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    Cameras flashed as the teenager smiled a gleaming smile. "It will be simply exhilarating," exclaimed the british girl to the reporter, "The thrill will be a lot more than what I've shown on the telly already."

    Dressed in the latest fashion with a group of girlfriends and groupies at her side, Louisa Hull was happy to play ball with the press. Though she seemed like any other popular highschooler, her body was much stronger than it looked. Louisa had made some sports headlines as a rookie sensation in the sumo wrestling world, remarkable for both her natural ability and amazing looks.

    "Sure, it's more dangerous to participate in an anything-goes match." She shrugged with a smirk, and looked to her giggling friends. "It's dangerous for my opponent, as well. Now please, excuse us, we need to find our way to the dressing room."


    The silver-tracksuited girl had tried to keep her back to the cameras, but as soon as Louisa had taken her leave, she was an easy follow-up target. She folded her arms and bit her lower lip, until she could not ignore the reporters any longer.

    "Alright! Fine! Fine. You caught me. Olympic gymnast turns to pitfighting." McKayla Mahoney scowled. "At least it'll be more respectable than the last headlines you gave me."

    A young hopeful for the American Olympic gymnastics division, McKayla had given a good performance that put her on the pedestal with a silver medal. However, all she became known for in the press was the momentary look of disdain on her face as the first photos were taken.

    "You won't make my life story revolve around an itch I had on my cheek at the wrong moment," she continued. "Down there, on that mat, I'll either be standing over another fighter...or I'll be out cold beneath the one who beat me. Outta my way, I need to warm up."


    The spectacle of the Amphiplex fighting arena included individual cages for each combatant of the evening, suspended in a circle around the ring. One girl glanced over her shoulder, and turned to face the reporter.

    "Sure, I got a second," said Brandy Fiala. "I just got called to the ring, though. Once the cage opens, I've got to get to work, you know?" She smiled brightly. "Oh, my opponent? Yeah I've heard of her, so what? Prissy little sumo star's probably never taken a hard kick to the teeth, and my foot's ready to introduce her to the pit."

    Waving to the crowd with and inviting the cameras, Louisa Hull wore a red singlet with a white mawashi around her waist. Her hair was in a short ponytail, and she looked hungry for combat as she turned to face her opponent. Louisa raised a leg and slammed one bare foot on the mat, before she slowly reached her knuckles down to rest them on the floor.

    Dressed in a black swimsuit over purple stirrup tights, Brandy Fiala bounced on her toes and shook her arms as she loosened up. She threw a few kicks, maintaining eye contact with Louisa as she brushed back her long hair. The two girls continued smiling, both sure of an impending victory. Brandy lifted one leg and rested a heel on one of the four-foot-tall marble walls that lined the edges of the ring, waiting for the announcer to give the signal to fight.


    Darting forward, Brandy Fiala wasted no time as she threw a long series of kicks into her opponent. Louisa winced as each one either struck her blocking forearms, or cracked into her body as her defenses tired. It was when Brandy paused to switch her footing and catch her breath that the sumo girl swatted three consecutive palm strikes into her chest and face, knocking her back. Louisa pushed into Brandy, forcing her back up against the marble barrier. Then, she grabbed Brandy around her waist and lifted her off her feet. Brandy struggled, eventually landing an elbow against Louisa's skull. The british teen cried out, stumbling back and executing a sloppy throw that tossed Brandy onto the mat.

    Both girls recovered at around the same time, but Brandy was the one to move in first. She grabbed Louisa's shoulders and began throwing hard knees into the sumo girl's gut. Louisa grappled with her opponent, but the repeated knee strikes soon had her making a gutteral series of noises as she slowly doubled over, jiggling with each impact. Smiling, Brandy pushed Louisa's head to force the british teen upright. After winking at the stunned girl, Brandy threw a hard high kick. With a loud crack, Louisa turned and fell to the floor, clutching her head and rolling up against the marble barrier around the ring.

    Sneering, Brandy circled and approached her fallen opponent. "Welcome to the underground, honey," she said, raising a foot to stomp on the teenager. Louisa leapt to her feet, hooking one arm under Brandy's raised leg as she grabbed hold of the girl's waist and lifted her off the mat. Then, she whipped around and drove Brandy's back down onto the edge of one of the nearby marble barriers. The aerobic kickboxer cried out sharply, her face still grimacing in pain as Louisa lifted and dropped her back-first onto the marble edge once again. As Brandy crumpled forward, Louisa grabbed her waist and lifted her up, whipping her as she executed a high-torque belly-to-belly suplex.

