Phantasy Star Online 2 nude mod


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Dec 16, 2017
anyone modding full unbutton/unzip version アクティビティサマー[Ou] ║ Activity Summer [Ou]?


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Sep 8, 2018
hey, I'm trying to get this mod (over Sexy Bikini) over a basewear (default cast) and ive gotten the model to port perfectly but the texture mappings all fucked up. I've done some model stuff before, but I haven't really messed with pso until now. any advice?

Can some one Re-upload this mod?


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Feb 20, 2018
Hi, Naru. Can you define 'a little bit' ? I tried to edit the pink tattoo you asked for but I need more information. Here's an example (+30px) :
Inas Inas - If you want things that are related to sperm, just ask me as Ao_sakura said. I'm a specialist !
Really?! Oh, thank you.
Is there a file in this image that contains only sperm except graffiti?
Also, if you have any files with graffiti, please enclose them! :)





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Jan 14, 2018
I'd very much prefer EVERYONE who has twitter that download and uses mod from this site (or anyone who has seen this) to lock their twitter account
I've seen my mod on as inner mod but no one notify me of it.
Doesn't matter who did it but I'll remove all of my mod post on this site (even tho my mod is pretty bad)
I'll only give out my mod on private message on twitter to those with locked account
(I won't post my twitter here because this site can be found by typing 'pso2 mod' in google)

posting mod on twitter without locking your account is a problem and is expose by alot of JP player.
mods violate term of service of pso2
so please don't let mods be seen by public especially nudity mods.

We're all degenerate.


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Apr 20, 2017
Using mods is forbidden in games usually.
While I do not violate the terms of Twitter, I do not mind uploading images, the people of Japan have another mentality.
although I love Japanese culture in general.
but I'm not Japanese.
As long as they do not publish their username, nobody will have problems.
If you do not want them to use your mod, do not publish them.
Postscript I'm also a pervert


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Jun 19, 2014
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@ Inas Inas - I'll check my database to see what I have in store and I'll MP you soon ! :wink:

@ bababa bababa - I can understand how you feel (people who use my humble Sperm Mods almost always do it without any kind of acknowledgements) but you have to remember there are only two options. Either you make mods for others and so you have to accept the world is full of ungrateful persons or you make mods for you only and then you just don't publish them as Nozomi27 said. Sadly that's the game's rule.


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Sep 14, 2018
Thanks for the info!
although I guess Ill have to make a twitter account now x_x

Do I ask you (Nozomi) on twitter for it or you'll send it here?.
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