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Nov 23, 2009
Hey folks,

I'm turning another corner in my life next week and I expect things will get pretty hectic again so I thought I'd check in before I miss the anniversary date. Come Thanksgiving in the US, Ryonani would have hit year 11, SDTMods and GVZ coming a couple years behind at 9, and Undertow hits 5.

First off, I wanted to thank our current and former staff members who have been put in time and effort to keep the site maintained. Many long time members and moderators have moved on, but their collective contributions are what have kept this community going for as long as it has. Also, much love to LoversLab and LewdGamer for sending a lot of people our way. According to current analytics data, the site has ~600 active users and we get ~100k unique visitors to the site a month. We were never going to be the next big thing, but that's a pretty solid gathering of people online :cool:

A rewrite of the privacy policy, terms of use, and forum/RM guidelines are in the works to get some things in-line with GDPR regulations. The site upgrades are also planned as I mentioned in another thread. There will be some polls posted in the near future to check in regarding specific changes I had in mind and get a better sense of what people are looking for from this site that I would greatly appreciate your participation on if you have time.

Wishin' you all a healthy and happy holiday season

Fuckin' all about those glitter gifs
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