    Turning to the crowd and waving at a her entourage as they cheered her on, Louisa adjusted her ponytail and touched the bruise on the side of her head to see if there was any blood. Brandy was on the floor, clutching her back and very slowly crawling away. Turning around with her hands on her hips, Louisa tutted and shook her head as she walked towards Brandy. Then, she pounced onto the kickboxer's back, grabbing her wrists and pinning her facedown on the mat.

    While Louisa grinned and held the struggling girl beneath her, the announcer's voice came over the audio system. "And in her debut fight on the REAL circuit, the lovely Louisa Hull has bested miss Brandy Fiala. And now, for your pleasure...Louisa Hull! Finish her off!"

    Slipping her arms around to put Brandy in a full-nelson hold, Louisa slowly stood up and hauled her opponent to her feet. Brandy was still trying to squirm free, able to kick her legs wildly but little else. Louisa planted her feet, then arched her back while standing on her toes. Brandy cried out as she was suddenly lifted up and backwards, still held in the full-nelson. Louisa bent back, and then drove Brandy headfirst into the mat. The aerobic kickboxer's body folded up like a matchbook, held in place by her opponent for a few seconds before slumping in a heap as Louisa stood up and basked in her first victory as an underground fighter.

    "Miss Brandy Fiala is defeated," said the announcer. "The win goes to Louisa Hull! Congratulations on your first victory!"


    Gripping the bars of her cage, the fighter smiled at the reporter.

    "Oh, I'm lookin' forward to it! McKayla Mahoney's one of my fav celebrities, I'm so happy she's started pitfighting too!" Sammy bounced a little as she grinned. "Athletes like her kept me inspired to fight after my friend Bobbi got her back broke in a match in the Ward! Maybe WE can be friends after the...oh, oh my cage is opening, gotta go!"

    Only glancing at the audience out of the corners of her eyes, McKayla Mahoney's brow was furrowed as she kept her eyes fixed on her opponent. The teenaged gymnast wore a metallic purple swimsuit and kept her hair in a simple ponytail, shifting from foot to foot between light stretches as she waited for her pitfighting career to begin.

    Sammy bounced and flipped as she entered the ring, her slim dancer's body garbed in pink bikini tights. Grinning behind her low-banged and messy short haircut, Sammy extended a friendly hand to her opponent. McKayla paused before quickly shaking it, and looked shocked as Sammy then gave her a tight hug and wished her luck, before hopping back and preparing to fight.

    McKayla remained confused as she watched her opponent cartwheel and roll around her, putting on an acrobatic display as she whooped and laughed. Suddenly, a spinning heel whipped out and caught McKayla across the face. Sammy smacked the gymnast twice more with her foot before rolling away. McKayla shook off the strikes as quickly as she could, advancing towards her animated opponent. Sammy somersaulted forward, cracking her feet against the top of McKayla's head. The capoeira fighter landed behind her opponent, only staying on the ground for a moment before hopping up and mule-kicking McKayla's backside. The gymnast went down onto the mat, rubbing her rear end and cradling her head as Sammy rolled to her feet and played to the crowd.

    Growling, McKayla ran towards her smiling opponent. Sammy went for a high spinning heel kick, leaping up just as McKayla rolled smoothly underneath her to avoid the attack. Before she could turn around, Sammy felt two legs coil around her body before a sharp impact stunned her. Scissoring her thighs around Sammy's midsection, McKayla squeezed them tightly and grabbed hold of the capoeira girl's shoulders before slamming elbows into the back of her head. As Sammy fell forward onto her hands and knees, McKayla whipped herself to one side, maintaining the leg scissor hold to take Sammy with her down to the mat. The gymnast slammed her palms onto the floor as she put all her effort into one long squeeze, using her powerful legs to force the air out of Sammy's body. Sammy squirmed and struggled, slowly working her way free as she gasped for breath. The capoeira girl began to crawl away, but McKayla quickly dove back onto her. The two fighters wrestled with each other, though Sammy was soon overpowered by McKayla's position. The gymnast slammed an elbow across Sammy's face to stun her, and then swiveled sideways to wrap a leg around the girl's head while still seated on her chest. Sammy grabbed at the muscular limb that squeezed around her skull, struggling as the pressure began to increase. With Sammy's head trapped between her right thigh and hamstring, McKayla then used her flexibility to slide her left leg back and lock her ankles. Then, she flexed both legs as hard as she could. The gymnast looked down to see Sammy's wide eyes staring back at her from behind her thigh as the capoeira girl's face grew more red. Sammy bucked and thrashed as her opponent compressed every blood vessel in her jaw and neck, making muffled squeals until she suddenly fell still and stared up at the ceiling.

