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May 30, 2017
Hi all! I've been trying to slog through and find it on my own, but how do I get all the female NPCs to be bucket naked? Thanks. Also the existing NPC bikini mod misses later NPCs like Ludmilla. Also also, how do I get the big nipples without the huge tits, or at least with out all the sag? Thanx guys, this is one of the most extensive mod communities out there.
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Dec 16, 2020
KlebsTAQ KlebsTAQ Sorry to keep bothering you, I feel like I'm being really annoying.

Since I'm playing on NA, I have just realized that the Smart Inner isn't in NA so I can't actually use the Saintia mod the way it is supposed to be used it seems. I was also mixing it with the default nude mod on on accident. That's probably why the nipples looked so weird and continued to even after I downloaded the larger nipples version. Is it possible for you to make the mod work for GLOBAL by changing the Smart Inner part of the mod to the default inner? If not that's okay but if you can that would be fantastic and it would mean I could actually use the mod fully :)

Do you have a donation link by chance? I really feel bad asking you to do all this stuff without any compensation.
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Jun 19, 2014
I can do that indeed. In fact, I have already done it for NA players who could get that issue with any JP MODs !
Please, download the file attached to this message. It makes HUman/NEwman/DEuman/CAST Inner F invisible.
The password to unpack the file is KlebsTAQ. I really thank you for the donation offer but I have to decline. I'm
happy seeing people enjoying the little I can do... and they can still "pay" me with
if they want. ;)


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Jan 17, 2021
こんにちは。 アニメーション化されたワームまたは、精液水たまりは彼らの著者がTwitter以外の場所で共有したくないMODです。
Because I keep being asked about how the WIP female nude MOD from my Twitter account's banner is going I thought I could give
some news. So, just check below ! :wink: Once again it's all thanks to the teachings of my Senpai I will never be able to thank enough.

(You can click on the animated pictures above to enlarge them up to 500x900)

As GIFs above tend to darken the pink parts, HERE is a picture with true colors.​
Hello KlebsTAQ KlebsTAQ , can i have this mods? its look really good.
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