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Oct 19, 2015
The weather was cold with icy wind blowing from the North and snowflakes floating down from the heavens. The sky light grey with the sun peeking through some clouds while the ground was covered with carpets of snow. In the town, people wore their winter clothes or stayed indoors to keep themselves warm against the cold.

However in one of the houses, a hot tub was bubbling with five eighteen or nineteen year old girls in it. They laughed and gossiped as the cold weather had no effect on them. Inside the tub were Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and Serena: wearing bikini of their favourite colours. They laughed when Iris was telling them a joke.

‘Oh god!’ Dawn said, wiping a tear of mirth from her eyes. ‘That was hilarious! Where did you learnt such a joke Iris?’

Iris beamed. ‘Sorry girlfriends but I’m keeping that a secret.’

Everybody laughed again, warming up to the subject. Misty was the first one to stop laughing as she asked.

‘So are you girls going to the Winter Ball next week?’

The four other girls nodded in unison. ‘You bet.’ Serena smiled. ‘And the best part is, I’m going with the best boy ever!’

‘Me too!’ squealed May. ‘This is going to be the best ball ever! Whose taking you to the ball?’

Serena proudly proclaimed. ‘Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!’

The reactions from the others were staggering as they gaped at Serena who frowned. ‘What?’

Iris was the first one to break the silence. ‘B-but Ash is taking me to the Ball!’

‘No way!’ May interjected angrily. ‘He’s taking me to the ball!’

‘Are you kidding me?’ Misty scoffed. ‘It’s obvious he will take me! I’ve been with him for the longest!’

‘Yeah right!’ Dawn sneered. ‘Among all of you bitches, I’m the cutest!’

Gone were the laughter and smiles as the five girls bickered among themselves, arguing that Ash will take them to the Winter Ball. Seeing that all this arguing was getting them nowhere, Misty shouted out a suggestion.

‘Fine, let’s have a free-for-all you cunts! The one left standing get to go to the Winter Ball with Ash!’

Without waiting for approval from the others, Misty yelled and attack Serena with a slap in the face. Serena gasped and narrowed her eyes at Misty, striking her with her own slap. Snarling, Misty and Serena flung their arms around one another as they tried to push one of them into the water. Iris and May went at each other in a test of strength while Dawn stood at the side-line, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

May slowly gained the upper-hand over Iris as she managed to push the ebony skinned girl down onto her knees, pushing her waist-deep into the water. May then let go of Iris’ hands and held her by her head, pushing Iris into the hot water. With Iris gasping for air under water, Dawn took this chance to attack. She tackled into May, sending both of them underwater with a splash.

Misty and Serena were in each other face, locked up in a stalemate. Misty growled and kneed Serena in the stomach and when Serena bent forward, Misty slammed her elbow onto Serena’s back. Serena gasped but held on to Misty by wrapping her arms around her waist. Misty grabbed hold of Serena’s bikini strings and pulled them, allowing them to drop into the water. Serena yelped and pushed herself away from Misty, trying to cover her exposed pink nipples and honey-coloured hairy vagina. She growled and pushed Misty into the water.

May and Dawn emerged from the water and started slapping each other faces, their faces becoming red. Before any of their attacks could get worse, Iris sprung from the water and pulled their bikini bottoms off, showing their hairy vaginas. May and Dawn screamed in embarrassment and angrily kicked and punched Iris, making her screamed in pain. Iris tried to back away as May and Dawn tore off her bikini, showing her dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina.

Serena pulled Misty out from the water and punched her stomach, her fist sinking deep into her flesh. Misty gasped in pain as Serena tore off her bikini, showing Misty’s pink nipples and orange hairy vagina. Discarding the bikini aside, Serena kneed Misty in between her legs and head butted her in the forehead. Misty grunted in pain before head-butting Serena back and shoving her fingers into Serena’s vagina.

Iris screamed in rage and clotheslined both Dawn and May into the water, creating a massive splash. She waited for Dawn and May to reemerge from the water, gasping for air, before making her move. First she pulled May up and kneed her in between her legs before tearing off her bikini top, showing May’s pink nipples. Iris held onto May’s head and slammed her into Dawn, both girls going underwater again.