    Slipping her legs loose and maintaining her seat on her opponent's chest, McKayla felt a thrill as she heard the announcer. "With a gold medal debut, McKayla Mahoney has defeated Sammy Simmons. And now, for your pleasure...McKayla Mahoney! Finish her off!"

    As she shuddered and gasped, barely clinging to consciousness and unable to hear much beyond the ringing in her ears, Sammy was mostly limp as McKayla stood up and placed her feet on the mat on either side of the beaten capoeira girl's head. Sammy looked up at her looming opponent as McKayla shifted her feet, gripping Sammy's head between her ankles. McKayla leaned forward, placing her hands atop the nearby marble barrier, and then began to raise herself up into a handstand on top of it. She held onto Sammy's head with her ankles, slowly raising the capoeira girl to her feet, and then lifting her limp form several inches off the mat. McKayla quivered slightly as she used every muscle in her body to maintain the handstand while using her ankles to hold Sammy up by her head. After a few moments, McKayla twisted and drove Sammy's head straight into the top of the marble barrier. Sammy's body went upside-down as it spasmed with the impact, her limbs stiffening and then flopping lifelessly as she crumpled on herself. The unconscious capoeira girl briefly remained atop the marble wall, before her dangling leg dragged her over the side and into a 10-foot fall to the unforgiving darkness outside of the ring. As Sammy hit the floor, McKayla stood and raised her arms in a textbook gymnastic pose.

    "Sammy Simmons is defeated AND discarded," said the announcer. "A victory for McKayla Mahoney, with a bonus for removing her opponent from the barriers of our ring! A rare treat!"


    Running her hands back through her hair, Louisa Hull reached for her towel to dab at her face as she glanced over her shoulder. "Persistant reporting, hm?" With a polite laugh, she re-tied her short ponytail as she sat inside of her cage. "I am having a ball. With one of my two matches beneath my belt, I don't see how my evening can end in any way other than a victory dinner with all of my friends. Hullo girls!" Louisa looked past the reporter and into the crowd, as a few shrill voices called back to her. "Ah, pardon me. It looks like it's time to fight."

    Once again playing to the crowd, Louisa went into her pre-match sumo routine as she locked eyes with her opponent, Phailin. The thai kickboxer's toned body was shown off in a minimal red two-piece outfit, and she simply tapped a foot with her arms crossed as she looked over the british fighter that prepared to face her.

    Not wanting to start on the defensive like in her last fight, Louisa immediately began to approach Phailin, who snapped a kick at her as soon as she got too close. Slapping the blow away with her hands, Louisa began to reach forward, but another kick shot forward even quicker than the last. It pushed through her palms and struck her stomach, but the young sumo wrestler grunted and tried to push forward. Two more snap kicks smacked into her gut, forcing louder noises out of Louisa before she staggered back and fell to one knee. Clutching her stomach with one hand, she took a few deep breaths before looking up to see Phailin simply bouncing in a light stance and waiting for her.

    Snarling, the british girl leapt forward and collided with her opponent, grabbing Phailin around her waist and lifting her up off her feet. The thai kickboxer slammed her elbows down against Louisa's head and shoulder, forcing her to quickly lower Phailin back onto the mat. Louisa held on, trying to take her opponent off-balance, but Phailin made her pay for every second of grappling by striking her with knees to the body and elbows to the head. Unused to such brutal resistance, Louisa tried to back off, but Phailin yanked her back in and began slamming machinegun kneelifts into the british girl's body. Shuddering with every hit, Louisa's desperate struggle to get free gave her a lucky break as she slipped a leg behind Phailin's and tripped the thai girl up. With a shout, Louisa threw Phailin to one side, sending her down to the mat. Instead of following up, the young sumo wrestler then grabbed at her own stomach and fell backwards, crawling a few feet away before using the marble barrier around the ring to help her stand back up.

