and held her tight in a reverse bear hug, Julie instinctively started driving her elbows into the fist's sides weakening the hold a little, just as Julie was about to break free, The fist counter attacked, he wrapped his arms around Julie's mid section picked her up, and bought her down crotch first on his knees in a sickening atomic drop so violent that it caused the entire village to hold their groins in reaction, he repeated the move once again even more viciously, then allowed Julie to slump to the ground, Julie was in a world of pain, her crotch seemed like it would spew fire, while her hands were busy holding her bruised womanhood, Julie left herself open to attack, The Fist mercilessly kicked her back and mid section repeatedly, after he was satisfied he threw Julie out of the hut, The Fist followed her outside and asked for wooden table to be set up where he stood, while the tribesman gathered the table, The Fist picked her up by the hair and body slammed her hard on the ground a few times, then he started attacking her breasts, first punching them, then mauling them and even biting the nipples, Julie could do nothing but scream in pain as she was getting her ass handed to her, she was looking for a opening which she wasn't getting, the tribesman had setup the table mean while The fist was kicking Julie's ass, he looked satisfied at the table, in an impressive display of strength, The fist grabbed Julie's hair and flung her near the table, Julie flew in the air at least two meters before landing face first on the dirt, The Fist then jumped up in the air, and his feet landed feet first on her back, It felt like a ton of bricks had landed on Julie's back, He then proceeded to rake her back repeatedly and Julie could do nothing but cry out in pain, he then picked Julie up by the hair, shoved her head between his legs, wrapping his arms around her waist, picked her up until she was in a chair position on his shoulders, and with all his might flung Julie back first into the table, the Impact was so huge that the table literally broke to a thousand small wooden shards, causing a huge puff of dust to form around the table, when the dust cleared, Julie's limp body could be seen lying on the broken table, The Fist stood there for a few minutes, to admire his destruction and walked over to Julie, but to his surprise, Julie's body was still moving, irritated, he picked her up by the hair, and threw a punch straight at her mid section.

    Time slowed down for Julie, she could see everything pass around her in clear motion, the dust being kicked up by the force of the punch coming towards her, seemed like little white crystals sparkling in the sky, this was it, the "moment to strike".

    Just as the punch was about to hit Julie she stopped it with her hand, the people in the village let out a gasp, as they saw the punch stopped, The fist could not believe it, she still had enough strength left to block a punch both the combatants gazed at each other for a while, The Fist knew what was coming he had made the same mistake with Shweta and Keri, he had made a fatal mistake, by not quickly closing in after he had power bombed Julie, he had given her a brief second to get her wind back, Now he knew there was nothing he could do, it was payback time.

    What happened next seemed like a blur to the Fist, he took the beating of his life, he went flying though tables chairs doors whatever Julie could find, He felt her iron like hands slam into his stomach and face repeatedly and her kicks were like cold steel rods connecting with his flesh, She seemed to move at the speed of lightning she danced around him so fast it made him dizzy, Julie put him in a variety of back breakers, camel clutches and in an impressive display of strength Julie picked him up bench pressed him and threw face first to the ground, When she was satisfied she had beaten him down enough, she ordered the tribes man to stack three thick wooden tables one on top of another, nearby the tallest tree, and a ladder to climb the tree, the tribesman obliged, with victim in tow she headed up the tree, standing on top the branch with all her might she power bombed fist into the tables.

    Time slowed down for the second time in the fight, as the fist went through the first table, he saw Julie leap of the tree after him, wooden splinters floated around him and Julie seemed to be getting a little closer, He broke through the second table, and Julie seemed to in mid air change her stance in mid air, when he wen through the third and final table, Julie's motive became clear to him this was it the "moment of defeat"

    When the fist broke through the last table and landed back first on the ground, Julie who had leaped of after him, landed feet first on his chest, driving all wind out of him, as his head came up because of the impact Julie delivered "The Blow" a terrifying punch straight to the head which knocked the fist out cold.

    It all took a moment to sink in, then one of the tribesman came and checked the fist and proclaimed him out cold and he raised Julie's hand in victory, the village went wild with happiness, as they shouted and carried Julie on their shoulders haling her name.

    Later that night, while Julie was resting, The Fist came and congratulated Julie on a well fought match and deserved victory, she congratulated him also and thanked him for one of the best battles she had been in for a while, "Before you go day after Julie" said the the fist, "Could you honor the village by representing the village against the notorious twins, only Shweta and Keri had defeated them the last time, and we have not been able to beat them for 2 years running now" Julie didn't even think "I would be honored to" She said.

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