Serena screamed in ecstasy as she felt Misty’s fingers driving deeper into her clitoris, grabbing hold of her wrist in an attempt to pull them out from her vagina. Misty grabbed hold of Serena’s wrists with her free hand as she shoved her fingers deeper into Serena’s insides, poking her sensitive spots. Serena wiggled and squirmed as she tried to escape Misty’s sexual hold but find it impossible. Finally, she gasped as her vagina began to leak out cum.

Iris then grabbed hold of Dawn and tore off her bikini top, showing her pink nipples. Holding Dawn in one hand, Iris pulled May out from the water and slammed their head into one another. Dawn and May screamed in pain and groaned, on the verge of blacking out. Iris let go of both Dawn and May and making sure they were standing steadily in the water, Iris shoved her fingers into their vaginas. Dawn and May screamed in unison as Iris’ fingers slid in and out of their vaginas, building up their climax.

Dawn and May gasped loudly as they orgasmed at the same time, coating Iris’ fingers in thick cum and mixing with the water. Iris smiled and pushed Dawn and May: Dawn falling out from the tub while May slumped against the wall, her head just above the water. Iris then turned to Misty who had lifted Serena into the air and threw her out of the tub, Serena landing onto the floor. Misty turned to face Iris, both of them panting slightly.

‘Looks like it just the two of us left.’ Misty panted.

Iris growled. ‘I’m going to win this! Ash is mine!’

Both rivals roared as they charged in each other, their fingers locking in a test of strength. Being the taller one, Misty had the advantage as she pushed Iris down to her knees like how she did to Serena but it did not last long. Iris quickly let go of Misty’s hands and uppercut Misty in between her legs. Misty screamed in pain and fell down onto her knees, holding onto her sore clitoris. Iris beamed and pushed Misty into the water, planning to drown her.

When she thought that victory was within her grasp, Iris gasped when she felt something stroking her clitoris. Misty’s hands have shot out and her right hand was fingering Iris’ vagina while the other was pinching one of her nipple. Iris moaned as she tried to drown Misty but found herself to sexually distracted to do anything to her opponent. Iris gasped as her vagina leaked out cum, her hold on Misty weakening.

As Iris covered her leaking vagina, Misty came to the surface: taking in deep breath, When she got her breath back, she grabbed Iris by her pig-tails and pulled her down: slamming her back onto her knee underwater. Iris screamed in pain as she felt her back on fire. Misty then pulled Iris out from the water and turned her around to face her, sending multiple knee missiles in her sore vagina.

Iris screamed and gasped at every knee missiles Misty sent into her vagina until she orgasmed a second time. Misty smirked at the moaning and messy form of Iris before uppercutting her in the jaws, sending the ebony girl flying backwards and out of the tub. Iris landed onto her back and blacked out after a groan.

Misty smiled as she straighten up, surrounded by the limped and unconscious does of her rivals. She struck out a pose and taunted. ‘Sorry girls but look like I win! I will see you all at the Winter Ball with Ash as my partner!’

Misty laughed as she climbed out from the hot tub and collected not only her own bikini but also the others. With a grin, she walked back indoors, leaving the others naked in the cold.


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Aug 10, 2015
Hehehe Ash Ketchum you pervert!
I'm sure he was hiding in the background and recorading the *fight* and will threaten to post it on the Pukeymon's version of the internet of the girls don't *love* him or keep it for his privet collection as well as setting up the fight to see which of the girls is *Worthy* of his rod of manly might.:grin:
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Aug 10, 2015
Hahahahaha... Sounds like him!
True and I bet it isn't pokemon that he's collecting, his idea of a *Team* is a harem of girls for his enjoyment.

There is an adult parody of pokemon called Pokegirl World that is interesting not only because of the sexy content but how much of that fictional setting has been built up over the years since it first started, if you want any info on it let me know and I'll pm you the links.
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