    Phailin met Louisa's eyes with an unpleasant grin as the two fighters got off the floor, and Louisa's confidant expression visibly broke for a moment before she heard the loud support of her friends in the audience. Crouching low and keeping her hands wide open, Louisa waited for Phailin to make a move as the combatants circled one another. Phailin moved in with a high roundhouse kick, which Louisa ducked underneath. A follow-up kick came towards her midriff, but Louisa caught it in both hands and held on tightly. Stepping in closer and slipping one hand off of Phailin's leg and around her body, Louisa lifted the thai girl straight up off her feet and immediately slammed her down onto the mat. Phailin closed her forearms up in front of her face, but Louisa had no plans to go into striking. The young sumo wrestler leaned in, letting her opponent's legs slide around her as she collected Phailin off the mat and jumped forward, slamming her down once again.

    Weaving her fingers together, Louisa raised her fists up and prepared to club Phailin into submission. Then, she realized just how tightly the thai girl's legs had become around her body. Grunting, Louisa took a sharp intake of breath and prepared to strike. Then, Phailin's legs squeezed hard enough to force a choked spasm through Louisa's body. She looked down to see Phailin smiling back at her from the mat, and immediately pounded on the thai girl's thighs. With the constricting muscles feeling almost as hard as steel, Louisa began to pry at them instead. Phailin slammed both of her palms onto the canvas and roared, squeezing her implant-modified legs as tightly as she could. Louisa made a horrified noise of anguish, grabbing at her own head for a moment as her eyes nearly bugged out, and then beating wildly at Phailin's thighs and body as she felt her insides begin to compress together. The thai girl released her opponent and rolled back, but quickly ran forward and slammed a kick into the still-seated sumo wrestler's face. Louisa fell back and rolled over, gasping for air. Phailin grabbed hold of her scalp and forced her to stand, and then threw three rapid-fire kicks across the british girl's stomach. Louisa folded in on herself as her belly was beaten breathless, crumpling and laying on the mat in a curled-up quivering heap.

    Coughing wetly as she shakily crawled to a nearby marble barrier and got into a seated position against it, Louisa shrieked and fell to one side just in time to avoid a kick aimed directly at her face. Turning to see Phailin behind her, Louisa also saw the visible crack in the marble where the thai girl's leg had struck it. She looked between Phailin's leg and the crack in the marble, and then up at her opponent with obvious fear in her eyes. Despite her cheering friends in the audience, Louisa scrambled to put distance between her and Phailin. As she backed into a corner, the young sumo wrestler's stress got the better of her. Running straight into Phailin with a yell, Louisa threw her arms around her opponent as she went shoulder-first into her stomach. One second later, Phailin drove a knee up into Louisa's chest while simultaneously slamming an elbow down into her back. The british girl cried out in agony as her torso cracked from the dual impact, falling to her knees as she held onto her opponent's waist. Phailin hauled her back up to her feet and held her firmly by her shoulders before throwing knees into Louisa's gut at an increasing speed. Louisa's arms began to fall slack as the rapid impacts began to jiggle her body in place. Phailin let her collapse in front of her, circling around the young sumo wrestler. Louisa managed to get up to her hands and knees, staring down at the mat in frightened disbelief as she saw drops of her own drool hit the canvas. Phailin's hands then roughly grabbed hold of the sides of her head and raised her into a kneeling position. Louisa had tears running from her eyes as she looked up at her opponent, appearing less like a young warrior and more like a beaten teenager. Phailin regarded her for a moment, and then began slamming pointed and deliberate knee strikes straight into Louisa's head. The sheer force of the thai girl's strikes caused Louisa's ponytail to come loose into a short mess of sweaty hair.

    Louisa's arms flopped with each impact as the beating continued, and Phailin only paused once she heard the announcer's voice. "The lovely Louisa Hull has been utterly humbled after her first victory by the merciless Phailin. And now, for your pleasure...Phailin! Finish her off!"

    Sputtering bloody spittle out of her mouth as she blinked stinging moisture out of her eyes, Louisa was mostly dead weight as her opponent dragged her towards one side of the ring. Phailin heaved Louisa up and bent her over, laying her head facedown on the top surface of one of the marble barriers. Louisa's friends were hysterical, screaming for the match to end and for her opponent to show her some mercy. Phailin had made sure to give them a front-row seat as she slowly raised one leg up and held it in place, standing on one foot with perfect balance. Then, she dropped her heel straight down into the back of Louisa's head. A spray of blood immediately stained the marble beneath Louisa's face as her body spasmed once from the impact. Phailin then grabbed a handful of Louisa's hair and lifted her head up, showing her bloodied and beaten unconscious visage to her crying friends in the crowd. The thai girl slammed Louisa's face down into the stain it had left on the marble, and then threw her to one side. Louisa lay facedown in a messy heap, shuddering irregularly as Phailin planted a foot onto her otherwise-motionless body.

    "Louisa Hull is defeated," said the announcer. "Your winner...Phailin!"


    "The thing is, I'm strong. My body is made for action." McKayla took a sip of water. "I'm as strong as any other fighter my size, and I was stronger than that last girl. This is where I belong." She stretched her legs, and then stood up. "Gotta go, they're calling for me."

    McKayla stepped back into the ring, and paused to stare at her opponent, remembering that there were no weight classes in the world of pitfighting. Ulfa Sigurdsdottir was a 6-foot tall blonde girl from Iceland, whose red bikini tights showcased a muscular valkyrie body. She stood proudly with her hands on her hips, and extended a hand to her opponent. McKayla once again felt suspicions as she shook hands with a fellow combatant, and once again stepped away from the friendly gesture without coming to harm.

    Realizing how much she preferred to grapple, McKayla circled around her opponent and looked for an opening. She chewed her lip for a moment as she saw Ulfa looking equally as eager to close distance. McKayla cartwheeled to one side, distracting her opponent with an acrobatic display as she forward-flipped towards her. The gymnast clapped her legs around Ulfa's body in mid-air and twisted, using her momentum and lower body strength to take the blonde grappler down to the mat. McKayla tightened the bodyscissor hold, squeezing as Ulfa rolled back up to her knees. Taking an upper mount position, Ulfa then began to pry McKayla's legs open, and the gymnast's eyes widened as she saw her strongest assets get slowly overpowered by her opponent's strength. Ulfa slid her arms down inside the leg scissors, one at a time, and then got her hands down beneath McKayla's posterior. The inexperienced new fighter tried to squeeze her thighs tighter, feeling a slight ache as Ulfa's body was almost rock-solid, and had no idea what her opponent was setting up until she was suddenly being lifted into the air. McKayla made a loud and surprised noise as Ulfa hoisted her entire body up, getting to her feet as she did so. There was a sudden rush of air around McKayla's head before it hit the canvas, her opponent having executed a powerbomb on her. McKayla's arms and legs splayed out to her sides upon impact, before she folded up and flopped facedown on the mat.

    She lay stunned on the floor for a few seconds, having experienced such an overpowering move for the first time. McKayla snapped out of it, quickly getting to her feet. She saw Ulfa waiting for her, palms held forward as she beckoned McKayla to take them. "Let us have a contest," she offered. Hesitantly, McKayla shook her head and kept her distance. Ulfa looked disappointed, and lowered her arms slightly. Then, she sprinted forward and collided with McKayla faster than the gymnast could react to. Pulling McKayla's head under one of her arms, Ulfa cranked on a strong front facelock. McKayla tried to kick her legs up to wrap them around her opponent, but Ulfa was ready to push one leg away each time with her less-occupied hand. Ulfa wrang McKayla's head left and right a few times, between leg scissor attempts. Finally seeing her opponent's body slacken a little, Ulfa shifted her grip and threw one of McKayla's arms over her shoulder. The gymnast regained her senses just in time to feel her entire body turn upside-down. Ulfa held her opponent in a suspended vertical suplex position, planting her feet and waiting as McKayla squealed in confusion. With her toes pointed at the ceiling and a lot of blood rushing into her head, McKayla grew dizzy and could only wait and see what would happen next. After half a minute, Ulfa finally leaned back and suplexed McKayla's body onto the canvas. The gymnast arched her back immediately as her spine flared up with pain from its collision with the floor, and she made a long pained noise before rolling over and trying to push herself to stand back up.

    Ulfa did not wait for her, and took hold of her hands to pull her back to her feet. Weaving her fingers with McKayla's, Ulfa looked down into her eyes and said, "NOW, we shall have a contest." Now wrestling with a tall icelandic girl in a test of strength, McKayla knew she had no way out other than overcoming her opponent. Though her arms certainly were not weak, McKayla had no chance against Ulfa's own powerful build. The blonde grappler easily took her time twisting her opponent's arms around so their palms were up, and then began to shove downwards. McKayla was forced onto her knees, grimacing as she tried and failed to fight back. Ulfa nodded after a moment and stated, "I thought you would do better." Then, she quickly released McKayla's hands before clapping her arms around the gymnast's upper body. Ulfa quickly lifted her opponent before turning and delivering belly-to-belly suplex. McKayla, once again winded and stunned by a full-body impact against the floor, rolled over and began to crawl away. Ulfa grabbed one of her ankles and began dragging her backwards around the ring, turning several times to disorient her opponent. Still holding onto a leg, the icelandic girl grabbed the back of McKayla's neck with her other hand and kept the struggling gymnast pinned down to the mat. Then, Ulfa lifted McKayla up into the air, briefly bringing her overhead before flipping her over and dropping her back onto her knee. The backbreaker made something pop inside McKayla's body, and she screamed in pain as she bent from the impact. Ulfa scooped her up and delivered another backbreaker, getting a similarly loud noise out of her opponent. As she was set up for a third backbreaker, McKayla kicked her legs and wriggled left and right to try and escape, which only made her despair grow as she took a third crushing maneuver to her spine.

    Rolling over and hitting the mat like a sack of meat, McKayla continued to moan and weakly paw at her back. She had thought that her flexibility would protect her from back or joint injury, but had never expected the experience of such a manhandling to be so painful. McKayla's head was spinning as the situation grew further out of her element, while Ulfa grabbed her ponytail and pulled her off the ground. Scooping the gymnast up for a bodyslam, Ulfa walked her in a circle around the ring to let McKayla get a good look at the mat from nearly 6 feet of elevation. McKayla's bare feet kicked weakly in the air as she shook her head a few times, not wanting to take another impact on her spine. Ulfa gave her exactly what she was afraid of, causing a thunderous boom as she slammed the gymnast's back into the mat. As she began to arch her back in pain, McKayla then gave a full-body flop as Ulfa dropped a hard and piercing elbow straight into her chest. McKayla lay nearly out cold, limbs splayed out as she stared up at the lights and tried to punchdrunkenly blink them away.

    "It looks like McKayla Mahoney will have to settle for silver, this time. And in the Amphiplex, that means she is the loser!" McKayla gave a slurred vocal disagreement, shaking her head weakly at the announcer's words. "And now, for your pleasure...Ulfa Sigurdsdottir! Finish her off!"

    A hand closed around McKayla's throat, and with one arm, Ulfa lifted her off her back and onto her feet. McKayla coughed and clawed at Ulfa's hand, before the nordic girl scooped her up and then pressed her overhead like a set of weights. Ulfra walked her opponent around the ring once again, pausing now and then to pump McKayla's body up and down in a show of strength. McKayla's face grew flush with shame as an expression of pained and saddened resignation came over her. She felt utterly dominated, and knew that a painful end awaited her as soon as the exhibition was complete. Ulfra continued carrying her, and McKayla realized as she looked down towards her opponent's feet that she was now held in the air near one of the edges of the ring. "Nnuh...no! No!" she gasped, kicking her legs in a weak and far-too-late attempt to fight back. McKayla gave a loud howl as Ulfa hurled her forward, over the marble barrier and into the long fall to the dark floor outside of the ring. Ulfa turned and flexed for the crowd as her opponent's body made an audible smack against the Amphiplex arena floor.

    "McKayla Mahoney is defeated and discarded," declared the announcer. "Her dominator and our victor...Ulfa Sigurdsdottir!"


    Alongside photos of her bloodied and unconscious body laying backstage, surrounded by her entourage, Louisa Hull did give a comment once she was brought around.

    "I...I do have a lot to learn still, but you...VULTURES were such a distraction, I really didn't have a chance in that second match! And some of those photos, really! You made me look like a crying coward!"

    McKayla Mahoney was reached for a comment two days later, which went up beside some smartphone video footage of her unconscious body being dragged off the lower arena floor.

    "I won one, and I lost one. What the fuck else do you want me to say? I found one of my strengths, and took a hard lesson in finding out a couple of my weaknesses. Will I do it again? Absolutely."
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    Nicely done Pitwar you kept a fast pace to the action but it did not feel rushed and in each of the matches I had no idea who would win which is nice, also the action was nicely detailed without being *Clunky* or over described.

    Keep up the good work I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys your fine stories.